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  1. Yeah the train runs both ways so it is what it is just accept your place and move on.
  2. If a super league/HS national championship playoff ever gets off the ground ESPN will be paying the way
  3. Unfortunately for them they were still good enough to be in the open bracket.The other two would definitely be in D2.As far as the last place team I don’t believe you should be a playoff team with 0 wins 😂
  4. If that helps you sleep better 😂
  5. My statement had nothing to do with the quality of football being played but rather controlling the wealth and favor of the NCAA.
  6. You sound fearful and desperate
  7. As soon as one conference decides it’s going to pay it’s players,which will probably be the Pac12 since California has already passed the paid for likeness bill, the rest of the conferences will have to follow suit or become irrelevant.It’s going to happen and would be smart to get a jump on the competition
  8. You know what it is.Just pay them what they are worth it’s very simple
  9. I think we can agree that sports entertainment isn’t Amazon or any other regular job.We are talking a incredibly small percentage of the population that can do it at that level so yes it has a proven record of fluctuations
  10. Just like any business you pay people according to their profitability
  11. Is no pay normal? Pay them and they can buy their own way just like the rest of us.What they get is minuscule to what they profit
  12. Which tells me these guys are making exponentially more for the university than the cost of having them there
  13. Drop in the bucket compared to what revenue these young men generate
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