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  1. 10.sjb 9.sta 8.north shore 7.acadiania 6.lowdnes 5.apoka 4.central 3oscar smith 2.buford 1.lone star
  2. sjb corona d mar central sta apoka miami nw lowndes buford acadiania vance dunkanville north shore westfield lone star
  3. Better to find out sooner then later.
  4. These days you may need to do a crotch check first.
  5. Male vs Trinity audio. https://www.wfiafm.com/index.php/listen-live
  6. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/storybook-season-1939-garfield-n-hs-football-team-article-1.2051909
  7. 10.sjp 9.o dea 8.lake travis 7.dutch fork 6.oak grove 5.bryant 4.n gwinnett 3.saquaro 2.pinkerington c 1.catholic br
  8. thompson saquaro bryant central helix columbine n gwinnett marietta trinity catholic br oakgrove vance pickerington c la salle bixby sjp dutch fork maryville duncanville lake travis maury o dea
  9. Not that it really matters but my count is 10 wins not 9.
  10. My Ridgewood Maroons beat Union last night & both had maroon.Get well Chuck Johnson,a friend for 50+ years.
  11. SJP 31-24 final.Almost lost 10pts there.
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