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  1. And your evidence for this is the same as what you provide for every other claim that you make. Nada.
  2. So then there's no free-for-all anywhere since players get ruled ineligible all the time.
  3. Because it already has. The FHSAA tried to sell the open division idea during this past off-season and their listening tour, as far as I know, got zero proponents in South Florida.
  4. Not just him, though. Steve Berrey, clown extraordinaire, who used to run the old Gatorade/Beef 'O Brady's poll did the same thing. I think for three straight years at one point he had either Madison County or Bolles at #1 going into state championship week.
  5. That's because you're a really, really stupid person who runs his mouth before he knows the shot.
  6. But that's irrelevant to our conversation.
  7. The problem here is your inability to read, Forest.
  8. To turn the tables a bit: Nobody ever said anything about 70 wins. You just made that up as a standard.
  9. Being real would require a quick search of the term "Lovejoy" and see what turns up. It's 80% Sportsnut and Scottdale.
  10. You're right. Silly me. You didn't mean to imply anything with this post. You = 🤡 Me = 😄
  11. Yep. If we had any doubts that this is Sportsnut those can now be discarded.
  12. Except you think a program with one playoff win since 2014 is notable. Yeah, man, you're really "educating" us on this very important and successful program.
  13. They've been trash for years. They have one playoff win since 2014. Yet, Sportsnut thinks they're somebody whose existence we need to be reminded of.
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