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  1. Feel free to look it up. I was clowning you losers from the beginning on your COVID-19 denialism. Don't be mad just because you're an idiot.
  2. I think what you did was the dictionary definition of shuck and jive. You can't deny your hypocrisy on the debt with a straight face.
  3. And you looked like a buffoon as usual. Comparing a virus that turned out to be way less serious than COVID-19. And being a typical douche about it. 💩
  4. The former claim is laughable and the latter is debatable at best.
  5. The seasonal flu has never killed 100,000+ people in 3 months. But this is cute given your track record on H1N1 hysteria. Can't wait to pull up your brilliant stuff on that. Freaking out over 12,000 deaths and wondering why people didn't treat that like COVID-19. 😄
  6. "I can't deny that I was contradictory on the debt soooo......." 🤡
  7. Your point - from two months ago - was that COVID-19 was no worse than the flu and that it was being overblown. You then - today - denied making such claims. You lied again.
  8. The topic of this thread is...... “CoronaVirus is overblown press-created hysteria” I already covered your attempts to downplay the virus. No correction will be made on your behalf.
  9. concha is such an obvious shill and liar. It's breathtaking. What's funny is when he feigns ignorance or pretends that he's not lying and/or contradictory. And then a quote is easily found showing just that.
  10. Already acknowledged that the suicide numbers are real and actually countable. 👇 You're drowning.
  11. Trump has almost doubled the annual deficit (which adds to the debt) since Obama's last budget. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/12/us-deficit-swells-25percent-in-fiscal-2020-up-1point1-trillion-over-past-year.html The number of times concha showed "concern" for it? zero point zero times.
  12. concha showing "concern" for Trump's tax cuts which would add a trillion dollars to the debt. I'm blown away by the concern.
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