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  1. "If this was really a shady operation then why would an unemployed sleazebag get involved in it, huh?" 🤡
  2. Is this a serious question? Good lord you're a dope.
  3. Yet despite this you still suck their dick.
  4. The only people who surmise that are those who don't know that Jersey City has a skyline and is not, in fact, New York City.
  5. Here in Florida the Legislature is trying to pass a law that would allow Physician's Assistants and Nurses to be General Practitioners. Which, of course, would drive down the quality of care and discourage people from becoming doctors. In other words, expertise is overrated. Just let anybody do whatever they want. It's government by GardenStateBaller.
  6. This can't be emphasized enough. There are frauds like GardenStateBaller who scream "land of the free!" but the point is that a fertilizer salesman shouldn't start a school.
  7. GardenStateBaller is infantile. He responds in the exact way that you would expect a child would. If someone told me they wanted to go off on their own and start a business I'd say "great!" But if someone who was an insurance salesman and had no educational experience told me that they were going to start a high school and hire Rush Propst I'd say that's probably irresponsible. Just because someone can do something doesn't mean that they should. GardenStateBaller doesn't understand that. Because he's a cokehead.
  8. You're incomparably stupid. Educational institutions have to be accredited. There is at least some standard that has to be met. And even if there wasn't. A person should have at least some self-awareness and self-restraint in this situation. People like Dustin DeVaughn should be changing my oil. Not running a school. But this is a perfect example of how people like you are bamboozled by frauds and charlatans.
  9. That's not his point. His point is that Dustin DeVaughn is an incompetent clown who isn't qualified to run an educational institution.
  10. 😄 ATLien? He's trying to find a meme right now. Not more information to refute something.
  11. What does this have to do with what GardenStateBaller said about USA Academy? And that's not New York City in the background, dipshit.
  12. GardenStateBaller claimed that it makes sense that USA Academy would play on 9/11. Despite the fact that USA stands for Ultimate Student Athlete and has nothing to do with 9/11, American Airlines, the World Trade Center, the FDNY, etc.
  13. The difference between me and you is that I'm not trying to be anything here. But you go back to your desperately lame memes and other needy behavior.
  14. It's like an SAT question. Fred is a goofball. Dustin DeVaughn is a goofball. But Fred does not equal Dustin DeVaughn.
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