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  1. Angelus League Transfer News... Allen (TX) Senior RB transfers to St Francis. Devyn Turner (5’9 190) rushed for over 1,000 yards (8.6 ypc) and 19 TDs vs Texas competition last year. The new St Francis RB currently holds offers from WAZZU and UNLV. Loyola beat rival St Francis last year 6-3, earning the Angelus League Crown. St Francis will play at Loyola the final week of the regular season. The Cubbies lost one of their top offensive threats to the transfer portal this week. Baylin Brooks 6’2 195 Senior WR (SDSU Commit) transferred to Pasadena. There’s a long line of Pasadena to Loyola kids, which the public school staff has been regathering some of those previous private school players, including Indiana Wijay (Chaminade QB Transfer) and Brooks, among others. With Brooks transferring, the Pasadena-Loyola game week 4 will be very interesting. Meanwhile, Loyola has been relying on their “brick by brick” mantra. And the foundation is always the OL. Four of 5 starters up front return for the Cubbies. This year’s Loyola OL averages 6’5 275. I’m good with that.
  2. Two Loyola Cub Seniors have been selected as National Football Foundation Scholar Athletes for 2022, including Sam Yoon (UCLA) earning the distinction as California Scholar Athlete of the Year. Football is more than just a game at Loyola.
  3. Teddy Gallagher (Carolina Panthers LB) becomes the third member of the Loyola Cubs’ 2015 squad to enter the NFL ranks, joining Myles Bryant (New England Patriots DB) and David Long Jr. (Los Angeles Rams DB). Jackson Sirmon (CAL Golden Bears LB) will be the fourth 2015 Loyola Cub teammate to join the NFL after graduation. Extremely impressive feat by the Cubbies.
  4. Awesome, fellas. Again, it’s funny how much time you guys spend thinking and posting about Loyola. Makes sense now. It’s much bigger than one photo shoot at UCLA, one score line or one sport. There is a legacy at Loyola. Simply put....
  5. Top Row (L-R) UCLA (4 star), Montana State, Washington, San Diego State Bottom Row (L-R) Columbia, Princeton, Marcus Allen’s nephew, Arizona Not pictured from this class: USC (4 star) The grass is green on this side of the fence.
  6. He does this every year. He’ll make his way to the Loyola Dudes. You know, the guys that end up in college and work their way up to the pro ranks and win Super Bowls and earn Pro Bowl accolades. No big deal.
  7. 1. Let’s be honest, Barkley never had much success against Loyola Dudes... 2. True. It’s be a minute since So Cal Preps have been “pure and good” as you said. It’s not about developing these student-athletes from young teens to young men over 4 years, it’s acquiring players to fill a role on a team to win games. It’s all about allocating your resources to win. Even if it means renting players. 3. No joke. We knew we were going to win the DI Championship in 2005 after beating Edison (Top Seed) and Poly lost to Servite on the same night. The bus ride back to Chapel from Huntington Beach was epic! We knew we were better than MD, especially as the home team. And, we expected to avenge the earlier 29-28 collapse to the Friars (DJ Shoemate wheel route TD with time expiring). The fact that Esperanza beat Servite was a shock. You like the 2003 team? Desean Jackson, Marvin Jones and Long Beach Poly checked by the Cubbies. Loyola was at the Top of So Cal Prep Football from 2000-2005. Honestly, the most talented squad was 2004. Horribly disappointing finish to that season. Especially with Steve Grady retiring the following spring. Coulda Woulda Shoulda...Loyola 3-straight titles from 03-05?! Legendary. That’s tough to do, even in today’s game.
  8. 1. “We were clearly the better team when healthy” —You guys needed a late drive and a potential tying FG with seconds left...just to send the game into OT at The Dust Bowl. Following conservative play call by Jeff Kearin, Loyola kicked a FG in OT. We had a great goal line stand in OT. Almost legendary. Hometown refs gave a generous 1st down spot at the 2 on 4th and inches. Mokhtar went in from a yard out on 4th and goal from the half yard line for a walk off TD. 19-16 final. 2. Barkley was not the difference in the OT win at The Dust Bowl. He was hit, hurried and hurled to the ground often and threw a pick. 86 total passing yards for the golden boy. The backup did throw 3 INTs in the semi final shutout win by Loyola, but who would figure Barkley would be better in a downpour? The difference in the rematch was Russ Oka at RB for Loyola (current OC for Crean Lutheran). This was when high school football looked like high school football...
  9. I mean, you can just say you’re bad at simple math, rather than continue to make fools of yourselves. First meeting in 1966. Last meeting in 2005 DI Semi Finals. 66: md 67: tie 68: Loyola 69: Loyola 70: md 88: Loyola 90: md 91: Loyola 91 playoffs: md 94: md 96: md 99: md 00: md 02: md 03: Loyola 04: Loyola 05: md 05 Semi Finals: Loyola Simple fact checking, gentlemen. How about you two butterflies battle it out with a good old fashioned game of slappies for old times sake.
  10. You go to bars and talk to strangers about teenagers playing a game? Do you tell these strangers about slappies, too? Damn! You are old! And, a liar! Who knew?!
  11. Ah! The other md slappy (that word is so fitting for you butterflies now!) feels the need to chime in. Where is Eddy? The overall head to head record is 7-10-1. You guys are horrible at research and fact checking. Taking a wild guess, you probably forgot about that last Loyola victory, that infamous 14-0 shutout in the pouring rain with a berth in the Championship on the line. That game was the last time the schools met on the gridiron. If I was on the wrong side of that I’d try and forget it too. Probably why Rollo had to blow up his program not too long after.
  12. Sure thing. But, you’re unwilling to express your fond memories of “never losing to Loyola” or never playing the Cubbies? Big difference, by the way. Again, I’m going with your grad year is somewhere between 67-90. Sad days!
  13. What years? I know you have a reputation of lying in your posts, or at the very least stretching the truth to fit your narrative. Would be interesting to verify those statements. You said “I never lost to Loyola”. By your posts, you seem extremely old. Maybe you never even played against Loyola. I know MD was horrendous for a long time (67-90). I’m gonna say you’re an alum from that era...wishing you were a benchwarmer on these all-star squads. Good times!
  14. Good one! My last memory of your boys was trying to differentiate if Rollo was crying or just rain soaked at ELAC after we kicked your ass 14-0. What was your last memory of Loyola?
  15. Only 62?! We blocked a PAT? Held you to 2 FGs?! Nice! Does this score factor in the new St Pius X-Matthias Academy star transfer? I know you’re out of touch with reality...But, it’s OK to be a great High School football program. You don’t have to sell your souls and reputation to be a glorified JUCO Club team. Imagine being the guy to brag and boast about the team that represents everything that is wrong with amateur athletics today. Now please, just go back to salivating over incoming freshmen with Power 5 offers that have “committed to Mater Dei”.
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