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  1. Can you name SJBs last transfer QB? #salty
  2. It’s not ignorance on the subject. My explanation of what constitutes a exceptional S&C are valid and verifiable. Feel free to DM me so I can tell you where I played, who I represent and my credentials. You based your original ranking on what you observed in games by which respective lines were being dominant during games. I asked if you had data to support you rankings and u did not. You can thank google for shedding some light to you and giving you metrics and percentages on what a successful S&C would produce. Either way, you lack data, you have no documented sources and your original source used to rank S&C programs just to post a ranking is bar far more ignorant. #letitgo #comeprepared
  3. Funny? Have you seen SJBs OOS away schedule the last 5 years?? They’ve been to Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, New Jersey, D.C. and Florida (same year). They broke in beautiful new stadium last year and hosted OOS games at home for first time during that period. Heading out to Hawaii and Nevada in 2019 and IMO they’ve earned some OOS games at home. I don’t think it’s a coincidence err “funny”, it’s budget, logistics and availability of opponents that make this happen. Congrats to everyone that made this happen and props to the teams that stepped up to travel to SJB. Might not be the toughest schedule, but very respectable when u factor in all obstacles.
  4. Relevant topic in the offseason? What does that even mean? So you can’t determine a good S & C program during the regular season? Relevant topic.....yes. Your method of determining the best programs....pathetic. (Which you still have not explained) You obviously ignored my explanation of what constitutes a good S&C program. Self-evident? Wins, Losses, results and championships are self-evident. Basing your S&C rankings on this absolutely incorrect. And for your information, there are many elite S&C programs that develop and produce fundamentally sound and healthy young student-athletes without winning championships. im sorry man, but get a clue.
  5. I’m aware of the “excuse thread” but this smells like something from GSB’s school of “Need more clicks” thread. Basing this ranking on physicality that you observed from a handful of football games is ridiculous. Do you even know what constitutes a top strength and conditioning program? Watching a game and seeing domination on the LOS requires coaching, fundamentals, natural talents, and other factors that do not determine strength and conditioning. A top S & C program should consist of educating resistance technique, proper dietary program, development, avoiding injuries, IMPROVEMENT. Do you have information of S & C programs from the thousands of high schools along with data to support your idiotic ranking? The best S & C program is probably from a high school you never heard of. #amatuerhour
  6. I have been involved with hsfb scheduling, including OOS match ups. Your description of “lies, deceit, poaching and greed” is overly dramatic. If you have a confirmed game and you tease, then it falls through...it would be understandable. But if you refer to the dates and your actual posts...you are not “providing hints”, you are posting misleading information and lies to get more clicks which equals more money. You are like a cross between tabloid journalism and a sell out. The only point I respect in your response is the fact that you admit doing it for money on this “great site”. Piece of advice: if you want to come off as a credible schedule maker in the OOS scene and mislead people with your fake “hints” with the intention to get more clicks for money.....you really need to evaluate your place on this site. Either be credible or be your average poster stirring the pot. Either way, I suggest you take some pride in your work:
  7. 1. March 13, you respond to poster that SJB is going to Georgia 2. March 13, you cannot announce 8/23 opponent until 9/6 game is filled, because, wait for it, “you know the rules” 3. March 19, you post that SJB schedule is complete. 4. March 20, you post SJB OOS games and 8/23 opponent is “TBD” My questions: Why did you respond to member that they were going to GA, when it wasn’t confirmed? What rule of yours states that you couldn’t announce 8/23 opponent until 9/6 game filled? Why do you have 8/23 opponent show up as “TBD” when you stated schedule was complete the day before? More importantly, after observing your misleading info and antics for the first time, I have to ask....do you really need all that attention? P.S. Just show us the schedule when officially complete, we don’t need your teasers to prove your involved with the scheduling.
  8. Is it safe to say this is done? GSB, can you now tell us who SJB is playing in Week 0 (Aug. 23)?
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