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  1. No,it doesn’t.Clearly states 3 highest ranked opponents as criteria
  2. None of this has anything to do as to why they are at the top of the list.
  3. Exactly and apparently they backed out of the game against them
  4. Have you seen YouTube and Instagram? Kids already get millions for accomplishing nothing with no talent
  5. The only poster I know for sure failed to show up at a game to meet other posters was Block.He was offered $100 just to come say hi and didn’t show.I forget who posted all the pictures of the bar they were at but it was comical
  6. I don’t think so only the cream of the crop are going to be offered such opportunities. it won’t affect anyone else
  7. Teams seem to be dropping out suddenly.St.Bernard just announced they have canceled their football season leaving everyone on their schedule looking for games at this late date
  8. Football Playoffs – Current Year Data – A􏰁er a one-year delay, we are ready to debut our new Compe􏰀􏰀ve Equity Football Playoff system which will u􏰀lize only current regular season results to formulate divisions for the 2021 Football Championships. Once the season starts, weekly power rankings will be available on www.calpreps. com, which will allow you to follow the progress of your team’s ranking from Week 0 through Week 10. More informa􏰀on on this system is included in the 2021 Football Preview which is now available on our website.
  9. Only communist would force parents to send their kids to schools they didn’t want them to go to
  10. Because you can’t swim with the big fish..,you get eaten
  11. Spoken like someone who has nothing else😂
  12. Theres a reason why this topic exists https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/560-a-big-black-eye-for-georgia/
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