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  1. I think SPP has the talent to win. I wonder if Richie and the gang can pull it off. Maybe his last season if he can pull off the W.
  2. Let's do some prediction for tomorrow but you can only give it, if you will not be at the Penn State/ Ohio state game. I say Joes 17 Bosco 14 in OT Baller we are putting you in time out for not going to the game #fraudalert!
  3. Boooo, well then I will re phase it. I guess you are not a true big north fan.
  4. Guess you are not a real bosco fan anymore!
  5. They are def a hot team and feeling themselves but lets not go crazy over here. They also had some cupcakes on that schedule
  6. Gonzaga Stunk.....they were up 21-6 and lost.
  7. ehhhhh might be a reach. they are still 6-4
  8. What we thinking for this upcoming matchup #semi-finals
  9. This is high school football kids just can;t turn it on for 1 game or for 3 games in Nov/Dec. You are exactly what your record says you are. if your record is shit you are shit. This is a big game for the men in maroon. Could get ugly on franklin turnpike if they dont find a big win soon.
  10. @GardenStateBaller What is your score prediction?
  11. SJR is def the better team and should win easily however I do believe Don Bosco is due to beat someone good this year. They have an incredible amount of talent but also Teels first year they had the most talent in the state and only won 2 games. Who knows with bosco they might just be cursed. I am saying 14-10 Joes this weekend
  12. I am pretty sure that was the team with like 12 starters injured as well for the whole year.
  13. Need to win big games to attract talent. Bosco was built on winning games with less talent then the other team.
  14. @GardenStateBaller The problem is they did not win and they blew those games too easily. It seems like they have not been able to get over the hump of winning big games since the coaches changes began.
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