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  1. Mahomes was an absolute legend in East Texas at Whitehouse. I don't think anyone is surprised that watched him in HS and Tech.
  2. Thank you. Houston pitched him on the Tank Dell role. Between him and Matthew Golden they will have a nice duo. Also gonna get a pretty good business degree from Houston when its all said and done.
  3. Do you think Georgia offensive line will be able to bully the TCU front?
  4. Yeah TCU is much better in the trenches then people realize. Then the way they scheme from that 3-3-5 stack will make it interesting. It's designed to let the LBS run free and make tackles and Winters is as good as any kid left playing at doing that. Then you also have the middle safety playing heavy run support. You see a 3 down front but really TCU has 7 guys they can commit in the run game and just man up. TCU roster is not void of talent. Gary Patterson was known for finding gems and kids that can just play football. This is gonna sound a little crazy but I think Georgia will have to adjust to the speed of TCUs defense. Winters was a 3 star recruit as a WR now playing LB. They just recruit a certain type of kid and I think they're gonna more then game come Monday.
  5. I bet they hold up about how they did vs Michigan run game. Now I think Stetson can have some success off script or by design. I'm more worried about the PA pass. I watched TCU turn Bijan sideways live. They're gonna sell out to stop the run. Missouri ran a 3-3-5 I believe and gave Georgia some trouble. TCU is going to run it much better. I like Georgia but I think TCU pushes them.
  6. Agreed. That's what it's looking like
  7. They're struggling in the back end a little bit. I'm a little surprised. You think Stroud keeps it going?
  8. He made some big plays late
  9. Now this I will never understand
  10. I was thinking the scrambling but he did even better then I thought he would. He had DV on their heels. UTSA getting a steal. U of H better do something and fast.
  11. Yeah that's a good one. I was gonna say Pat Mahomes SR.
  12. In the past I've seen fan bases move out the way
  13. Yeah that 2nd game surprised me vs Atascocita. Damn I'm rooting for Samples and then NS fans are toxic on Facebook lol
  14. That's interesting definitely something I'm gonna watch for.
  15. I can buy that. It was early in the season and DeSoto looks pretty dang good right now
  16. Don't get me wrong I think Desoto would had beaten John Curtis and Edna Karr in a similar fashion
  17. If Royce City didn't fumble that ball on 1st down last week with under 2 minutes left in a tie game in Carthage territory then they wouldn’t had even won the 4AD2 title. In all reality DeSoto would pick the score on Carthage.
  18. Yeah I did catch some of that game. I don't think Amador at QB will work vs Duncanville.
  19. You really think Carthage could beat them? They atleast played Desoto. I couldn't imagine Carthage ever scheduling a game like that. I would think DeSoto would beat Carthage much worse then 35-10. Just my opinion.
  20. Ok that's not as bad as I thought.
  21. I didn't wanna get to carried away but that was definitely a possibility
  22. But none of those games did you think maybe outside Westfield they were gonna lose. Your right though maybe not that big of a gap. Now NS yeah I thought they could had dropped a couple.
  23. Now that's interesting. I'm not against that. It's just never been done like that. How exactly does it work? Do teams have to opt into it?
  24. I still think those Des White DeSoto teams were so much better then the ones that actually won state. Had it not been for Kyler Murray this might be number #4 tonight instead of 2
  25. It may be time to either pre split 6A like the rest of the state or create a 7A. Wonder what DeSoto enrollment is compared to Vandi.
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