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  1. I hope he did his hw because many of the QBs in texas have been trained to play the position since young. They understand the nuances of the position unlike many kids from NY/NJ. Many of our kids are either athletic or physically gifted but do not truly understand the nuances which is why they don't do well in college. This kid could spend his senior year at WR if he's lucky, depending on the type of program he transfers to.
  2. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

  3. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

  4. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

  5. SJR 04

    8th grader commitment thread

    Two QBs
  6. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

    Andre Epps receives Robert Morris offer Terrence Spence receives Navy offer
  7. The samething that happened when SPP smoked Bergen. They caught them napping. DePaul did nothing after that to suggest anything other. To DePaul's defense they were not the same team once Hickman and Danny went down.
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    2019 SFA schedule

    Serious basketball prep school.
  9. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

    This offer is 4 months old. He has two offers. Most recent is UMass last month
  10. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

    SJR Athlete Te'rai Powell with NIU offer, and two Bosco DB's with moorehead State offers.
  11. SJR 04

    BNU Commitments

    Jalen Berger VID_71560801_045032_799.mp4
  12. The DE is in the class of 2022. They had 3 freshmen play on the varsity last year. The DE we are talking about only played OLine last season. His name is Keith Miles. The 2021 DE on SPP that also get a Bama offer is in the class of 2021 George Rooks Jr.
  13. It's really not the same 6 anymore. RBC deserves to be mentioned over a team or two in that break down. Mater Dei beat DePaul, RBC handled Mater Dei. DePaul whooped PC. There are a few teams in the state that can beat half of what was dubbed as the "Sig 6", however I listed them because I am most intune with them.