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  1. Manuel Douglas doing what he do The family of senior QB Jackson Dadich has told Birmingham officials he's leaving for St. Bernard. He helped lead the Patriots to the City Section Open Division title. His father died this summer. Hope things work out.
  2. Nobody said that was acceptable
  3. I believe a people who have been dehumanized by a word can decide what they want done with that word
  4. 😂at a bunch of white dudes tryna tell black people how they should or shouldn’t use a word that white dude used to demean and dehumanize them....i mean the level of ego to even suggest anything is incredible 😂
  5. High school football participation continues decline in California Former Narbonne quarterback Roman Ale. Football participation in California declined for the fifth consecutive year, according to a CIF participation survey. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times) By ERIC SONDHEIMER COLUMNIST AUG. 3, 2020 10:49 AM Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email High school football participation in California declined for the fifth consecutive year, according to the annual CIF survey. There were 89,756 students who participated in 11-man football this past year, down from 91,305 the previous year. The last time there was a rise in football participation was 2015, when the number was 103,725. Football remains the most popular sport in California.
  6. Correct they already have a game on that date. even if they didn’t they don’t want nun that centennial smoke 💨 extra credit quiz where did the term “they don’t want that smoke” originate?
  7. Paraclete in the high desert during winter 🥶 they had plenty of snow ❄️ last winter
  8. Yeah the rule is you can’t follow a coach who left your school for another.Sondy hates MD with all his soul 😂
  9. Yes they really have been known as basketball school but held it down in football for a while
  10. Corona Centennial FB @Cen10Football We still Need a 5 Home Game Feb 5, 2021. DM if you are interested or know anyone needing week 5. We want to play the best so let’s play!
  11. Bellevue 30 LBP. 16 Poly also lost to (Compton) Dominguez and Servite that year
  12. I don’t know what SJB has to do with DBP or Katy.You asked about two specific teams in two specific years and the only real evidence we have suggests DBP would win. We all understand that a real game has it’s own nuances but since this game will never be played we can only rely on what has already been established
  13. It seems pretty obvious that Katy would have a much tougher time scoring on DBP.The Ironman Defense would shorten the field for the offense.
  14. I agree. DBP played 6 games against teams ranked in the top 70 and gave up 56 points. Katy played 2 games against teams in the top 75 and gave up 57 points Im taking DBP
  15. Katy played 7 teams ranked 1200 or lower in the nation.DBP played 8 teams ranked 500 or better in the nation....DBP wins this game imo
  16. Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco WR Beaux Collins talked about his decision to enroll early at #Clemson, will miss final football season for the Braves https://247sports.com/Article/Clemson-Tigers-Beaux-Collins-California-high-school-football-CIF-Ruling--149396551/
  17. Sierra Canyon FBall @SierraCanyonFB Excited to say we will be playing Mission Viejo in 2021a and 2021b. Haha
  18. eric sondheimer @latsondheimer St. John Bosco and Alemany have reached agreement on a two-year deal to play each other. First game is week two at St. John Bosco. From Casey Clausen.
  19. Bosco Athletics @sjbathletics · 9hVarsity @boscofootball looking for opponents week 1 (Jan 8), week 3 (Jan 22), week 4 (Jan 29) and week 5 (Feb 5). DM @sjbathletics if interested.
  20. Chad Johnson @diablocjohnson Replying to @SCanyonSports @latsondheimer and 4 others Mission will play against Sierra Canyon week 6. Let me know!
  21. pat harlow @pat_harlow · 2hReplying to @latsondheimer JSerra looking for week 1, 2, 4, 5. We lost 3 out of state teams and week 0 game.
  22. St. John Bosco football needs to replace four out-of-state games.
  23. Sierra Canyon is looking for games Week 6, 9 and 10. Email rpillsbury@sierracanyonschool.org if interested
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