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  1. Rummel went 6-6 lsu lost 4 games before the bowl season The voices in your head convinced you that you had a meeting with the mayor about a fake Catholic football tv network My year has without a doubt been better than yours 😂
  2. Appalachian state went to Texas A&M and beat them on the aggies home field. lsu and overachieving Brian Kelly lost to that same Texas A&M team by 15 points.
  3. JJ McCarthy just had 9 hours to throw the ball on that last play and decided to throw it into triple coverage/got picked off.
  4. Your feelings got so hurt that you used a racial slur on a football message board and you want to call me 15? 😂 Your self awareness is at an all time low. Go ahead and cry it out! You might feel better if you post Riley’s house!
  5. They in fact did not win the ACC because they don’t play in that conference. Tulane to a New Years 6 game. Maybe overachieving Kelly will lead the tigers to a duke mayo bowl victory! Brian Kelly has a football coaches type of house though!
  6. If lsu scores again here in garbage time he’ll talk about how close the game was
  7. Bama to win the natty. It would be pretty wild if tcu gets snubbed but it wouldn’t be surprising.
  8. No kidding. SC had 25 missed tackles last night. More than the previous 4 weeks combined. They picked a bad day to shit the bed.
  9. 4 losses so far with possibly a 5th in a bowl game. Brian Kelly is just simply OVERACHIEVING with the 8th best roster in college football per 247 sports.
  10. He lives on the water in Baton Rouge with the piranhas though!!
  11. I think the real reason TCU lost is because they put their names on their helmets during fall camp so they are not a true football team!!
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