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  1. PC and Bosco would smoke teams 5-8.
  2. Better effort from PC today than against SHP.
  3. Final SJR 21 PC 14 PC is a year away. Great effort.
  4. 21-14 SJR 4th Q. 7:52 left
  5. 7-7 Nowell with a 1 yard run
  6. Hey guys, on a separate note...my deepest condolences to the BC family for their loss. RIP https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2019/10/longtime-bergen-catholic-athletic-director-jack-mcgovern-dies.html
  7. Truth is Rutgers has plenty of NJ natives on its roster. https://scarletknights.com/roster.aspx?roster=2141&path=football
  8. Consider taking him to Tops Diner in East Newark. Voted Best Diner in the US. https://www.fox5ny.com/news/new-jerseys-tops-named-best-diner-in-america
  9. Nunz can’t do any worse than Ash. I’ll be rooting for him to do well.
  10. PC shit the bed tonight. Turnovers and penalties.
  11. The place also served alcohol...not the smartest of moves LOL.
  12. That was called the Cannonball. Remember the Tarzan Swing? Dropped you into that same freezing water. I once landed on my back on that thing. Hurt like hell but no permanent damage. :-)
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