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  1. TBC... ⏳ ️maybe I don't understand the context of this thread. Is this thread about the validity of La RB's, Diggs, or Estime's value? Just want to be clear on what type of orgy I walked in on, and whether I want to run away or join in. Lol
  2. It's Audric and Tyree carrying the load. I'm told they'll try to get Payne going (true frosh), but they've been discussing bringing Diggs back early as he's been doing really well in rehab. How much they use Diggs early will depend on how well Payne shows IMO.
  3. Wtf are you talking about a rain storm??? It was drizzling. Joe's didn't even set up tents. Lol... we play in all conditions up here which is why they were able to go down to Georgia in 100 degree weather, humid as hell and put Grayson on the the running clock midway through the 3rd quarter. Our kids are more comfortable in rain than we are in heat. We live in the NORTH EAST sir. Guess what we do really well??? We even play in the snow when it's 10 degrees in late November, early December. A light rain would be an excuse for you guys, but you will not hear anyone complaining of rain in our area sir. Oh yeah... they cancel games in rain STORMS up here. It's a state rule in NY/NJ.
  4. Joe's shut Bergen out in the championship that year sir and SPP put a running clock on Bergen. IJS 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Couldn't cut what though? That's the question. Joe's would punch Grayson. That's why the jersey kids go down there. Easier to play, but highly regarded in the eyes of the scouts. It's a cheat code. Then you get down there and realize that you left home to get less than you were actually getting in your home state. He was the headline of the 25 class in NJ; already holding 2 P5 offers before enrolling in hs. He leaves only to see people like Omari Gaines and Dez Jones rack up double digit offers while nothing was happening down there. I'm pretty sure he was going to get his eventually, but why leave home to get what you were gonna get had you just stayed home? Once someone points that out to you it starts to make sense.
  6. Tyree was supposed to start for the gold team but got banged up. Audric and Logan faced the same defense with the same offensive weapons...
  7. Screen_Recording_20220423-155822_Instagram.mp4
  8. He was always a project. The staff and recruiting analyst knew it, however the star rating allows you to hype it in hopes that other recruits join him thinking he's the answer. Recruiting 101
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