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  1. 2018 teams for Duncanville and NS were tier 1 because of their talent levels. North Shore probably had the most talent and recruits by any Texas team ever. Duncanville had an entire d1 offensive line with Jj at Qb. Those were tier 1 teams. However, those teams are a rare in Texas. It likely won’t happen for the next 10-15 years. I’m a realist, I knew this would happen today. Duncanville is nowhere near as talented as previous years and it was stupid to schedule Mater Dei.
  2. This is embarrassing. How’s Mater Dei in basketball? Duncanville has got to return this butt whooping somehow lol. Those Cali boys are handing to this Duncanville team. This may be the worst Duncanville team Samples has ever had at Duncanville…. Or Mater Dei is just that good lmao. Hope y’all boys have a safe trip back.
  3. Not the same team though. Like I mentioned before Duncanville is loaded. They have a great class of sophomores. Those kids didn’t play against IMG.
  4. I’m unsure. It will be interesting to see how they look in the passing game.
  5. I’m unsure why he went back. I do know that Duncanville has 3-4 kids who are 3 star at the WR position plus they’re adding a stud freshman, so I think they’ll be fine without Wilson.
  6. I respect your honesty. Duncanville will rotate 5-6 in the trenches as well. I personally don’t think it will be the blowout that everyone expects. Still believe MD wins though. Safe travels to you guys.
  7. I did some digging around.. Duncanville has a 7-8 upcoming sophomores with d1 offers already and a incoming freshman who from what I gathered could be a top 5 player in the nation if he holds up. I think if that sophomore class produces early they can and may win state this year. I’m still picking MD in this game though, because they to me run the best offense in the Nation which will be the difference in this game.
  8. I don’t think the ship has sailed. I’ve been looking at rosters and they seem to have some solid upcoming classes. They just need to build an entirely new offense. I seen that they have a new OC. Mater Dei week one is probably not the best opponent to test out a new offense, but Samples is not the guy to shy away from a challenge.
  9. Guarantee the Qb kid doesn’t get a snap in this game. Wilson will play, but he wasn’t even getting tic at his old school and he’s got multiple offers.
  10. I don’t think that’s an excuse. Just the truth. Those kids will be looking forward to coming to Texas the following week, but they should handle business against Centennial.
  11. Kudos for getting this game done. I don’t know what funding looks like @ Duncanville but this should be a home and home situation. Duncanville will be good this year but a lot better next year. Hopefully they keep this game respectable so that can be a possibility for next year.
  12. DV’s entire front 7 has multiple have d1 offers. 4 of the 5 Olineman have d1 offers. I think that alone can keep them in the game.
  13. If 100 percent I think Shadrach Banks for North Shore is the best player in the nation. He is a different breed. I think NorthShore would roll just about everybody in the nation besides 2-3 teams this year.
  14. Found out that Duncanville has a Stud coming up from 8th grade. Kid can throw and is the fastest kid in the area at his age. He looked like a man child from the footage that I was shown and looks to be the next big time guy. I don’t think Samples handed Parsons the keys to the team as we all thought, which may have caused the two to go separate ways. I think Parsons would’ve started this year but next year definitely would have been a toss up.
  15. There are rules though. It’s his first infraction in 30 years Of coaching
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