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  1. We find out officially from CIF on July 20th but January is looking like the most realistic option. I’d be happy with a shorter season that started in October.
  2. That transfer waiver stood no chance of being denied, you know how we do it over here 😉 I expect huge things to come from this move. Once JT feels comfortable in the system Monken will have a lot of fun calling plays.
  3. Their HC is the old Bosco OC, he’s legit and was a nightmare for MD while he was at SJB. In any game I watch MV play, Johnson does a really good job of creating mismatches. They have a great QB with speed & LB Easton Mascarenas was one of the best players I saw all year. @Exocet 98 would be able to give you a better idea. I’m taking them over Servite in week 1.
  4. Yuhp. That game would be huge. Elite coaching match up too. This year I might take MV.
  5. There you go again 😂 Bring them back to the TL vs USA in ‘21! & Serious question, why isn’t SJC coming out here? Just the one time ESPN game?
  6. Mater Dei @ Aquinas - Seems like a natural match up for both schools. Mater Dei @ St. Louis HI - island time Mater Dei @ Duncanville/NS/SLC - Would like to see the boys play in that environment. Home & home with any of these - DeMatha, SJC, GC, DBP, SJR, SJP St. X, St. Ed’s & BC.
  7. Hope everybody has a safe and happy 4th!
  8. I agree, I really thought the Herm hire wasn’t going to work out for them but he put together a staff of elite recruiters. Antonio Pierce recruits California as well as anybody & getting chris Hawkins to leave SC for ASU was huge. They’re going to be really good in years to come.
  9. Mater Dei rising junior DB Domani Jackson cuts his list to 10. Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, USC, Oklahoma & ASU. The #1 corner in the ‘22 class \|/
  10. “We want to have a program like Mater Dei, honestly I think they’re the best program in the country, have been for years.” - Biff Poggi 2019 HAHAHAHAHA from your guy himself! Do better dude. @GardenStateBaller
  11. 7702E6BC-FBAD-4BA0-A8AE-800F16627CBB.MOV
  12. Clown take. Are you talking about the only team to beat both IMG & your boyfriends squad? I understand you’re hurt your lil oos games aren’t being played this year but don’t worry girl you’ll feel important again next year! MD is what biff wishes his program was. Fact. We’re better than both this year, it will be so cute to watch them both play in the MD little brother bowl as I like to call it. Talk soon!
  13. Like I’ve said many times already, you beat that ass and everybody wants a second chance because they fumbled the first one. Until biff can put together thorough game plans they’ll never be MNC winners. Oh yeah and this. The “only thing keeping them breathing” is gone, Griffith couldn’t start on the freshman team at MD. See ya when we see ya Frances thanks for nothing last year! ✌️
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