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  1. I think Shadow Creek is extremely talented but they're going to find out there are levels to this. North Shore is going to take them out back and do a number on them. Shadow Creek is really old Manval and we saw how that worked out against Katy. I could be wrong because they're very talented and if I am I'll be first to admit it.
  2. I grew up on East Texas football. I played at Lufkin with Dez Bryant and Jorvorskie Lane and I've played against some really good players like Chase Daniel, Mike Goodson and Brandon Pettigrew. I have a really good understanding of the landscape of Texas HS football. With that said I'm probably going to get crushed by DevilDog and that's ok we just have different opinions on small school football. I will agree Newton pound for pound could make the case for being #1 in Texas but Nationally I have no idea how you could prove that because it's so different how other states operate even with there public schools. With that said there is no way Newton or Carthage could compete with legitimate teams a class above them. Once you start to make the jump from 4A to 5A and 6A it gets extremely deep really fast. They're great where they're at and that's ok. Carthage didn't pile up state championships until they dropped down to 3A now known as 4A and hadn't they not dropped down they would most certainly be at 0 championships right now. They will even rack up more now that they dropped to 4A division 2. To their credit they dropped down and became a dynasty. The only team to ever move up in Texas in recent memory and dominate was Southlake Carroll. They immediately won a title and have single handily been the reason Lufkin didn't become a dynasty early 2000's. We would had won 4 instead of 1.
  3. 5+ in 1 season ? Please name them. They have gotten more then that over time but not in 1 season. Doesn't happen in Texas.
  4. Houston Stratford is a public school. A really nice one but still public. I'm telling you I can't think of a big time private school QB from Texas that was high level college player. I think we will see two in this class coming up with Stone and Sanders but both imo will be greatly overrated.
  5. No it happens just not to the extent that I see from other teams. I know Duncanville has gotten a few. North Shore I don't really hear nothing about. Katy gets a few over the years. Can promise you no Texas team has gotten 5+ FBS transfers in 1 season. Probably not even 3+.
  6. Same thing you do right ? I'm obviously just giving you shit. I think any kid that goes to college on a scholarship is awesome. Those are some pretty prestigious schools.
  7. Samples is a really big deal in the black community. Then Joey Mcquire left Cedar Hill and went to Baylor. That dealt a big blow in where the kids went. Then Mathis left DeSoto for a few years. He's back now so maybe we will see more balance in that area again. Those schools are all really close to each other.
  8. I'm guessing he's more Curtis Painter then Drew Brees. Brees was a Texas HS QB. I'm just giving this guy shit how he does. I don't root against kids going to any college.
  9. 100% agree. Would love to see some legit intrastate matches. Marietta would had given Northshore and Duncanville everything they wanted and then some if not beaten them.
  10. Most kids don't know about it and if you asked any head coach in Texas do they play for it ? My SR year we were #11 in Nation and Southlake Carroll was #1 in USA today. When we lost was I upset about not getting a chance to be a MNC ?
  11. But what did other publications have ? I'll take Jaquienden Jackson and Hudson Card over Haynes King. Who is SJR QB just out of curiosity ? Where did he sign ?
  12. Lol aww you got me. Although some Aggy fans might argue the big time part.
  13. But my only argument to that. Those academies and private schools recruit players to a level a public just can't. Now I don't know all the transfer or recruiting rules for public schools outside of my state and Hoover is a big boy that can protect them self but most public schools can't. But maybe to your point those schools probably are not calling out those kind of public schools that can't.
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