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  1. 2016 centennial easily put a 50 on a USA all star team...really that’s all that needs to be said
  2. Corona Centennial and it ain’t even close early to mid 2010’s
  3. Chino Hills team that went 35-0 have now had players picked #2-#3 and #6 in the NBA draft ....Wow!
  4. eric sondheimer @latsondheimer · 3h The Cy Young winners came from Hart High and Laguna Hills. Sorry Texas. Sorry Florida. The best pitchers are from Cali.
  5. eric sondheimer @latsondheimer St. John Bosco football coach Jason Negro said he'd be willing to move his practices and games outside of L.A. County if that is required to play.
  6. 30-41 341yds 2 TD 0 int in his first start as a true freshman 😂 dam the op is dumb
  7. I suspect that Ned finally hired him at Calpreps so his Obsessive compulsive behavior has been cured
  8. Did the president of the Texas high school coaches association write a letter about how unfair it is yet 😂
  9. DLS has an excellent chance of winning this game.they now have the veteran QB.Does anyone even know who SJB QB will be?
  10. Did they get a legal separation or not? if so they followed the rule to a tee. Is there a rule that says you can’t get back together? Is there a rule saying you can’t get a legal separation to play football? if not you cry baby’s need to quit whining.Dont hate the player hate the game
  11. Get away with what? Doing what the rules said they had to do?
  12. California finds the transfer loophole in anybody’s rules 😂
  13. Ha sounds like a kiss ass response to me
  14. Because you did.My post that you initially responded to had zero mention of any race yet you went on a tangent about black men.Those are indisputable facts
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