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  1. I have been a heavy critic on IMG. It's not real HS football to me. I will watch the under armor bowl if I wanna see that. It is what it is.
  2. IMG is going to pick the score vs BS. I don't think anyone could beat IMG this year.
  3. Yeah this should be a somewhat easy dub for Mater Dei unless Duncanville turns out better then expected. I just don't think they will have enough offensively. Defense could give MD trouble early but they won't hold up under the pressure and snap count.
  4. Texanlive.com is the main stream provider in Texas. But those are in state games only.
  5. It's kind of a sad story. Never was a fan but im rooting for him now
  6. Thank you !!! I tell him USC was like how Bama is when I was his age.
  7. I just called him to tell him they look sharp on him. He had a good day. His best friend picked up a Texas Southern offer. He gets more excited for them then his own. Temple now has 2 kids with P5 offers and 2 kids with FBS offers. Then another WR that will get P5 offers. They will have about 7 kids next year that will likely all have a P5 offer when they're done.
  8. Damn what happened 😂 I don't even know who you guys are talking about
  9. Don't do us like that 😂 it's been hard enough being a Texas fan the last decade.
  10. I forgot Auburn played you guys tough. I was at the Texas vs LSU game. Awesome experience
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