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  1. #7 listed at 6’1, 275 just bulldozed those guys.
  2. Extra for playoffs, rip off.
  3. 21-14 Joes. Pete’s QB is carrying team.
  4. Estime, 6 yard run. TD. 21-7. Are up by Khalil Mack interception.
  5. Estime, 11 yard run. TD. 14-7 joes
  6. I don’t know if you can put this performance on Alaimo. He threw pretty good. It was a ground game on offense. Joes ripped off huge chunks of real eastate that came back with penalties (holding), not just the TD. What are Joes OL’s doing to get all these all year. I’ve never seen anything like this. OL coach lost his shit at one point. Not sure if it was about refs or the lineman. I was pretty far away then.
  7. Joes had at least 5 holding penalties. A 60 yd TD run called back on one of them. I’d like to see final penalty stats. Problem all season.
  8. Rashan Gary and Kareem Walker. I could just repeat what SJR89 wrote. No way Gary is a top Round 1 pick. Always took plays off.
  9. Urban checks out with medical/ family issues by Thanksgiving.
  10. Live stream went down again. Bosco scored again? Maybe they move up to # 10, lol.
  11. Bosco now on the “dangerous list”!. When is the last time they put up this many points? So much for #11 on nj.com!!
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