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  1. I can see it just like GREEN WAVE DELBY is beating EVERYBODY this year
  2. The article posted in the thread is about the UC/CSU system and has nothing to do with the private schools you’ve listed. California has 6 public schools in the top 11 including #1 and #2. That is what he’s referring to because that’s what the actual article is talking about. Not sure what’s 💩 about that. https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/top-public
  3. No idiots will be admitted. The SAT and ACT have not been mandatory at tons of universities all across the country for the past two admissions cycles. The California public uni’s are just continuing that test optional decision. As a white guy from Southern California, I think an increase in minority students on campuses across the state will be nothing but beneficial for everyone. It’s not a handout. You still have to earn the degree and a student with poor grades, EC’s, and LOR’s simply won’t be admitted. I benefited from the SAT because I scored well and got into better schools than I probab
  4. TX lies about their times and cheats at everything. Gospel!!
  5. Idk about that one. The one 229 coach on here can’t form a single sentence to save his fucking life. 😂
  6. Good schedule. I see 8-1 with the only loss coming on 10/30 to the GREEN WAVE
  7. I don’t hate Sam or St. Paul!! I feel bad for them (; but this is all off season internet fun!! Now I do hate Servite. Hate em hate em hate em. That school should be torn down completely. Gospel brother. Rollo is the 🐐 to me. Spent everyday with him for 4 years and learned so much. Obviously, I carry that bias with me. And I refuse to believe Bob Lad is a real person. He does not exist in my world!!
  8. When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk. 😉 The last time the boys went to Santa Fe springs and embarrassed em at home 👇
  9. So he took a few losses to MD if he did play. Even worse for him. Guy can’t catch a break.
  10. We don’t respect the losers from servite either, but, at least you had the stones to play the game. 🐱 Samantha watched from the stands. Sad. Very on brand though.
  11. I will again congratulate you on your win 35 years ago! MD is still winning the series by 4 games. The most recent game 👇 Goodnight my child. Hopefully it won’t be another 35 years till the next victory. CIF football titles by school: Mater Dei - 12 fraud paul - 4
  12. St. Paul hasn’t beaten us in 35 years. You’re a sad fan boy that never put on the pads. 35 years and we own the all time series against the sword fighters. You’re bragging about nothing. @Sammyswordsman aka @HurricaneNicks bitch 💪
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