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  1. Enslaving another human being for personal gain and allowing a family to choose where their child attends high school (even if that includes a transfer) are both morally wrong? Those two things are in the same ballpark? Are morals objective or subjective? You’re on record saying it’s morally wrong for a child to choose where he wants to go to high school. You might want to clean that take up.
  2. Nice! I was in FL and didn’t get to attend but got texts throughout the day. I heard Kassius ashtiani had a day against MD in the finals. Lemon took chuck mcdonald deep. Smith played well. Jelani was flat footed at times. The staff is a lot smarter than I, just think Frazier helps on O more than he does on D.
  3. Oh now you want to come at me about programs attracting talent instead of recruiting? Do you pay attention at all? I’ve said the same over and over again. Get a clue junior. Your boy has the problem with kids transferring to schools that win. That’s what I’ve said all along. Everyone recruits (including Buford) except lowends. He’s bitched about colquitt and Valdosta being dirty. Geographically, where are they located? Lmao.
  4. They have. Just try and read. Give it a shot. If it hurts, close your eyes. Huh? Is anyone talking about either of those schools? You ok? On what big guy? Hating on a grown man crying about what children do for high school? Get real. You’re struggling. Do better.
  5. Lol. The kid committed to Vanderbilt, a phenomenal school academically. 96 didn’t post about that but will post about a lowends freshman that gets 1 offer. I wonder why? Comical at this point.
  6. You put more stock in what he says about 3 OOS programs (AZ, CA, FL) than what others from those respective states say. This thread is about a school from California. Try and keep up.
  7. Okie dokie. Look at any of the comments outside of yours on any his transfer threads. Simple. Pointing fingers with dirty hands. For what? Who would complain about the D1 transfer at lowends if he wasn’t obsessed with schools that are better than his? Nobody. Who is breaking any rules. A public school in Georgia is doing nothing different than a private school in Florida. Shall I post the links about Grayson? Buford just got a 5* running back. Yet those things could never happen in South Georgia, give me a break lmao. Complaining is his favorite, if you could take a step back and take the blinders off you’d see that. Just like everybody commenting on his threads.
  8. 96 will like all of your posts and make you feel good! Still doesn’t mean his threads and your takes aren’t embarrassing and bullshit. Again, at least you have each other.
  9. Goodness gracious, so many mistakes it was tough to read. I’ll try and piece this together, I feel like I’m reading a post by 96. Give me a minute or 5, Lol. Inside info? No one disputes? His information has been disproved, just try reading the other threads. Look at the STA thread. Give it a shot. It’s funny because this is exactly what many say to him. He posts public information that many are aware of, yet don’t bitch about. See the picture above. His school gets transfers yet he’s quiet. Again, you guys can blow each other up and down the street. No problem little bill.
  10. Little bill. Shout out to pill Cosby.
  11. Oh bill. Poor comment. Like how bad your boy is vicariously living through the lowends Vikings that he feels the need to make multiple threads crying and bitching about other schools attracting more talent? That’s really asinine. Crying about the purity of the sport when others from his school have acknowledged transfers. L O L At least you guys have each other.
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