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  1. Jeffrey Epstein Repeatedly Visited Clinton White House, Brought Numerous Women With Him: Report | The Daily Wire
  2. You think this shit is funny?
  3. Marlboros,Buds & JD.At 65 love sitting back & watching lefties over blow shit like "we hate all republicans until they say bad shit about Trump" or " The squad's the future of the dem party" I will outlive all of your asses & will be happy to help roll you feet first out of the church.
  4. My wife deals with college students & my son that I drive to & from work(seizures) deals with major handicapped adults that they CAN NOT put a mask on.Both are paid by the Gov of NJ.They had to get 2 jabs to work but no booster to date.They both tested positive in Oct at Walgreens because people on their jobs also tested positive,then a day later went to CVS & tested negative.WTF?14 days off work getting paid & feeling normal.I had to get tested 3 times for driving my son to work(Gov orders) & nothing.SCAM!!!!
  5. I'm not vaxed & hadn't even had a slight illness the entire time.In my tiny town of 8k the local news reported 43 covid deaths.I coached wrestling,football,girls & boys intown baseball,softball,basketball along with my wife & know all.One person we know of died April 2020.She was 250 +lbs 67yr old & had heart problems & it was chalked up as covid death & that is it.Small town = big gossip.Media lies big time.
  6. My area is scarry quiet again.No noise.No work noise like hammering, compressors,dumpsters getting dropped ,picked up or filled.No tree work or landscaper trailers to drive around.Lumberyards are hurting.Not too many blue collar lines at deli's.This is the same shit that happened under " I'm gunna tax you this much if you're making this much" Obama.There will be no trickle down from the rich to the upper middle class to the middle class like me who is hired by the rich & upper middle class to improve their homes so that I can hire the lower class that connect me or I advertise for workers lower than them.That is trickledown economics ya dumb libs.Under Reagen,Bush,Clinton(his 1st 5 years)Bush & Trump things were very good to fair.How do I know? Very simple.At 65 I decided to start collecting my social security.It began when I was 14 in 1969 until 2019.I still have my tax returns from 1981 when I was 1st audited by the IRS.That was the year after I changed my voting choice from Independent to Republican.After 3(almost) heart attics & my girlfriend ready to bug out, some fat shit came by went through all my bank statements,reciepts...drank a pot of coffee & stunk up my bathroom to tell me I owe them $238.89.Dems depend on union $ & people like me are IRS targets.My self employment tax under Reagen $56.00. Clinton $150.00. Bush $74.00.Obama $280 -$460.00.Trump $00.00 It doesn't matter what age you are just check out the SS site & see what you have put in & how it will help your retirement.You may want to rethink getting paid under the table.
  7. I had a magot infested global cooling believing ponytailed hippy english teacher in the mid 70's.I walked into class after gym (showers were required back then)still a bit wet wearing a white t shirt & carrying a sweater.He demanded that I put on my sweater because of HIS class dress code.I pointed out 3 hippy dudes in the room with t shirts & he walked to my desk.He grabbed my wrists to show off his hippy strength & as a wrestler I reversed the grip & could have had him say uncle.He sent me to the principal who never missed a wrestling match home or away.We spent 20 minutes talking about wrestling & how much we hate hippies.Luckly the Abby Hoffman loving paisley wearing freak gave me a B for the year.
  8. Look at Ga. Pa. Wis. Mi. Az.No way Biden won those states.
  9. 8 years ago NBC did a 10 minute segment on Fred Couples prior to the 3rd round.In the 4 hours of live golf they showed him putting 3 times & once hitting out of a bunker.Fred was in 5th place & Tiger was stinking up the place but showed every shot he took.WTF?
  10. If Graham Cracker Pie Crust vs CH was in the pick ems how many would have had CH as a 10?
  11. There are only two things in my life that make want to snap one off these days & it's pick ems & this Booby Christmas 2021 - The Boobs Advent Calendar - A little treat every day until christmas!
  12. 10.sta 9.venice 8.jesuit 7.central 6.dville 5.westlake 4.college station 3.liberty hill 2.card gib 1.gilmer
  13. He's the reason I'm moving to NC.
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