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  1. I'm an Cen10 fan, In the playoff there is no room for error. Only focus on the team you are playing that week. MV is 9-1 and this will be the first time they are meeting. I believe Cen10 will win. I calling Cen10 47 MV 21.
  2. It's Playoff Time, It's now one and done. Win or put your pads up for the last time.
  3. After watch this following video I have new respect for the man. And I'm a Cen10 fan.
  4. After many years of waiting, its time to rubble. Mission Viejo @ Centennial (Corona) November 12, 2021. This will be the best game of round 1 CIF/SS Playoff. The I-5 vs I-15.
  5. After tonight the seeding will be released on Sunday Morning. For the first time teams have no ideal where they will be seeded and what division they will be playing in. The Top division Div. 1) 5 of the 8 are in. MD, SJD, Cen10, Servite and MV. Battle for the last 3 spots Norco, Los Alamitos, Santa Margarita, Orange Lutheran, Sierra Canyon and Edison. But thing can change tonight with last games of the regular season.
  6. 1. OK where do they belong in your poll? 2. Have you seen them play (live, TV or internet)
  7. HSFBA has CC at #25. They should higher. And they are not in the SB Live poll what a joke.
  8. CALPREPS.COM Your source for high school football scores, standings & rankings PROJECT A MATCHUP neutral field [2021] Centennial (Corona, CA) 44, [2021] Jesuit (Tampa, FL) 14
  9. You sound Like a Navy Man. Fair winds and following seas.
  10. Can Servite stand tall this year and take down Mater Dei
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