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  1. The fact that there exists a "transfer season" thread is really sad.
  2. Where are the teams from the South? Where are the teams from the East Coast?
  3. Ya! Hated by all 50 people on here posting from 400 names! Winning! Enjoy the big game little Jersey boy! BTW- Our pizza is better!
  4. USC is terrible and a sinking ship. CA residents support them just about as much as SoCal fans support the Rams and Chargers! Alabama hasn't scheduled a team with a pulse, out of conference, since 'Nam!
  5. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Game was over at halftime snowflake!
  6. Power is restored in the NFC. The best team in football gets a 6th ring in 2 weeks! The Chiefs beat NOBODY to include a Texans team and an overrated 9 win Titan team. They struggled with both. The 49ers win. And win big. The East Coast, Midwest, and South, all tune out at halftime. Enjoy!
  7. LMFAO, the 49ers are going to DESTROY KC! Have you seen the Niners D? They have MANHANDLED everyone! The 49ers are NOT the Titans and Texans lol!
  8. Where are all the East Coast teams? On the couch! Two best teams in football in the Super Bowl and the absolutely best match up. The trophy returns to San Francisco, as they're SIXTH title! Enjoy big boy
  9. Are you high? First off- It is "Bosa" not "Boza." And the 49ers do have Superstars. George Kittle is the best TE in the game. Debo Samuel is one of the best WRs you have never heard of. You East Coast and MidWest dudes need to lay off the pipe!
  10. The fact that this is a real thread is sick and very sad. So bad!
  11. An even bigger overrated joke- New Jersey pizza! Taste as good as the property taxes there! Winning!
  12. You are literally bragging about transfers? This is so sad.
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