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  1. Dear member, To protect what is left of the integrity of our forum, I must caution you to spend some time on introspection and self awareness. Your "share my thoughts one last time" comment is extremely hypocritical of your constant promotion of a thread you started titled "Classless as usual, the Servite community". In addition your comment "I will always be proud to be a monarch" in the face of a much worse scandal than the Servite thread you started where you called Servite a poverty program, and the ghetto of the Trinity League. Once again this is the type of hypocrisy that gives our site a poor reputation. Some of your comments will be illustrated below. To all other members, please refrain from name calling such as Hypocrite Nick etc. We expect decorum from our esteemed members. Thank you in advance for your cooperation -The Comish HurricaneNick Members Posted October 3 Racial slurs, threats, and F bombs towards OLu parents and students. The ghetto of the trinity league aka servite. Classless but that’s how short shaft @Slotback Right likes it. Poverty program at its finest. Can’t wait to beat the shit out of that scumbag thomas. He condones all of this garbage. So does short shaft. They beat up on bush league teams and don’t know how to act. Horrible but not surprising. Surf was in agreement about servite being a loser program. I also agree!! Anyway, servite culture has always been classless. I remember Cody fajardo’s dad (a physically big dude) saying a white MD fan was acting like a N***** at the game. Slot back was smiling ear to ear when he heard that! Troy’s type of people! HurricaneNick Members Author Posted October 5 You’re a lot dumber than I thought. Wow. Vanderbilt football is a poverty program but has an $11 billion endowment. Do you understand what I mean now? The PROGRAM is garbage. Idiot. Clueless. Now to address the real bullshit you stated. I’m hoping to discourage people of color from attending servite? How dumb are you? 1. Why would that matter to me. 2. Who the fuck reads this site when deciding where to send their kid for school? Just pulling more lies out of your ass. I had servite alumni I went to grammar school with tell me how embarrassing the racial issue at the game was. Of course you’re trying to downplay it and make it something it’s not. Why get on social media and apologize for telling someone to “F off”? Gotta love short shaft logic. Again, shouting racial slurs is nothing new for you boys, that’s who you are. & to address the comedic part of your post, servite doesn’t worry me at all. The cupboard is bare after this year and we both know that. Another lame, but failed attempt by you. Like I’ve said before, what happened at the game is not a secret. You just haven’t heard about it because your servite “connections”are limited to whatever you can find on the internet. Anyway, we’ll beat the shit out of you clowns in a couple and you won’t hear a single racial slur from our side. Sorry you can’t say the same!
  2. Dear members, Even though there is a rumor that Off coordinator Dave Money is no longer associated with the program, by no means should anyone speculate that this may be Rollo and Eric Johnson (D coordinator) last game as well Thank you in advance for your cooperation. - The Comish
  3. Dear members Please keep the thread on topic. We would prefer that past discretions, such as the below. to be considered while forming opinions about trends within a program, but not commented on while judging the validity of the current story. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1989-11-18-me-1586-story.html Thank you in advance. -The Comish
  4. Dear members, Please be on your best behavior. The Chief has returned from dealing with problems related to multi national corporations, and has been observing the traffic for the past 24-48 hours. You may not have noticed, but our mods have been showing up early with shined shoes. Let's show The Chief that the site is doing well and is in good hands. Thank you in advance. -The Comish
  5. Dear moderator, It has come to our attention that you have not shown up for work this week. In addition your Instagram account shows pictures of a museum which is not in your residential area. In searching your personnel file, we were unable to produce a vacation request for said period of time. Please contact the sub committee on member oversight at your earliest convenience. Also if you find the workload too challenging please let us know so that we can suggest a third moderator. I understand that your co-moderator has been obsessing over a single topic during the past week and has not provided much support. This dereliction of duty is also under investigation. The Executive Committee relies on our moderators to handle the small stuff and keep it from percolating up to the 7th floor. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. -The Comish
  6. Dear Members, Thank you for your concern. I can assure you that the subcommittee on member integrity would be interested in any and all evidence you may bring forth regarding this said topic. We take this matter very seriously. Please alert your neighborhood watch captain should you happen upon a member posing as knowledgeable, or some other variation contrary to their normal state. All cases will be forwarded to the Executive Committee vis a vis' the said Captains. Thank you in advance for your Cooperation. -The Comish
  7. Dear member, Thank you for your interest in this weeks marquee match up. While we appreciate your earnestness, we simply cannot accept over zealous bet payoffs which are counter-productive to the forum. We provide a vehicle for all members to benefit from the takes of others, and silencing yourself or someone else would be detrimental to the overall health of the forum. Please restrict your lost bet penance to avatar changes, $50 charity donations, or such. Thank you in advance for your interest and cooperation. -The Comish
  8. Dear member, We previously addressed the issue of "badges" being not accurate in terms of a members actual contributions to the forum. We are making slight progress with the IT staff and the organization hosing our forum. Pay no attention to the badges. As for my personal badge, it is not a "newbie". I believe some would call your statement "fake news". Please seek to be more accurate in the future. If you find it difficult to make accurate posts, please sign up for my seminar on "Posting etiquitte and Power blogging". The investment is only $99.95. We take PayPal and Venmo. Thank you in advance for your conscious effort to improve yourself ans a poster. -The Comish
  9. Dear members, Our esteemed moderator is correct. The office of Comish does sponsor a sub committee on user engagement. I believe that the said request would fall under this perview. Please file a formal request vis a vis' the general mailbox and someone will respond within 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind that the beginning of the year is extremely busy for the staff and interns. Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support for our forum. Also, you will be happy to know that my term is up after this year, but I am considering to make myself available for another stint. -The Comish
  10. Dear members, As you know we reportedly recently switched to a new hosting service which is designating "ranks" to our various members. Please keep in mind that your "rank" is by no means a reflection on your status or value to this forum. As you can see, your esteemed Comish has been slighted enormously by the designation of a Newbie. I trust that most of you can see through this folly and will show appropriate respect for the office until we can have this matter rectified. Thank you again for your contributions to the board, and for your continued confidence and reverence in and for the important office of Comish. -The Comish
  11. Dear member, Only the office of the Comish is certified to arbitor disputes vis a vis’ bets parlayed on this said forum. Please fill out the appropriate forms which can be downloaded from the main page. Thank you in advance for your trust in the judgement of the office. -The Comish
  12. Dear member Thank you for setting a good example for our new members by posting your take in the appropriate thread. -The Comish
  13. Dear member, Please do not suggest #boardban as bet payoffs. Our membership has been stagnant and we treasure ALL members who have chosen our site as their go to source for HS football. As an alternative, and Avatar bet, a charity donation, or a subscription to Goflo TV have proven successful. Also, please log your contribution to the #gofundme for the Executive Committee annual meeting int he Catskills. Thank you in advance for your consideration. -The Comish
  14. Dear Member, All content is the property of "PrepGridiron.com". Any takes are assumed to be voluntarily given and non compensory. Please cease filing expense reports for correcting errors made by less informed members. Thank you in advance for your consideration. -The Comish
  15. Dear members Please do not revive problem threads when everything is fine. Our staff is working overtime to prepare for the 2021 season. Anybody having issues with the site should first check to see if they are current on dues and optional contributions to the Comish non profit fund. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. -The Comish
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