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  1. You must be a real idiot. Like seriously lacking mental fortitude. Do you realize El Dorado Hills is home to Oak Ridge HS, which is Folsom's BIGGEST rival!? Your theory is that Max Preps (home of Oak Ridge HS) ranks Folsom #1 because they love them? You are insane. Total clown show material lol
  2. Wondering how many of those COVID infected DLS players passed that on in our precious foothills community. Awful.
  3. The funny thing is- I am not any of the names you think I am. I only post from this name. The mods know this. You guys are all spinning in circles.
  4. Folsom sucks. Transfer cheaters. I'm a St Francis fan now.
  5. Remember when @Sammyswordsman boasted about Servite beating Helix!? LMFAOOOOO
  6. @THEOC89 & @Extremely Humble looking for their boy toy.
  7. Agreed. Good bye to him. Never come back. Actually- he can come back when Servite is good again past this. Judging from their past performance, it will be another decade. Quarterfinal champs.
  8. New NorCal rankings are out. 1. Folsom 2. St. Francis 3. DLS 4. Rocklin 5. Buchanan
  9. I have you guys spinning so bad, you think I am other people, and think they are me. You are even trolling other boards I don't participate in, thinking it's also me. I own you. lol
  10. Glad to see your doctor didn't have to admit you for another week of suicide watch.
  11. Anyone that lives 300 plus miles away from a public school they haven't nothing to do with, trolling multiple forums daily, just to see if they're mentioned, has major issues. Dude needs meds. I own him too. He's still mad his school busted 1 nut in a decade. It likely gets them another quarterfinals patch for their jackets!
  12. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
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