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  1. You're just as ignorant of what a nonprofit is as the other muppets. Just saying.
  2. And it's the business of the schools to govern themselves through the body that they created: the NCAA. All the rules are passed by the board that's made up of the schools. You're not saying anything here.
  3. But it's factually not. It's actually about the topic.
  4. I think I agree 100% with Desmond Howard.
  5. If they were concerned with TV contracts then they wouldn't have cancelled. 💩
  6. You can't be serious with this? Oh, that's right. You're not a serious person.
  7. Yeah, when someone is starving to death they get "cases of steaks" sent to them by boosters. 😄 You are such a retard. I bet you think that Harvey Updyke was just "tilling the land" when he poisoned those trees.
  8. I love when idiots post something that doesn't prove or corroborate anything that they said. There's no mention of starving to death or giving anybody food. Eric Ramsey got checks for $9,000 and $7,500. Bullshit story as told by bullshit artist @HooverOutlaw.
  9. How is that any or my or your business? Everything you said after acknowledging that it's a nonprofit is irrelevant to this conversation.
  10. You can always tell who is losing (or is more embarrassment) based on the reactions. Clearly the muppets are losing. Bigly.
  11. No, because a bank is a private business. See my credit union example above. Credit Unions are nonprofit. I'm a member of a credit union. I "own" a part of it. I receive a dividend every year. You're an idiot.
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