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  1. JS was built on the idea of becoming an athletic power from day one. Classes are held in office buildings, they aren’t a part of the diocese, it’s a lot different than the other Catholic schools in OC. My nephew played soccer at JS & just graduated last year, he said he could see it coming. The football problems are spilling over into other areas of the school and are causing families to check out.
  2. Yep I agree. I like Craig on both sides of the ball. He looked good at corner, it would be huge if he could come in and lock up a teams #3 receiver.
  3. SFA lost a ton of talent. I think they had the most talent in the country last year but didn’t have the scheme and coaching to match. That team was loaded with SEC/Big10 committed seniors. Of course Poggi will recruit kids until August, but I still think there’s no way they’re as good next year and they will need the time to gel as well. I agree that DV will have to make changes offensively but maybe that works in their favor. Throw the ball a little more and run some stuff they didn’t put out there with jj at the helm. Defensively, having the new transfer linebacker with experience and getting blackshire back will be huge for them. Good linebackers make life a lot easier for a new DC. If the game is being played in Texas I predict it to be similar to the SJC game this year especially if parson’s arm gets going early.
  4. SFA won't be anywhere near as good as they were this year. NS has the advantage at home. Tx has to go at least 2-1
  5. I agree. We need a Catholic school playoff at the end of the year
  6. SFA lost way more talent than MD did. That team had a lot of seniors and has a lot of talent to replace. Griffiths is very average. Both teams would beat SFA. Rollo doesn’t like to waste his time. SFA brought 30 5/4 stars to CA and lost by multiple td’s?? Can’t schedule those chumps again they didn’t even show up SMH
  7. I think Surtain & Moses will lead a defense that will exceed expectations. Christian Harris looked good against Michigan & there’s a lot of experience at corner. The defense should be a lot better than it was this year.
  8. He’s a mismatch for anyone. If he can polish his route running a little more he’ll beat single coverage every time.
  9. He’s going to love the schedule they play out there
  10. I don’t think you can sit Slovis, it’s his job to lose. JT would have to win over the team but I see Slovis starting game 1.
  11. Domani played a decent amount as a freshman and had some big matchups like Rakim Jarrett early on this year, he was ready to play. He plays aggressive and sometimes it costs him, but most of the time he can make up for it with his athleticism. He's 6'2 and clocked a 4.5 laser at the nike camp at 15 years old, he's too good of an athlete and talent to not have on the field. Jaylin got hurt in the first Bosco game and tried to give it a go for the finals but he wasn't 100%. Losing Elias & Darion was a blow, but Jaylin & Domani will be a better duo in my opinion. We lost because we played our worst quarter of football against a really good team.
  12. No sir. He had his struggles his freshman year under Tee, but I think Harrell’s system is perfect for him. Have to wait and see how he responds to this injury.
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