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  1. The former. No doubt! Never saw you confused. You have a good heart
  2. Religion is a bit heavy-handed. When you're "right," you coerce, unfortunately, it seems. I know the gate swings both ways. i was just playing Devil's advocate with the Trilling quote. I, like you, have fun, and sometimes, or many times, I do a bad job of letting on that I'm kidding or knowingly full of shit--or provoking. I never question your intelligence or decency. Happy New Year & the Best of Health.
  3. i was 100% breaking your chops. You're one of the most open-minded people I know. You never need to justify yourself to me. You're a very good man. All are good. How are you? Feb looks good for dinner
  4. Columbia's Lionel Trilling (Jewish & atheist, and leading intellectual): "Some paradox of our natures leads us, when once we have made our fellow men the objects of our enlightened interest, to go on to make them the objects of our pity, then of our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion." Intellectual arrogance & spiritual impoverishment were his foes. I guess Mighty Whitey in his infinite wisdom has more to do with the Brothers. If their culture doesn't succumb to logical persuasion, we always have coercion.
  5. the former DLS will light them up Cent Cath would be closer
  6. IMA was dead serious about whether they'd be traveling only by bus or using planes
  7. we let outsiders in--it's 2020. Let Bosa chase him around for a while; he'll convert.
  8. The greatest HSF coach. His OOS performance is legendary--probably gave you some ideas. I'll help him answer some of these dumb-ass questions.
  9. yes, by definition, those who don't believe use reason instead. lol i wouldn't discriminate against atheists, but I wouldn't use their non-belief as a litmus test for rationality. Blacks are the most religious group in the U.S. Do they lack reasoning abilities? I know you're not prejudiced.
  10. IMA's trains, plains, and automobiles question was very good, too. This thread was very funny up to the middle. We can learn from that. When are we getting Toal on?
  11. Best, Huge economy. Maybe the most beautiful state. Nature, yes. Wine, yes. HSF, yes. Universities, yes. Culture, yes, but the West's culture in in steep and rapid decline. No need to burn books if no one reads them, etc. You get the point. Not a knock, but as a NJ resident living minutes from NYC (went to college there; work out of my NYC office a couple of times a month; my son's in his 4th yr in HS in NYC, etc.), you know that I can appreciate Cali's very strong points, but as the canary in the coal mine (i.e., Cali), it ain't looking good for the rest of us. You canNOT c
  12. they got payback. i thought that they might be privileged wussies, and they proved me wrong. hardest loss, even worst that wide-right PC losses
  13. we got jacked up we've been jacked up before and we've jacked people up worse, Lord knows just part of life. if you're out there, trying, testing yourself, getting back up, you're not offing yourself. it's a man's world
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