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  1. My dad is still mad at me to this day for not being as good as Groots 😂 the 🐐
  2. Ohio st Clemson 🔥🔥 hope Trevor and Justin get to run that one back
  3. 2 Monarchs on the Top 10 All-Time Quarterback recruit list #QBU
  4. I’m not sure I was rolling with my guy’s Jersey math skills🤣 @imaGoodBoyNow
  5. Now only 6% of the team should be in college? That’s pretty good
  6. MV is good though 😂 Easily top 50 in the country. A HC that can scheme with anybody too.
  7. So a head coach moving kids in from out of state paying their full tuition + rent and not being able to participate in the playoffs does not qualify them as an academy. Got it. It really only takes a team to show you a lil love on Twitter for you to just lie 🤣 SFA & USA got the ultimate hype man
  8. 4th place team in our league lost to the third ranked team in your state. It’s very apparent New Jersey is a no team state Q: In what state can you get ass raped by 48 points but still win your state championship by 30+ A: JERSEY🏆🏆🏆
  9. Bosco at MD on 10/30 to close out the season. Loser gets Korey Foreman & Centennial. Who’s playing QB for the huskies this year?
  10. Bro, relax. Sit tight & we’ll see what the final schedule looks like, it’ll be just fine. We can beat Cen10, the trinity, MV, Bosco again, & DLS & win a Natty. I know that bothers you 😂
  11. She was awesome. Wish her and president Murphy luck with the coyotes
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