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  1. I’m right here lol. I knew it would end up here 😎 screw California! (For many reasons beyond football)
  2. Do you guys play football in Florida? Your screen name is Bestcoast
  3. Lol, I posted it on the TX forum because I knew it would end up here 😂 enjoying it so far
  4. Cool! Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Yep! That’s it! Preciate it!
  6. Second string players can’t skew stat lines?
  7. I didn’t use a one game sample size at all. Katy scored 14 of those points on special teams, blame that on the defense? One was a terrible blown coverage by a safety that shouldn’t be playing, but his replacement has been hampered by some injury issues all year. Dawson scored 1 touchdown on the starting defense, Atascocita, 7 off of a fumble in NS red zone, 14 on back ups. They picked on that same Safety like any good team would do. They scored about 28 points due to bad defense, definitely not good, but the offense made up for it by laying down 804 yards. Don’t know why I am responding to you because this doesn’t fit your narrative, so clearly, you will deflect. But it’s clear you don’t watch the games, don’t know what you are talking about, and are only here to flame. I get it, I troll it out too. I at least TRY to know what I am talking about before I do though lol.
  8. Did they really get gashed by that running team? What were the total yards against them? What quarter did Dawson score those points in?
  9. Dang! I should have pinged you on 6a, you gonna be at any more games NS could possibly play in this year?
  10. We got him back last week against Dawson, the other has played since channelview. Both making immediate impacts
  11. Who’s rankings are these?
  12. Guru provides zero value to this website.
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