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  1. I absolutely agree with that statement you don’t have to go to IMG to go to a big 5 school. Yes he most definitely would have gotten the same looks if he stayed. Being as though I know the family personally the experience of being at an institution as such is something that doesn’t get offered to the normal athlete. And if you knew Tyler Booker you would know he and his family take academic success seriously. He went to St. Luke’s school in New Canaan Ct where he succeeded and excelled. After all he did attend BC. For someone to say he went to IMG so he didn’t have to study had to come from a donkeys ass!!
  2. #1What is your relationship to Bergen Catholic? Stand by your comments as you should. It absolutely doesn’t mean your comments has substance that would make TB family decisions wrong for that young man. Again IMG isn’t for everyone but it definitely works out for some. Obviously it seems like TB leaving BC struck a nerve in your body but again that’s a decision that they made and seems to be working out great for him. I too have covered HS and college football for over 28 years and as a former Division 1 football player the atmosphere is perfect for that young man. Equal I think not. Every college coach I’m America would 100% disagree with that statement.
  3. Reading these comments about IMG..who here has visited the campus or has done a week long mirror visit? Who here has actually stepped on campus and got a taste of what is going on down there. Who here has sent their child down there and see what it has to offer. Who has attended a camp offered by IMG. Ya sound like idiots to think there is a better school for Tyler. Not your child but for Tyler Booker!
  4. So happy for TB and fam! IMG is the best school a student athlete of Tyler’s mind set could attend. From the training, nutrition, competition, coaching, recovery, injury prevention, weight training and position specific training name a school who has all this. I’ll wait for your response!! Not to mention academic concentration and preparation for the next level. IMG isn’t for every student athlete but it suits Ty and family well. Big ups to you and all the haters and negative thinkers good luck in your seasons and I hope you win states and succeed!!🏈👍🏾
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