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  1. The former. No doubt! Never saw you confused. You have a good heart
  2. Religion is a bit heavy-handed. When you're "right," you coerce, unfortunately, it seems. I know the gate swings both ways. i was just playing Devil's advocate with the Trilling quote. I, like you, have fun, and sometimes, or many times, I do a bad job of letting on that I'm kidding or knowingly full of shit--or provoking. I never question your intelligence or decency. Happy New Year & the Best of Health.
  3. i was 100% breaking your chops. You're one of the most open-minded people I know. You never need to justify yourself to me. You're a very good man. All are good. How are you? Feb looks good for dinner
  4. Columbia's Lionel Trilling (Jewish & atheist, and leading intellectual): "Some paradox of our natures leads us, when once we have made our fellow men the objects of our enlightened interest, to go on to make them the objects of our pity, then of our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion." Intellectual arrogance & spiritual impoverishment were his foes. I guess Mighty Whitey in his infinite wisdom has more to do with the Brothers. If their culture doesn't succumb to logical persuasion, we always have coercion.
  5. the former DLS will light them up Cent Cath would be closer
  6. IMA was dead serious about whether they'd be traveling only by bus or using planes
  7. we let outsiders in--it's 2020. Let Bosa chase him around for a while; he'll convert.
  8. how have they been taking advantage? they read. so, join and come suffer with the rest of us, is your implication? if you want members, you have to put together IMA's greatest posts or something. I used to want to do that for NOR, but I think he hates blacks, now. Give them something that they can't get by just being an outside reader. Give me something for being a member, too, like not shutting down great questions of that Ga USA guy. Let's see his site plan, for openers. How much is paying for a yard of concrete? Does he think much of Texas football? How does Tx get away w/ recruiting? Who was his choice for #1 this year? Would he ever put 4 Ky teams in a top 100? Is he an atheist? Everyone's asking. We all want to know. We don't want nice and scripted. I'm not being part of anyone's dog-and-pony show. This ain't "Trading Places"; this is real life.
  9. The greatest HSF coach. His OOS performance is legendary--probably gave you some ideas. I'll help him answer some of these dumb-ass questions.
  10. yes, by definition, those who don't believe use reason instead. lol i wouldn't discriminate against atheists, but I wouldn't use their non-belief as a litmus test for rationality. Blacks are the most religious group in the U.S. Do they lack reasoning abilities? I know you're not prejudiced.
  11. IMA's trains, plains, and automobiles question was very good, too. This thread was very funny up to the middle. We can learn from that. When are we getting Toal on?
  12. we need more criteria than that. some examples of clowning. you know, some guidance.
  13. caught some of that from GSB's article. asking questions, and big ones--meaning of life and God. his curiosity is what a good college wants. but that heavy thinking is going on with his discovery that people can really suck and be two-faced. we've been there. so, he's in a meaningless world for now (had he kept at it, maybe he would have given it meaning, or found that there is meaning, but that's no criticism) with untrustworthy people. these are normal questions any thinking person asks, but everything combined was overwhelming. add to that all that he has on his shoulders: $ problems, family in a hotel, mom not feeling well, and his going off to college. my guess is that kids in his position didn't fall b/w the cracks as much way back when. we were better at taking care of each other in some ways because everyone was poor. my grandfather grew up in an orphanage in Jersey City. He lost track of all his several siblings. his family just fell apart--we can't figure out how or why. Some went to other orphanages in Jersey City and Staten Island, but most were taken in by Bayonne families. (I'm NOT advocating orphanages.) during the depression, my grandmother's 2 younger brothers lived with my dad and my grandparents before they went into the Marines in 1937. the neighborhood families bought the local doctor a house after he got his M.D., and in return, he treated people for low amounts and let people pay over time--he never put anyone in the poorhouse. poverty isn't new. As Christ said, the poor will always be with us. I'm sure this poor kid's forebears went thru worse than mine did. My dad went to rent parties in the '50s. everyone was broke. but i think that that made the working class attuned to people's silent and secret pain, because we all went thru it, we all knew the deal. guys he arrested as a detective would later on borrow $ from him interest free--and they always paid him back. he knew what they were up against. he never went out of his way to hurt anyone. and we paid more attention to one another. Kafka worried about long-term effects of moving from the country to cities like Prague and Paris in which no one knew you and no one really cared to know you. in cities, you don't need relationships to function; you just need $. of course, he's depressed--who wouldn't be? and he's got to look at assholes on Facebook living pretend lives so he then focuses on how bad he's got it, instead of maybe just fighting thru??? who the heck knows? NOW we give the family a helping hand AFTER the son dies. God Bless him and his family.
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