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  1. Joe's opted out of PC game 8n order to play a high profile game that week. No fault of PC
  2. That was not a shocking win. Did you see Bosco's record that year??
  3. Isn't that why you schedule teams of that caliber?!
  4. He's on same exact growth trajectory as Audric. Willis is currently 202lbs going into his sophomore year. Audric was 205lbs as a soph. Willis has better feet and plays just as physical as Estime. Estime's football IQ was much higher though.
  5. I just saw their handler show love to Joe's so that basically mean the SPP stuff just rumors. Dude is pretty straight fwd and wouldn't fake being with Joe's if he wasn't there in heart.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 he's currently at Joe's.
  7. Keep hearing SPP is making a move on this kid. Hopefully he's still on Joe's roster this season.
  8. Oline will be better than last years line. They need one more DE and depth on Dline. With that said, I think their season will be as good as Henrick.
  9. Future 5* ??? Gotta check every box for 5* consideration. Gotta do your own evaluations because going by his coaches evaluation could set you up to not be taken seriously.
  10. I'm am not a LSU fan , but I'm also not gullible enough to believe a college football star has any desire to be with a 70yr old woman when he has every hot 18-23yr old on the campus dying to be in his presence. 70yr old men don't even want 70yr old women 🥴
  11. Who's advising these kids?! This makes zero cents for this youngster.
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