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  1. Public schools are having football meetings as we speak so they can begin playing as well
  2. A thread about the top HS receivers in the country is silly? On a national HSFB site? But posting a thread about every kid that commits to lsu is fine? 😂
  3. The pads have been distributed. Shorts & shells till Thursday, then full contact on Friday. We’re close 🤞
  4. Mater Dei Cornerback Domani Jackson checks in at the #2 overall player in the country MD has 3 players in the top 31 \|/ https://n.rivals.com/prospect_rankings/rivals250/2022
  5. Servite sucks 😉 Ill take CJ Williams all day long
  6. You Midwest boys are built different man my heater and seat warmers are all the way up as soon as it dips below 60 🤣
  7. Production doesn’t tell the whole story? Agree kinda because offers are based on projection and upside some of the time. Not really sure how they expect a kid that can’t complete half his passes in HS to light it up through the air at the P5 level. I do agree that coaches believe they can coach a kid up and that has to be the case here if all the schools are recruiting him to play quarterback. I just see higher upside at another position. I watched both games they lost & jacurri was a non factor in both. Probably pretty mediocre coaching going on at lowends but still, if he’s the freak ev
  8. jacurri completed less than half his passes and threw for 1500 yards in 12 games. Thank God high level P5 competition is not as good as what he’s seeing at lowends! Still don’t understand the issue with us saying the kid has a bright future at the next level at a different position.
  9. Agreed. Fumbles and turnovers have been the Spartans kryptonite in the recent big games.
  10. Agreed. Makes sense for lowends to have their best athlete play QB and keep the ball in his hands. P5 football is a whole different ballgame, switching positions could make Jacurri a ton of $.
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