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  1. Mater Dei Monarchs CIFSS D1 Champions I would like to congratulate Norco, Corona Centennial, and Servite on an incredible season and playoff run. One more game to finish the job. #Earned.
  2. If they give us 3 loss Folsom…. 😂😂😂
  3. Yes. All 4 that played in the semis are top 10. Crazy!
  4. I really hope it’s De La. I know they will be the best prepared from up north and will not come into the game intimidated at all. They’re for real.
  5. Without a doubt. #2 in the nation if you ask me. Westlake TX wants nothing to do with C10
  6. Yep, edited. Sent it out right after the TD catch 😂
  7. SERRA BEATS ST FRANCIS. CAN WE GET DE LA SALLE?? I need answers. @Cossacks @THEOC89
  8. Ive said it a few times. Zabien brown will be the best DB to come through MD. Sophomore Jelani Davis INT to seal the game.
  9. Well, thats on the O. Would be as shutout if we didn’t give them the ball in the redzone to start the game. Servite D is good but we’ve made mistakes.
  10. Noah just launches the ball a mile high and prays Tmac bails him out 😂
  11. Servite has 47 total yards with 9:30 left in the 4th quarter. Defensive clinic. EJ is the 🐐. No question. Chris King is a close 2nd.
  12. I just got a text gun shots at Serra game can anyone confirm or seeing anything online? Raleek transferred here after gun shots were fired during his last game at Edison. Hope all are well if that text is true.
  13. 21-7 MD 3rd Q Raleek Brown punches it in
  14. Servite player #5 ejected for punching an MD player
  15. 2nd half here we go. Got to stop beating ourselves.
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