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  1. jamzz94549


    I see you’re finally typing out what’s really going on inside your skull...which is nada, zip, zilch as we all knew. Sharp as a round ball, you are...
  2. I think tRump has the general beat in that category
  3. You’re obviously not affiliated with anyone “in the know” about anything that’s happening in the 2020 season seeing that you have the mentality of a 12 yr old girl 🙄
  4. So who’s told you that DLS is going to Hawaii AGAIN to face St Louis? The school hasn’t announced their schedule for the upcoming season. I’ll believe any of these match ups when I see them...especially since your first post ever here is seems sketchy at best.
  5. Like I said before, you don’t know JACK SHIT about football. Quantity of posts or pathetically calling yourself a “Guru” just makes you look like more a fool. Each post you make affirms this fact. Keep it up grandpa, because you’re definitely making yourself into the “ Guru” of dipshitery
  6. Says the guy who knows JACK SHIT about football 🙄
  7. Shit. That dumbass is a clown 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s in its nature to be an ass
  8. Dude, you don’t know shit. I went to DLS for 2 years before transferring OUT of DLS for family issues. We were never approached by anyone from DLS about football as 8th graders and in fact, most of us that came from our catholic school he never even heard of DLS until we went for an info session and to see a play in the theater the same day. Only 3 of us out of 20 boys from our class played football our freshman year at DLS. I remember that half the kids that tried out for the football team didn’t make it through the cuts. I can see that you’re the type of person that spreads rumors and untruths off of other people bullshit stories about recruiting because of jealousy or whatever their beef is with the school. I felt a sense of pride from the day I wrote my admission essay to the unfortunate day I had to leave DLS for another school closer to home. It’s you, and certain other pathetic individuals on this site that for some reason feel the need to perpetuate lies and innuendo. Give it a rest and get a damn life. It’s pretty obvious you’ve never accomplished anything of any significance in your life so maybe you should be a little more cautious living inside that glass house of yours bagging on high school kids and a very successful and well respected school. I have friends with kids attending the school still so I’m not going to idly sit by and let some donk disparage their accomplishments. Damn, this site is about as bad as Breitfart or stormfront
  9. Says the failure of a human being that you unfortunately have to look in the mirror at daily. Sad.
  10. Hey, dipshit Texas tadpole, where’s the running clock?
  11. DLS scores td + 2 pt conversion 35-21
  12. Maybe they can take you in for poor spelling as well per the grammar police 🚔
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