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  1. Where do Carson Conklin and Carter freeland live? Orange and Irvine are only 5 miles away from centennial?(one commuted 25 miles to school and the other commuted 35 miles to C10) & those are just the former MD kids that I KNOW don’t live anywhere close to cen10 let alone live in the same county Lol. I also talked to a parent at the game who had his kid driving in from Moreno Valley to play for Logan. No need to be naive and act like there’s a huge disadvantage. Kids from other counties are playing for one specific public school. Again, why is cen10 so much better than Corona high, Santiago, and Roosevelt? They’re all in the same city! What gives?
  2. This was me fighting your case at @HawgGoneIt desk
  3. One of the best players on the MD roster the past 3 years has signed with PSU. Swiss Army knife and the ultimate team player. Doesn’t have elite speed or size, about 5’9 180 mid 4.6 guy but man he’s a ball player. He’s a more explosive Preston king Tesoro type of player. Started on O/D/ST in some games. Had many walk on opportunities from power 5 schools but chose the free ride. Great choice and best of luck.
  4. How many Orange County/LA County kids have played for centennial since Logan has been there?? (Cen10 is supposed to only have kids from a 3-4 mile radius) *distinct advantage* How is Cen10 so much better than the other Corona high schools? Enlighten us skippy.
  5. 100% right. I expect CW to end up at SC but damn this has been a roller coaster. SC insiders claim he enrolls on 1/28/22. Lsu insiders are predicting him to Wisconsin. No one knows anything Lol
  6. Lincoln Riley brings the Mater Dei legend back on staff. Great move.
  7. They went 4-7 in 2014 and finished 5th place in the trinity league
  8. #1 in the country in basketball dynasty rankings too Lol
  9. Centennial has started kids that have lived in different counties. Including this past year. That’s a real public school! Hey, why are they so much better than Santiago, Roosevelt, corona high etc???? All of the most talented kids were born in cen10’s enrollment district right? Lmao
  10. Servite on this list is complete garbage. They’ve had one decent year in the last 10. Embarrassing of maxpreps really.
  11. Imagine thinking lowends deserves to be on the dynasty rankings. Just embarrassing. When was their last state championship? We have to coming up on 15-20 years. Just shit bad. Out of state recruiting transferred up lowends above Buford is comical.
  12. Bad defensive call. Why would you run cover 0/1 in that situation? Safety was caught flat footed and got cooked. You’re right that he didn’t do any magic tricks but that ones on the DC.
  13. He played his last two years at Calabasas is all I know. He’ll catch 1K+ yards from Bryce next year. Stetson Bennett announced he was returning and he hit the portal.
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