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  1. No doubt this will be sold as proof that the BNU is so tough rather than that SJR is just not as good as everybody claimed.
  2. It would if you actually understood what the algorithm does.
  3. No they're not. They almost lost to a dreadful Miami team. They almost lost to Kentucky. They were in a death struggle with South Carolina for 3 quarters. None of those teams are even top 35ish.
  4. It should've already. Florida is not a top 10 team no matter what the polls say and anybody who has watched them this year knows that.
  5. The guys analysis is spot on.
  6. So another one of these clowns who thinks that their team didn't score more than 21 points.....because they didn't want to. Gotcha. 🤡
  7. So did almost everybody else. Congrats.
  8. 21 points is "scoring whenever they wanted"? 🤡
  9. No, they're not. They made one playoff run once. Other than that they've never been past the second round. They're 6-9 all-time in the playoffs. 🤡
  10. So they're not quite as bad as #5000+ Lake Placid? Great.
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