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  1. I prefer to call it flock mentality. As in sheep.
  2. @imaGoodBoyNow refuses to acknowledge how silly and made up his claims were. Not surprising. Let's get to $1 million people! This kid has aspirations that need to be funded!
  3. Yeah, while St. X's defensive front was very good the stack defense is built to stop the run first and foremost. Northwestern only ran to get 4-5 yard bumps when the defense was spread thin up front. Otherwise, they were throwing it around. It's pretty evident from the video above that St. X's secondary would be in a world of hurt. If Jacory Harris is upright then they'd likely have a big day.
  4. What he assured people is just what the GoFundMe policy is. So he basically said nothing other than "keep spreading the story!"
  5. I bet you HawgGoneIt will consider locking it when the absurdity of it becomes more evident.
  6. He can increase it to whatever the fuck he wants. The goal was moved to $300,000 when the amount was in the 100s. Keep shuckin' and jivin'
  7. It's at $445,000 and the goal is still at $350,000. So clowns = proven
  8. Honesty? You just spent several pages making stuff up and you want me to concede something that hasn't been proven because of....honesty? That's a laugh. It seems that the only person that's been accurate, and honest, in this conversation is me.
  9. Who's upset? I'm saying that the goals and the amount raised are silly and exposing clowns like you for making stuff up.
  10. Why would I concede something that was never proven? You have to concede because I exposed your claims as pure crap.
  11. https://www.gofundme.com/c/questions What if I don't reach my goal? No problem. Reaching your goal is not required. With GoFundMe, you keep each and every donation you receive. Your campaign will be able to accept donations even after your goal is reached. Once the goal is reached, the progress meter on your campaign will show that you have received more than your goal amount. If you’d like to continue raising money, you can keep your campaign running for as long as you’d like. BuT iT AutomATICAllY InCreaSES wHEn tHe aMouNT nEARS oR SURpasseS ThE gOAL!
  12. It's at $321,477. I'm considering donating $28,523 just to prove what clowns HawgGoneIt and imaGoodBoyNow are.
  13. The GoFundMe website says otherwise. You're just making stuff up.
  14. I love this part. Because algorithms are imprecise that way. Ballpark figure! That's the best it can do. Of course that's nonsense. Algorithms don't work with ballpark figures. They are precise. The number has been moved by the creator. But instead of understanding that HawgGoneIt just makes something up instead.
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