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  1. Didn’t he go to St Thomas Aquinas? Or just a fan?
  2. Congrats Larry!!! You win the official 2021 lowends football team shirt. Hasn’t been released to the public so you are really lucky!
  3. How you feel when you mention MD! #rentfree What has lowends done since 2007? Serious question.
  4. Tell us how many times Servite has beaten MD in the last 30 years, short shaft. 😝 #povertyprogram #3rdplace3rdplace3rdplace!! #credo!!
  5. 2017 MD alone had 12 wins over teams within the top 210 - Wins over #3 #13 #15 #17 #19 #48 #70 #88 #98 #136 #175 #207 If we added wins for the next two years it would just be unfair. LOL #greatness
  6. That plays into our advantage IMO. Our quick game is very good and I do believe our receivers have the clear advantage over their secondary. Elijah has to make the plays but he looked a bunch more confident against SM. The Servite environment did wonders for Elijah and the entire OL. It looked like a different offense on the field against the eagles. SM’s defensive front is no joke either. 3 dudes with P5 offers and Elijah nearly tossed for 300 yards. https://247sports.com/Player/Hero-Kanu-46114765/ https://247sports.com/Player/Derek-Wilkins-46058683/ https://247sports.com/Player/Maurice-Heim
  7. We’ll see. Excuse thread will be open 10 minutes prior to kickoff Thursday. 😉
  8. Excuse me sir you have a huge 3rd place game to be worried about
  9. Where is bosco ranked ahead of MD? maxpreps/la times have MD ahead. Bosco is the favorite but our defense will win us this game. They rotate quarterbacks every series and our D will make it hard for either QB to get comfortable. Bailey and Sidney are back, narayan is out. We need to take shots down the field early in the game. Our wideouts against their secondary is the biggest mismatch in this game. Have to put some faith in the freshman this week, nothing to lose. Have to protect the QB and limit the home run play. And feed Raleek brown. If we do that we win. The game will be similar to the
  10. #lyingisyourfavoriteactivity #getoutofyourfeelings #MDwilleventuallyletyouscheduleagame
  11. He’s 15. Nice try. SJB is the king of having kids repeat 8th grade before they enroll so there’s another miss. As @jserralions says, come correct when you speak, son.
  12. FYI if we beat bosco with a freshman QB I recommend that nobody come on the board for 96 hours after the game because I will be absolutely unbearable
  13. There aren’t 29 kids taking actual classes at BS let alone 29 players with offers
  14. Yeah, that’s it. 😂 Poor kid will leave Servite with zero wins against MD just like so many other athletes that attended that poverty institution in Anaheim have. 🥲
  15. Exactly what I told my sister before she sent my nephew to JS. Her response was that he’s a soccer player and nobody goes to soccer games regardless of the school they go to 😂 My niece is a freshman at JS now, I better have my sister notify the Dean that a crazy man from Folsom could show up on campus at anytime.
  16. If I were jacurri’s mentor or a part of his family, I would really look into him staying home. Valdosta state is the best landing spot for him. My version of 96’s post but with correct grammar 👍
  17. This is what I’m thinking too, so many better teams within the 450 miles from Folsom to San Juan Capistrano. 😂 The trinity league brings in everybody I guess 😂 except ga96. He’s banned from the entire state of California.
  18. FIFY Our run over the next three years is probably going to be better. Yikes.
  19. I remember, I voted for the swordsmen. #angelusleague
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