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  1. Everything he says is off. At MD my classmates that played no sports and did zero extracurricular’s still received financial aid because their family could not afford to send their kid to school. Many kids worked in the cafeteria or were required to put in hours to benefit the school, like yearbook or whatever else. Very few pay full price regardless if you play sports or not.
  2. 😂😂😂 But let me guess Herbert that lost to a true freshman at a neutral site is an nfl qb? Better yet answer this, the baker mayfield that lost to true freshman Jake Fromm is? Are you the guy that thinks jalen hurts is more pro ready than tua? haha Funny stuff here. Tua’s progressions are much improved from last year as is his accuracy and if the best quarterback in the sec isn’t nfl caliber than nobody is. Joe burrow more of an nfl fit than tua? 😭😂
  3. Herbert over tua? You must really hate the dolphins lol
  4. So two decent games for the top dog in tx, nice! Really really tough schedule!
  5. Your opinion is your opinion. I actually made the point earlier in the thread about Bosco struggling. So dv plays 2 decent games on the year, nice. Think MD plays 7 or 8? If jserra plays dv’s schedule they go 9-1. Don’t think that would be a surprise to anyone either. Can’t tell me dv is as tested as anybody in the trinity league. Servite olu jserra SM have to play the top 2 teams in the country aka a stronger schedule than dv’s without question. Dv could go 16-0 and not have to see the top 2 in the country that’s pretty nice for them. To answer your question about “challenges” you may be right but what challenges does dv face in their ENTIRE DISTRICT? None. Easy sailing into December. If dv plays how they did last weekend against anyone in the trinity they would lose, and don’t tell me lake highlands is as good as servite lmao. Say what you want about the trinity but it’s better than all district schedules in Texas.
  6. Cmon man. Lancaster is not elite and now we’re talking about game 1. The entire offseason to prep for that game. JJ and the no 1 team in tx should’ve gone absolutely nuts against them. Fair to say corona Centennial beats Lancaster? I think so. Md ran it up on them in week 1. If MD/SJB beat Lancaster by 21 what would all of the texas folk have to say about that one? Dv is ranked in the top 5 everywhere. There’s a big difference in top 5 and top 100 in the country.
  7. And that’s fine, dv is solid but injuries or not you cannot be a top 5 team in the country and play the #2200 ranked team within 20 points. Should not happen. If MD played a lake highlands team that’s .500 on the year within 20 pts how would that be perceived?
  8. I’m not complaining about the scheduling but I am saying dv does not play one decent team in the regular season besides sjc. They go in to December completely healthy and untested, good for them. Regardless of how anyone feels about the trinity league it is the toughest league in America. There are two at the top that are much better than the rest but all the teams except for one are pretty good and even the SM team that will finish last in t league this year played a really good mission Viejo team within 11 points. My point is that dv gets to skate into the state playoffs completely untested and that’s not the case in so cal. If dv has a “bad week” like they did on Friday regardless if it’s injury related or not, they would lose. You can’t underperform in the trinity because you’ll get beat. Ask Bosco, almost gave one up to a servite team that is nowhere near as good as them.
  9. Dv is efficient and does what they do well but by no means is it schematically complex. They have athletes that have carried them through their schedule thus far. Dv has a really good athlete at qb but if any team really took away the run game it would be hard for him to beat a good team with a good secondary with his arm. (idiots on here think dv runs the ball better than st. Frances does haha) Saw him live in person and he’s a real deal athlete but when he gets to UT he will be an athlete not their starting quarterback. Dv will not be tested until late November/ early December. Their schedules is all jv teams with the exception of St. John’s. & St. John’s got 53 put on them at home so basically a sorry schedule.
  10. If jserra played dv’s schedule they’d finish 9-1. Molina Richardson white pierce lake highland skyline Berkner and south oak cliff are all W’s. One loss to sjc. We both know that. But sure man, they’d be 5-5 in that brutal big boy district lmao. Now I may be wrong but if dv were to have lost to sjc but finished 9-1 they’d still be considered a state title contender out there no?
  11. Folsom wouldn’t finish in the top 4 in the trinity league. You already lost to the only good team on your schedule and that’s the only game that could’ve made you relevant. From the looks of it you have a couple of 4-3 teams and a 1-6 team to get ready for. Can’t wait for you to brag about those wins lol. Be thankful you got oak ridge, atherton, antelope, rocklin and Whitney cause if you had to play the trinity league.. Lol. Be happy you get to stay up there and avoid the competition, hopefully you can win the reject division championship again.
  12. Baltimore and the dmv got embarrassed in Cali, good opportunity to redeem themselves. I’ll take sfa but it will be close because sfa’s Qb is seriously suspect
  13. I’ll say it again for you. Servite would beat Folsom by 30+. Servites good, sleep if you want. Running clock against folsom.Just how it is son. If you can’t stop the triple option good luck against the spread with real athletes. Friars by 30 even in noooor cal. Just play them next year tell your head coach. You’re telling me servites scheduling gorman but avoiding folsom. Don’t be dumb.
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