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  1. He was the AAC Freshman of the Year. 🤡
  2. There's nobody named Chris Robinson on FIU's roster nor is there anybody named Chris Robinson playing QB in Florida. 🤡
  3. It does seem like @Bormio has at least enough sense to know he's a dipshit. Blueliner and thc6795 don't seem to have been gifted with that much self-awareness.
  4. No doubt so you can avoid actually reading anything and educating yourself.
  5. 😄 This did not spread faster than the experts predicted. I wonder what ass you pulled that from.
  6. "Obama let a million people die of H1N1" 🤡
  7. thc6795 thought a million Americans died during H1N1. 😄
  8. Delusional people like these clowns will look backward to H1N1 and SARS while a worse pandemic is happening right now in front of the eyes. Why? Because they love Trump.
  9. SARS only infected 8,000 people, total, on the entire planet. 🤡
  10. There's a simple explanation for why idiots like thc6795 think it's overblown. He reads the numbers from H1N1 and the regular flu season and concludes that this is all a media-driven hoax to hurt Trump. But what he doesn't understand is that those numbers are estimates conducted after the outbreak was already over. In real-time, this virus is an order of magnitude worse than H1N1. By the end of June 2009, H1N1 only had 27,000 confirmed cases in the United States. By November of that year, H1N1 only had 4,000 confirmed deaths. If you don't think this is going to end up worse than H1N1 then you're just not paying attention.
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