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  1. Not the Bronx. Inwood at the top of Manhattan. Irish to the core back then. Kingsbridge is right over Broadway Bridge. Still a great story, my uncles knew Chickie from the neighborhood, a legend.
  2. He could not take a hit. Feel the same way. Ran straight up.
  3. PC lineman looking to get to White Castle.
  4. Bosco OLine always with no fatties. Just athletic big dudes.
  5. Is Don Bosco vs Paramus Catholic being streamed? Cant find anything.
  6. 21-14 Joes. Pete’s QB is carrying team.
  7. Estime, 6 yard run. TD. 21-7. Are up by Khalil Mack interception.
  8. Estime, 11 yard run. TD. 14-7 joes
  9. Rashan Gary and Kareem Walker. I could just repeat what SJR89 wrote. No way Gary is a top Round 1 pick. Always took plays off.
  10. Urban checks out with medical/ family issues by Thanksgiving.
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