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  1. I understand they started the regional game that year, still doesn’t change the fact that MD played for the cifss title that year and the next. Both at angel stadium I believe. MD played in the finals in ‘12-‘13 & ‘13-‘14. Here are the brackets. Poly & bosco both have cifss championship rings for winning these games over MD. Not talking about a state title game or regional game. MD played in the finals in back to back years against poly & bosco, then played again in the finals in ‘16 before winning it all in ‘17. You saying that MD Didn’t play in the CIFSS championship until ‘16 is
  2. No. JT won the finals his junior year (‘17-‘18), he never played his senior season due to enrolling early at SC. Lost to bosco in the finals his sophomore year (‘16-‘17). Lost to cen10 in the semis his freshman year (‘15-‘16). MD played LBP in the Pac 5 finals in ‘12-‘13 year and bosco in the finals in ‘13-‘14.
  3. Oh ten years ago, yeah, unfortunately they won a couple times. (Was referring to the streak before that) But, as you know, gotta let lil bro win every once in a while to keep them entertained. & No sir, MD played in the finals in 2012-13 against Poly, & 13-14 against Bosco, then again in ‘16 during JT’s sophomore year. MD was 6 points shy of playing in the finals against Bosco during JT’s freshman year in ‘15, losing to a centennial team that would eventually win the title. Many good teams during the “irrelevant” years.
  4. Can they? They obviously accept transfers ( & have a youth feeder team that practices on campus) so why haven’t they? I like how the “irrelevant” MD teams are still better than the usual teams at servite lmao. We made multiple playoff runs & played in multiple CIF championships before winning it all again, which is Insignificant for our program because we like to win, just reiterating the difference in standards. ( I know servite celebrates the games they almost won, see SJB last year) But, tell your folks at servite to get on it. (If they can?) Unfortunately they have poor coaching
  5. The biggest one sided rivalry in all of HS sports. They’re lucky to piggyback off of our name. 20+ years without a win and it looks like the future will be the same. Embarrassing. I still won’t wear black socks because Rollo hates those guys and wouldn’t let us wear them.
  6. This CC defense would get exposed against any legit team. Slow. Not a top 50 team in the country. CC QB is pretty good though. Not surprising that he trains in the off-season with MD’s QB coach.
  7. January 😒 don’t think there will be any OOS games for CA until next fall.
  8. I know you’re already on it!!! @GardenStateBaller Round two in Bradenton? Give me an excuse to hit st petes beach🏝
  9. $1 Million. The standard 💪💪💪 Best sports program in the country!
  10. Oh boy😂. Dude was basically saying only at MD a transfer will play over a 4 year guy so I gave an example. & you read that and your take away was that I was trying to convince people that MD doesn’t benefit from transfers?? Who teaches reading comprehension at St. Paul? How did the servite guys do in the winners circle contact camp? Wild that Troy let them participate.
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 your MD IMG comparisons are terrible! I understand you feel some type of way because players transferred into MD and then transferred out, but no matter how you slice it we aren’t IMG 🤷‍♂️ In competitive sports, the best guy plays. How it’s always been at MD. We aren’t afraid to start freshman over seniors or bench somebody for not doing their job. Guy that earns the job plays, it’s that simple. Criddell (Your favorite example) got benched on the first drive of the CIF finals for blowing an assignment that led to a touchdown and was replaced by an underclassman that played the rest of the
  12. Full tuition, board, + meals. Estimated here at $80,000+
  13. Recruiting pitch must have failed, he stayed home. All good though, that scholarship money they gave Elias ricks was sweeeeet.
  14. Here is current Norte dame commit Rocco spindler on a visit to IMG that they paid for (kids from Michigan) and while he was there he was offered a scholarship. Yeah, MD and IMG are doing the same things. Sorry ass take. Again, find any kid posting a recruiting visit to MD or any kid that is bragging on social media about the scholarship MD just offered him. And PLEASE try and tell me Logan, Negro, Thomas etc wouldn’t have taken Miller moss. You guys are so funny 😂😂
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