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  1. You should look into the actual committees for each individual bowl and see how much money they are making for "organizing" these bowls once a year. It is astounding.
  2. Oh really? So all these backups and even some starters that have sucked for years? What have you done for me lately? LMFAO! You should have stuck with your far right triggered argument first instead of venturing into football with the big boys
  3. @Mjd33 since you like small sample sizes, let's go with the big picture. 72 career TDs with 30 INTs QBR of 88.9 I can't think of 1 back up in the NFL and even some starters with these numbers. And if he "sucks" as you state, then almost every QB in the NFL "sucks."
  4. Yawn. Old talking points. He was on the worst team in football with the worst offensive line, with a coach that looked like Ron Jeremy. Nobody succeeds there. Small sample size as well. Get better.
  5. If you are going to argue a point- get the details right. Or else you just sound like another triggered, snowflake idiot.
  6. Quite ironic quoting the same people who protect our freedom and freedom of speech, yet vilifying for someone you don't agree with who has committed no crime. Stop being a a snowflake.
  7. All the OT goons triggered by Kaepernick. @sausmann9 @I AM IRONMAN @Nolebull813 @Mjd33
  8. I agree. Which is all that matters. He has committed no crime. Just because you don't agree with me, doesn't mean anything. Agreed. And most are. It is Eric Reid. Get the name right. And watch the game to see for yourself.
  9. Why does the subject of Kaepernick trigger all the goons from the OT board? It's quite comical.
  10. Agreed. But GA is not even close to the 2nd best SEC team. They shouldn't even be in the convo.
  11. 1. Driskel and Finley are not even half as good as Kaepernick as a football player. 2. You're point about not being good because of what he did is null and void, considering Eric Reid does the same exact thing every week for the Panthers. The media just stopped covering it because he doesn't trigger you clowns like Kaepernick does. 3. So the league can employ murderers, rapists, drug addicts, and wife abusers, but Kap can't play? You lose.
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