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  1. I think all that stealing of copper and soggy NJ pizza has gotten you a bit loopy.
  2. The best public school program in CA and America over the last decade- Folsom Bulldogs
  3. In a point of clarification- Folsom plays teams in the 1AA division that have many more transfers than they do. Mater Dei plays with 50-70 transfers. Folsom MAY have 5-7 transfers on any given year. Quite small for such a successful national powerhouse public school Winning with homegrown kids from your youth program is fun! Some of DLSs best players have been from Sacramento
  4. Ah, how ironic, someone from New Jersey lecturing me on "accomplishments." @LiberalDonaldTrump A quick look through your posting history confirms some significant "accomplishments." Loser. LOL.
  5. About as many transfer offers as JT Daniels had
  6. Why would I shut up over being NFC champs and nearly winning the Super Bowl? All the Southern NFL teams were a complete joke, aside from NO, which we curb stomped in NO. The South needs to step up their game! Mediocre football!
  7. JT Daniels would have been the 4th best QB in the history of Folsom HS. Imagine Jake Browning with all the SoCal transfers on MD
  8. 1. GA has zero chance for competing for ANY title 2. USC has lots of talent. Program sucks 3. JT Daniels is the most overrated QB in the nation
  9. I also remember when SoCal thought it was a good idea to send Oceanside to a state title game. Jake Browning put up more stats in this game than JT Daniels did at USC
  10. Maybe I'll go back to the NFC Championship game obliteration against the Pack? ;)
  11. How many transfers are you lobbying for this year big man? Can MD play the heavyweights without substantial outside help?
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