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  1. Decent list. https://www.pjrsportsreport.com/uncategorized/post-577-jersey-guys-in-the-nfl-opening-day/
  2. PC will improve and their QB is very good. Only a Junior. He had several guys drop passes and did miss a few on deep passes. Some were wide open. Receivers were very fast compared to DBP DBs.
  3. Just got back from the game. PC has a lot of talent but not really a team right now. Have to put this one behind them and get back to work. Congratulations to the Ironmen.
  4. Decent defense so far by both squads.
  5. Bosco dodged a bullet there.
  6. Hard to do when others are not. Gotta get into the fray if you want to compete.
  7. For those here that know me, I have been a tax professional for close to 30 years now. A couple of things I will point out about all of this. 1. A tax return is sensitive, private information. If the NYT got a copy of the President’s tax return, they obtained it illegally. You cannot get a copy of anything from the IRS unless you (taxpayer) or your representative, with a fully executed Power of Attorney, request it. So someone has violated the law. 2. An audit can last many, many years. I recently completed an audit for open audit years 2005-2012. So it is possible.
  8. I’ll be at the game. Finally, looking forward to some football.
  9. Wow! Very surprising. He got a lot of playing time last year. Good luck to him.
  10. 6:30, Friday September 26th at PC vs Mater Dei.
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