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  1. Kyron was a huge surprise flip. I do expect Raesjon to end up SC, they never took the foot off the gas in his recruitment. Hopefully Dante can flip Jaylin too. He was hired to keep the top DB’s in So Cal at home and so far the only true corner in the ‘21 USC recruiting class is from something something trail. 🙃
  2. The best receiver in the state ditches the ducks and flips to the Trojans! Fight On! \|/ Looks like another Monarch will also flip to the Trojans before signing day
  3. Wish that wasn’t the case. Would be so damn cool to have a 2011 DBP/2017 MD type of game.
  4. When he said bc is not dbp, I was assuming he was referring to the history of the programs. So I threw in the natty’s. Then added the scores from the common opponent for shits and gigs. Let me have some fun mr. 200!!
  5. 2 nattys is NICE! Half as good as our 4, but twice as good as BC’s 0!! I agree that BC is not bosco and think an MD/DBP game would be great for hsfb. Until that game is played, I’ll use the “common opponent” in the same year agenda. 😂
  6. Pay em all you want, can’t hang. Just ask Biff “plaque filled arteries” poggi. Look at the faces on the Bergen parents😂 Please don’t make them go through that again. Bergen catholic got the #runningclock put on em, then went on to win the big boy jersey state championship. And that my friend is all you need to know about New Jersey football.
  7. I would expect Clark Lea to take over. Notre dame DC. Played at Vandy and is a Nashville native. I do completely agree with you that Vanderbilt will never be a threat in the SEC due to academic standards. Also, maybe look for Derek Mason to head up to Michigan to help out with the defense/possibly replace don brown. Mason was the DC under Harbaugh at Stanford.
  8. No way he leaves. QB class is too deep this year and JT knows he needs more film. Georgia will be explosive on offense next year under JT, then Kirby will give the keys to BVG for the next couple of years. Dawgs are in great shape. Bringing back George and Jermaine + the stable of backs makes it a no brainer for JT.
  9. If Georgia can continue to run the ball how they did tonight (& I know they can), they present a BUNCH of problems for defensive coordinators moving forward. Wasn’t stoked about the play calling because I felt JT wasn’t able to get a solid rhythm going, but completely understand it when you’re as dominant on the ground as the dawgs were tonight. Cannot wait for JT vs DJ to start off the year next season.
  10. Agreed. The previous ball to burton was forced and I didn’t like that decision one bit. But the next ball... gotta come down with it when it hits you in the hands.
  11. Truth. Great play and awareness. Wish he would’ve held on so UGA could’ve scored some more points before half.
  12. Go walk on at Rutgers!! You can’t tell me they don’t need your help!
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