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  1. He was one of the best. Hard nose coach that could scheme against any offense.
  2. We lost to Marietta by 8 with the Georgia High School Defensive POY on the bench
  3. I think it’s a couple of classes and a $300 check. Jack Rudolph at one time years ago was the highest paid Community Coach in the state at 10 grand. And worth every nickel. Used to make Rufus drink with two hands. Lol
  4. I was told three years but the power of persuasion can move mountains and ........... legal affairs. If he could stay in South Georgia it would assist him and his families ability to stay close by.
  5. So if you think he had his certification he would go to Alabama?
  6. That’s my understanding
  7. So must be a little Metro coach thinking he’s gonna take the Cats back to the promised land. Rush would be a good choice just gotta finish that three year ban.
  8. They trying to place a new coach before an injunction is filed ajoined with a lawsuit. Lol. Bring on Rush. Will Amp up the Winnersville again
  9. When fighting race based agendas I would have to agree. The finality of his son moving on to the next level should provide the motivation to do the same. Not dismissing the parting of ways with his team is easy but the lasting impression will be he fought hard for his job. The transition will move on. Much like Colquitt and soon to be Lowndes. Like cutting back the deadwood for new spring growth.
  10. That’s kinda what I meant there Rufus. Did the 1800 distributor run dry? Dang
  11. Little Closer to Tallahassee
  12. So that little cheese eating, Situation loving, corned beef loving shitty Jersey School does what?
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