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  1. Going back even farther, Dan Reeves was from America’s, Ga .
  2. Who knows? The last 12 years or so Lowndes always seems to lose to somebody that they shouldn’ t when it comes to the playoffs.
  3. If I recall the last time Lowndes was a 1seed and ranked #1 in state and considered unbeatable, they lost at home in the second round to McEchearn...lol
  4. Hopefully Slim has a twin brother and that him that was seen on I-10...
  5. Last time I checked Baylor was in Texas...lol
  6. And to be specific, they only got one TD off the Packer defense . Their other TD came on a blocked punt...
  7. Lol, just heard some of the fans that sit around me talking about it, but I’ve had the same seats since 1991 and they’re not in the pound , so I don’t guess either of them was Rab. I’ve been checking in I guess for a couple of years but never registered, just lurking as y’all say...lol
  8. Yeah, we’re a step or so down from Moultrie...lol That’s big city living there, I couldn’t cut that.
  9. Haha, I may be in the sticks but I can see the light from the Verizon tower from my back deck. I’m not that far from civilization. Only about 3 miles as the crow flies from the metropolis of Norman Park, population approaching 1000 last head count.
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