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  1. Ha I’ll admit it as soon as you admit Cine isn’t from Texas…balls in your court
  2. And? Are they breaking some rules or has Texas become bitch made
  3. It’s never been a secret 😂 all private and magnet schools can offer transportation…Even in Texas The whining coming out of Texas is astonishing
  4. 50% of the students at MD get financial aid https://www.privateschoolreview.com/mater-dei-high-school-profile#tuition-and-acceptance-rate
  5. I would have preferred he actually did it that way (properly) instead of half ass
  6. Misrepresentation is an emotional trait …get out your feelings
  7. You’re very emotional about a football game 😂
  8. The ref didn’t correctly do anything did he look to the line judge for proper placement before picking up the ball? No he didn’t so why is he picking it up at all?
  9. Of course he doesn’t but the ref is supposed to look towards the line judge for placement which he never does.So if the ref isn’t concerned about the actual correct placement why is he picking it up?
  10. I don’t own the Cowboys nor do I root for them so not my team.Like I said I’m a fan of football games not having interference from refs at deciding moments and don’t let my emotions cloud that
  11. I’m only acting like a fan of football games being played without ref interference in deciding moments.The rule is touch the ball.it isn’t pick it up and move you.
  12. Yeah he has to touch the ball not pick it up and move it.How many seconds did that cost them?
  13. It only matters what did happen what did happen was a ref costing the Cowboys one pass to the end zone from the 24
  14. Really the ref picking up the ball to move it when all he had to do was touch it cost them the second they needed
  15. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33072880/former-oklahoma-sooners-wr-mario-williams-announces-transfer-usc-trojans
  16. Only thing run amuck is the crying 😭 coming from Texas
  17. Allen had 70 something transfers in a couple years.I’m sure none were recruited 😉 😉 these clowns 🤡 are now excuse makers sad really
  18. Would Westlake even beat Centennial or Servite let alone come to California and win by 7 TD
  19. What happened to this assessment 😂 Texasball Posted August 9, 2019 Bottom line - we have all seen enough football to realize the best team or teams from Texas can play with anyone. When the best from Texas is not the best in the nation the line to the top is very short! Texas quality depth is what truly sets it apart from everyone one else.
  20. 😂at Texas they have become excuse makers
  21. This is a National board obviously so if you don’t like discussing National games you’re in the wrong place. By National games I mean relevant teams not po dunk vs bum fuc
  22. Bru McCoy back in the portal https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33060271/usc-trojans-receiver-bru-mccoy-enters-transfer-portal-third
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