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  1. Did they get a legal separation or not? if so they followed the rule to a tee. Is there a rule that says you can’t get back together? Is there a rule saying you can’t get a legal separation to play football? if not you cry baby’s need to quit whining.Dont hate the player hate the game
  2. Get away with what? Doing what the rules said they had to do?
  3. California finds the transfer loophole in anybody’s rules 😂
  4. Ha sounds like a kiss ass response to me
  5. Because you did.My post that you initially responded to had zero mention of any race yet you went on a tangent about black men.Those are indisputable facts
  6. I haven’t read the whole thread only got up to what NJ fella said.Do you actually believe you know what everyone is thinking 🤔 and their motives.
  7. Apparently also. When it doesn’t exist and is not needed
  8. Don’t get mad at me because you played the race card.own that. again why did you bring political affiliation into this? im not a member of either party because both of you is what’s destroying this country. continue with your talking points agenda while Rome burns
  9. First and foremost I never mentioned any particular race so I don’t know why you would go off on a tangent about black men. The problem with law enforcement as I see it is they are trained to kill citizens.Yes I completely understand how dangerous a job they have but they are not an occupying army. They kill people when they absolutely don’t have to because that is their training.
  10. 1.I missed where someone was convicted of rape.Please correct me if I’m wrong. 2.yes plenty of people march in protest of gang violence 3 whatever injustice occurs to whomever it occurs you should point it out
  11. Will you also not sit back and watch your fellow citizens get executed by the police? asking for a friend
  12. Breaking: At 121 degrees, Woodland Hills hits all-time heat milestone — and a record for L.A. County
  13. It just got colder for you lol
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