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  1. Yeah, man. One or two great players absolutely makes the entire team a sure bet to be state champs...unless you’re going up against a squad that is 2-3 deep with nationally recruited 4-5 star guys. Then you have virtually no chance. Hopefully we get a season in this year. Loyola opens up vs latest So Cal all star team, St Bernard. They got guys flying in from the east coast, taking Trinity League guys, and recruiting the best Frosh QB to play at St Bernards. Manny Douglas and Brandon Manumaleuna doing their thing, again. Should be fun to watch Loyola take their first cr
  2. Man, I knew you’d be coming right up behind my post. Funny how that works. Loyola and Poly still produce some dudes, as the facts and figures from the NFL show. Can’t hate on that. Anthony Barr (UCLA) was an absolute stud at Loyola (unfortunately broke his leg Game 1 senior year), David Long (Michigan) and Myles Bryant (Washington) led Loyola to a 9-3 record as seniors (Cal Hi Sports Top 15 Finish), and Coleman Shelton (Washington) was your traditional, big bruising Loyola Cub offensive lineman. I’m sure all of these young man from Loyola that have made it to The Le
  3. Zermeno commutes from Huntington Beach. Many Loyola families in the area, and travel from much further south, as well. Zermeno is a tremendous leader and excellent student. The Loyola QB is committed to Princeton.
  4. The Haters hate to see this... With Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots promoting Myles Bryant to the active roster, Loyola now moves past De La Salle, Serra, Taft, Grant and Folsom, into sole possession of 2nd place with most Active NFL Roster representatives. Long Beach Poly has 5 Active, Loyola has 4.
  5. Loyola holds 4,500 fans right on top of you with the Downtown LA skyline as the backdrop. Beautiful, man.
  6. Due to fires, Loyola and Alemany (among many others) only played 9 games. Loyola earned an at-large berth and advanced to the Championship game. Actually, Loyola even hosted the finals on campus. Loyola fell 21-15 to San Juan Hills in the CIF Division IV Championship. This coming year, Loyola will return to the Old Angelus League, playing rivals St. Paul, St. Francis and Crespi. Should be fun! With all the aforementioned talent returning...with a bitter taste in their mouth after losing in the finals, I hope these young men get an opportunity to prove their worth! First ga
  7. I’m guessing you don’t know the story of Brayden Zermeno. Boy, what a terrific young man and leader! You should be humble, he had a cup of coffee with the Monarchs as a frosh. Zermeno is the quintessential Loyola Cub. A smart, multitalented, wholesome, faithful, young man with a desire to lead. No coach (Mater Dei, OLU, MV), gave him a shot to lead a team. During his sophomore year, Loyola hired Legendary Cub Alum and former NFL Scout, Drew Casani as head coach, and former NFL WR Matthew Hatchette as the Cubs’ Offensive Coordinator. Very attractive ti QBs and athletes with
  8. So, MD is ready to go at QB, huh? Which transfer were you referring to at this particular time of posting? That revolving door on Edinger needs more grease!
  9. Matt Barkley? As I remember it, we roughed the young buck up pretty good and gave him a few good licks that night. Not quite like Anthony Barr throwing Barkley down like a rag doll. Barkley was rattled all night. Sacks, turnovers, no TDs and junk stats. He did a good job handing off though... Honestly, the guy that beat us that night was Ahmed Mokhtar. It was a double OT heavyweight bout at the dust bowl. We almost had a nice goal line stand. But, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. As for the semifinal contest and getting lucky...Ok. We knew we had to stop M
  10. “Butterflies can’t fly in the rain! They’re too soft for this weather!” Our chant as we faced off in the long tunnel at ELAC in 2005 before a 14-0 downpour victory in the semifinals. Score one for the good guys.
  11. Always a hard fought battle between Good vs Evil.
  12. I absolutely love the truly humble nature of the OC folks. The Mater Dei Monarchs are certainly a special breed. Here’s to one day having so many Championships that you literally don’t have any room to display them in a gym. Maybe you guys will earn another one and take the title back from Bosco this year...But looks like both of you guys need to recruit a QB (again). P.S. I hear Loyola finally received the MD player to be named later in the Rafael Rice Trade. Lordy! Took you guys long enough! A 6’4 240+ TE/DE JR to be from Newport Beach. Sounds like you guys are
  13. SHEEEEEEEIIITTT! Mater Dei hangs some cloth for some of the wildest accomplishments in their basketball gym! Doesn’t MD have some 7on7 and Lineman Tug of War Championship banners hanging in their gym? Goodness Gracious, it’s laughable all those banners they “claim”. No shame. 😂
  14. Oh, word? So, from 1997-2012 a grand total of ZERO teams from LA/OC/IE (Greater So Cal—the area we rep) earned a National Championship? Got it!
  15. Win League. Beat your Rival/s. Win a Section Championship. Until 2006 (with state bowl games), those were a traditional coach’s and/or program’s goals. Until Jason Negro and Bruce Rollinson started “whipping out a tape measure” this past decade, racking up National Championships were not too common west of Texas (for one reason or another). The fact that some guy on a message board says “I attach a major asterisk to the LB Poly program” is nothing short of laughable.
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