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  1. So were USC first and second string QB
  2. https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/16095-coach-gives-game-strategy-to-schools-opponents/
  3. Manuel Douglas files suit.Cant say I blame him it’s been 5 months of investigation with no end in sight while he sits at home Narbonne football coach Manuel Douglas, reassigned from coaching and teaching since May, when the Los Angeles Unified School District launched an investigation into an allegation of academic misconduct at the school, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. According to the complaint filed Monday against the LAUSD and three LAUSD individuals, Douglas is alleging the district has brought “false and unsubstantial” proceedings against him, destroying his reputation and causing him “severe emotional distress.” He’s seeking $1 million in general damages and $1 million in compensatory damages along with attorney fees. The filing adds the first on-the-record insight into what has become a five-month investigation by the LAUSD’s inspector general’s office. The lawsuit alleges Douglas was removed May 30 for an allegation of “misconduct involving interference with an on-going District investigation.” On Aug. 19, he was given a second notice for reassignment regarding an investigation that the complaint says took place two years earlier. On Sept. 3, he was given a third notice of reassignment for an “allegation of misconduct that involves possible misuse of funds.” Douglas has used his own money for extra equipment, according to the lawsuit. LAUSD Supt. Austin Buetner and Sal Randazzo and Donald McMillen of the inspector general’s office are named in the lawsuit. The LAUSD said in a statement: “While we cannot comment on pending litigation, the Los Angeles Unified School District remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students. We also have a duty to ensure serious allegations are investigated.” Douglas guided Narbonne to five consecutive City Section upper division championships. He was a special education teacher until he was sent home at the end of May and has been spending days at home while being paid by the district during the investigation. The principal, athletic director and assistant principal in charge of athletics have all been replaced for the new school year. ADVERTISEMENT Narbonne named Joe Aguirre the interim football coach.
  4. Fun fact MD ended Asumptions 2 year winning streak and lost to Redondo Union
  5. They said he was ok no permanent injuries
  6. A team flying under the radar up north is Serra
  7. What do you do with all the other sleazy coaches that accepted the information gladly?
  8. After watching Alemany live I can say they are a speed team.They have a bruising MLB but a physical team will beat them
  9. Mnt pointe coach resigns after getting caught giving other schools game strategy of Football and basketball teams http://www.ahwatukee.com/sports/article_7a94a620-d8a2-11e9-ac31-df2495d4a04d.html
  10. Brother we get what you’re saying its just something isn’t right with the scaling that’s all even if it’s illogical to do so maybe Ned has some formula that weights GISA into GA overall rating
  11. I tried to tell him that but he accused me of taking it out of context 😂 no he practically conceded at halftime 😂
  12. And a bad taste in their mouth from how last season ended
  13. I agree, unless somebody really improves over what I’ve seen or DV has an injury
  14. Back to the game 😊 the Dville QB is a difference maker I thought they were the best team in Texas last year and still do i also picked them to win this game before SJC lost to SJP
  15. This is exactly why the transfer for athletic reasons was approved here.Everyone knew the transfers were for athletic reasons but people just lied and said it wasn’t and who could prove otherwise.So they just cut out the BS
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