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  1. SAN DIEGO ST DUKE UCLgay Parlay Lets do it boys.
  2. Nope. Not even close. Won the game at Gorman, missed XP against Bosco. Didn’t get the 2 pt conversion. Lost. Would easily trade. No chase meyers on this team.
  4. Unable to win a single game in the big 2 sports Football & basketball 0-15 in the TL 0-15! Elite! Maybe a certain poster can bring up what they did decades ago! That’s important today!!
  5. No sir. Nickel and dime. Ajon was my biggest “worry”. Not a db. Can’t complain about depth at any spot at this moment. Writing on the wall type of thing.
  6. If this student went to Mater Dei, or any trinity league school, would your tune be the same??? Lmfao
  7. If Logan can get those kids to play with the aggression the basketball team does, they might be unstoppable! (Just a joke) Great schedule. Gorman on the road during a short week is tough.
  8. Y’all forgot the many that are affiliated.
  9. If Bosco doesn’t hit a QB home run in the transfer portal they’re in big trouble. Oh & BTW can anyone name a solid football transfer into MD? Cen10 fished for their QB in the portal. Bosco has had a great 4* addition. I’m just asking for a friend!!!! I also think OLu can beat DLS this year. They’ve done really well with the transfers.
  10. I would never bet against Luke Tucci!!
  11. Doing 75 hard. Not supposed to be on social media but figured it would be a good time to hop back on and see the girls cry over the new coach! https://www.forbes.com/health/body/what-is-the-75-hard-challenge/
  12. Absolutely ecstatic. Frank is the real deal. Worked with the freshman and jv teams about a decade ago before becoming the guy on varsity. EJ 2.0. Continuity and success. “MFD” Frank. Earned & deserved! \|/
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