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  1. Meanwhile here in NJ. Man promised ‘blood bath’ in antisemitic attacks targeting Lakewood Orthodox Jews, cops say - nj.com
  2. Maybe it's like I'm not changing my underwear until we lose.
  3. I have Nova,Duke & Kansas(winning it all) in final 4 but Houston looks very tough to beat. Good enough for 2nd place in the ESPN challenge & tied 1st in $100 per ballot bar picks.One dude that went to St Petes picked them to win it all & he doesn't even drink.WTF?
  4. Rooting big time for St Petes but what's with the masks & blm shirts? Thought that garbage was over with.
  5. When my grandfather started acting like Joe we took his car keys.
  6. It's Trump in 24 or more of this fucking SHIT! USA Today bashed for naming Rachel Levine 'Woman of the Year' | KOMO (komonews.com)
  7. CNN Adopts Positive Spin on Gas Prices After White House Pressure | MRCTV
  8. NJ $3.35 Friday afternoon.$4.29 Monday 7am.$4.37 4 hours later.
  9. A bunch of 18 wheelers ended Covid in Canada.
  10. It should read 119 scumbags indicted ya yellow haired 230lbs female love'n brainwashed lefty cop hating fascist.
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