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  1. You say the silliest shit. Now how many points a team gives up has nothing to do with their quality. 🤡
  2. Who cares? They suck. There's no doubt about that. You give 433 points. You suck. It doesn't matter if they got to a Texas 6A Semifinal. Katy Taylor is in a Texas 6A Semifinal. Completely meaningless. They're not a good football team.
  3. Texans claim that they're good. They're certainly not.
  4. Rockwall has given up 433 points. 😄
  5. North Shore's defense is so fucking embarrassing. 😄
  6. Edgewater's QB and 3 best WRs are all Juniors or Sophomores. So..... 🤡
  7. Oh. man. My toes are tingling. La Vega vs. Springtown? Pinch me. I'm dreaming.
  8. But what you said isn't true. calpreps doesn't take into account defense. It isn't human. It doesn't have the ability to discern.
  9. We know that's not true because of state scaling. Since Freeman last changed his scale in 2017 the top 5 states have been almost exactly the same. 2017 - (1) California (2) Texas (3) Florida (4) Ohio (5) Georgia 2018 - (1) California (2) Texas (3) Florida (4) Ohio (5) Georgia 2019 - (1) Texas (2) California (3) Florida (4) Ohio (5) Georgia That's because he has it scaled that way before the season even starts. Teams are not treated equally.
  10. I don't lie to people like you and others do.
  11. So I apply a better standard than you. That's cool.
  12. Me: North Shore's defense sucks. RedZone: Oh, yeah!? Well......STA! So typical. Happens every time.
  13. Good defenses slow down and/or stop pace. Texas has so few good defenses that everybody runs roughshod on offense.
  14. West Brook is #560 in calpreps and #913 in Massey. 😄
  15. North Shore is benefiting from Texas scaling. And calpreps doesn't have a defensive component. It's scores in, scores out.
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