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  1. Dogs are 11-1 only lost 70 - 75 to #1 Duncanville. picking up from last year CIF Champs
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    Gentlemen the post was just giving Cen10 some prop for being rank 10th this year. Now with that said props to MD SJB and Servite. all being in the top 10 for this year. Also Cen10 has 1 state championship beat DLS in state bowl game.
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    Not bad for a public school, Now we must try and win a N.C. like MD, SJB and DLS. let's go Cen10
  4. Great job Texas Saturday 120,615 3 games, Friday 50,580 3 games, Thursday 30,039 3games and Wednesday 16,281 2 games. CA 2 days 5 games 13,000 (WOW) I was there for all 5 games.
  5. Any free links for today Texas games?
  6. can you sent link for next game and all games Saturday please.
  7. Good to see an SJB fan watching the game with an Cen10 fan. True football fans.
  8. Thanks for the game watching from CA.
  9. CA look at the attendances we only have 13,000 for all 5 games. So sad.
  10. I think the whole system is outdated. Get rid of the section championships and play for the state championships No North vs South. That way you will get the best teams playing for the championship. I know people will say that CA have to many schools. Look at Texas and other state. They have it right.
  11. Don't forget E.S.L. state Runner up
  12. Love watching them and Central Valley back in the days on Friday night Tykes.
  13. Correction PENNSYLVANIA Class 4A Final Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt (12-1) vs Jersey Shore (15-0) should be Aliquippa 41-16 (L) Jersey Shore vs. Aliquippa On 12/3, the Jersey Shore varsity football team lost their neutral playoff game against Aliquippa (PA) by a score of 41-16. TOURNAMENT GAME 2021 PIAA Football Championship 4A Aliquippa41 Jersey Shore16 Final Box Score Tournament Bracket
  14. You can watch the replay on Bally Sports SoCal.
  15. Help me understand, SJB lost to both MD in a blowout and once to Servite. Servite lost twice to MD and once to SJB. DV is blown out by MD by 4 TDs. Cent10 give MD the game of their life, due to Logan not takings the field goal. Lost 21-16. You have Cent10 ranked lower those teams. Come on Man. Cent (11-1) Talk to me Player
  16. I have the tickets for Friday night games. Can't find the Saturday games on gofan? Is anyone else having the same problem.
  17. I'm an Cen10 fan, In the playoff there is no room for error. Only focus on the team you are playing that week. MV is 9-1 and this will be the first time they are meeting. I believe Cen10 will win. I calling Cen10 47 MV 21.
  18. It's Playoff Time, It's now one and done. Win or put your pads up for the last time.
  19. After watch this following video I have new respect for the man. And I'm a Cen10 fan.
  20. After many years of waiting, its time to rubble. Mission Viejo @ Centennial (Corona) November 12, 2021. This will be the best game of round 1 CIF/SS Playoff. The I-5 vs I-15.
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