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  1. Who is SFA. I don't know all the teams out of state. Is that Saint Francis I know they're pretty good?
  2. What's funny to me is the only ones willing to play the best Texas publics are the ones that are way recruit it up LOL. I think if those teams will try to approach those Texas teams we will welcome them into Texas
  3. So teams have to do the offering. You act like a Texas teams have something to prove. I'd argue it's the other way around. You think they give a crap about the opinion poll.👌
  4. The truth is out of state competition is afraid of North Shore. Haven't seen any of those underachieving Superstar teams knocking on their door
  5. Hey genius if you want to be in the class with the smarter guys you got to take a look at the whole picture. SJC score 24 on MD and threatened several more times. What did they score on DV? I'm pulling for you that you can put this together😃 Looks like it's between Texas and California this year. Just know what it would look like if Texas really built a superstar team.
  6. Hey SJC proved that they're pretty good until the wheels fall off. You should know that after I played two of the best teams in the country tough for a couple of quarters.
  7. Not so fast. I will agree that MD is a standout team this year. But don't be a blowhard and act like Top Texas team can't play Within 2 TD's.. When I say I'm not impressed with recruited up teams. I'm actually saying I expect a lot more out of them then what I see. This team looks Head and Shoulders Above the Rest of the California teams. The same way Duncanville and North Shore War Over Texas last year. I don't see how someone couldn't be impressed with Texas football teams knowing that there Public's.
  8. You mean fly somewhere and play a hyped up team that desperate for attention. Lol It's those teams that need to come to Texas to show that they're real, there's so many good teams.
  9. Sounds great and find them games for the freshman sophomore on JV teams. And you'll get to watch a public school like Katy kicka yo ass !
  10. I guess you always talk in circles when you can't debate. Just because Google misspelled that when I smoke it doesn't mean you should be dumb enough not to know what that means. Gate. You got the phone a friend or can you make sense of it.
  11. Duncanville gave that team and ass kicking. MD was getting beat at half-time and had to a score 2 garbage TDS on a very short field to make it look like a blowout.
  12. If you want pop knots on your head come to and play. They have 2-year commitments in District. Just offer them the money that they would lose from the normal gait and pay for their trip and I'll bet they'll come see you. What is hilarious is that some of you Knuckleheads keep saying Texans don't play OOS. And then you send a good one down here and they get their ass kicked so then you change it to . " Well they dont travel enough." Texas don't care about your stupid fake MNC. Texas does not have a need to travel they can prove their mettle here. It's only the OOS that have to prove something because most of their states are weak.
  13. You couldnt make this shit up how bad Democrat have became such a circus 🤡🎪
  14. Same old shit Democrats making an ass of themselves. Trump is going to be an easy be an easy vote.
  15. That's true Duncanville defense is better than MD and their offense is on par what them.
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