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  1. know the nepsac well...some of the schools now have one bball team for the general student population and one they consider their "prep team" -nothing but recruits and anyone else at the school good enough to make the team...when i played there was only one team and many of the schools would have 2-4 post grads...a rack of nyc boys back then...
  2. the schools we played weren't national powers but many of the players went on to play major D1 ball and the NBA Vinnie del Negro played at Suffield, also played against Bruce Daryrimple -st. johnsbury -Vermont - (old ballball heads know he played at geogia tech for bobby cremins
  3. stunned seeing Suffield on a national board regarding football..I went to prep school in CT, basketball was the major sport among the NE preps back then(of course along with soccer and hockey) not so much football even though most of them had post-grads at that time..
  4. the offense still is a work in process...anthony missed a number of open shots down the field and the OL has been inconsistent so far this season...still not sure about the secondary..should an interesting rest of the season..
  5. looks like teams from Dc/MD provided those beat downs...
  6. some good talent at that level...people may be surprised..
  7. didn't the stags scrimmage SFA the past 2 years?
  8. That stud qb was originally going to dematha I believe.....as you know all bets are off when the dematha plays gonzaga...didn't they lose to gonzaga on espn the year they went 11-1 and finished top 20 nationally?
  9. the best teams will always have those tough, athletic kids who will star/start/produce at the d2 & d3 levels...many time these kids are actually better high schools players than the kids with stars..they just may not have all of the measureables we all get hyper about..
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