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  1. We also saw how same team waxed your champion....What’s your point? if it’s that DLS could have also been your state champion then I agree with you
  2. A spokesman for Orange Lutheran issued a statement on Tuesday responding to allegations that Lancer football supporters assaulted officials last Friday night after the Lancers’ overtime loss to Long Beach Poly in the Southern Section Division 2 playoffs at Veterans Stadium. Several members of the officiating crew from the South Bay were allegedly pushed as they left the field. The Orange Lutheran statement: We find the alleged actions of a few individuals at Friday night’s game to be disheartening, unacceptable and out of place for who and what we represent. Orange Lutheran does not condone inappropriate spectator behavior, and this incident does not reflect the overwhelming majority of our community that has carried a strong tradition of positive fan support and encouragement. School leadership will continue to investigate the event that followed the conclusion of the game and will take appropriate action that is in alignment with and upholds our mission and core values. The Southern Section has received an incident report and is also investigating.
  3. You are correct sir i will now have to engage block mode lol
  4. OC already posted the article which directly quotes Folsom’s coaches and Saco about getting the rule changed pretty clear evidence why the advisory committee of which Saco was a dominant part of introduced the Folsom rule for a vote.
  5. So no quotes from Any SoCal people wanting a rule change thanks for agreeing with me
  6. Please quote where anyone from SoCal lobbied for the Folsom rule. mean while there is a whole article on Folsom lobbying for their rule change.
  7. Lol you keep posting something that was stated long after the advisory committee (Saco) introduced the rule change on behalf of Folsom “The California Interscholastic Federation announced Monday that it will no longer have regional games for the Open Division. Instead, it will choose a Northern California (De La Salle, most likely) and Southern California representative to play in the Open state bowl. This news clears the way for a team such as Folsom, which was essentially a sacrificial lamb against De La Salle in the NorCal Open regional the past two seasons, to play in the Division I regional.” Mercury News August 25 2014
  8. Pete Saco, Tournament Director official title of Saco which means he was the head of the SBG tournament
  9. The very first sentence in the press release shows the rest is not relevant to the birth of the Folsom rule
  10. All he can do is make shit up because he doesn’t know anything
  11. Irrelevant Blake wasn’t on the advisory committee where the statement you posted said the rule change started
  12. Only relevant sentence in the whole article an advisory committee headed by Folsom section Commissioner Pete Saco He motioned the “Folsom Rule” on behalf of the whimpering bulldogs without Saco motion on the advisory committee it never reaches any other sections Commissioner for vote it starts and ends with Folsom you’ll never change that little dude
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