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  1. 12.ryan 11.jenks 10.milton 9.northwestern 8.s lake carrol 7.male 6.st eds 5.hough 4.sjp 3.dutch fork 2.jesuit 1.cathedral cath.
  2. STFU!We are both embarrassing the entire state of NEW JERSEY because of our 2021 pick em results.
  3. Bearded clam clamp .Don't forget to wash behind your ears sonny.
  4. Auburn QB should get 15 for wearing hot pants.
  5. I thought SJR would beat them by 10, was way off on that one.
  6. Don Bosco Prep at Bergen Catholic - NJ.com
  7. Having 2nd thoughts about my BC pick,anyone else?
  8. Make sure you the neck & gizzards out 1st.
  9. According to witnesses Trump has a dick & Clinton has a curved pee pee.
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