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  1. This is getting a bit to gay for me.
  2. I'm North NJ all my life.Many of friends & family moved out of state & most, after awhile came back.Co,Cal.Wash,FLA,Mass,RI...Some only took a few months to re program but the west coast movers?2 - 3 years.
  3. 10.img 9.christain bro 8.dematha 7.trinity 6.longview 5.miami nw 4.eastside cath 3.st x 2.mount carmel 1.nardonne
  4. eastside cath sjb narbonne img m northwestern st louis mount carmel trinity longview warren easton dematha christ bro bc st ed american fork
  5. Same here.GA & Ohio the usual suspects + my dumb DLS pick.
  6. tommygun58

    MD vs SFA

    BG 28 LP 21 FINAL.
  7. Fear not.I picked DFB so the greatest comeback in LA history is coming up.
  8. & all this while pulling your pud?
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