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  1. There was a play in 3rd quarter. Cen 10 ran a play for 10 yards and flag for legal procedure after the play was blown dead.
  2. I've been reading the posting about CC and Cent 10. Was there at the game, I must say I never witness blatant home cooking in my life. My brother lives in San Diego try to have him attend the game with me. He warned me that the ref will steal the game. I was told many teams that come to play CC will be playing against CC plus the Refs. Same thing the week before vs Saguaro.I was there also watch the Refs take over the game and I was pulling for CC to win. Cent 10 game was so one side to the point it got really chippy. I had to make sure what I saw what really happen. I watch the replay game on NFHS. The tape never lies. CC is a good team no question. If the game was played @ a neutral it may been a different outcome. But we will never know. Will be in Bellflower CA this weekend for Trinity VS USA.
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