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  1. PBS has a fundraiser tonight, and they're doing a show on The Carpenters. What a group or duo. So, I don't have a stereo, and I don't know how to use Sonos; so, I'm pulling up their songs on my IPhone, which leads you to porn--just kidding. And then Don McLean pops up on my YouTube. and a video of maybe what "American Pie" means. (Thin-slice pizza at Rocco's in Bayonne after baseball w/ the parents' drinking pitchers of beer, eating mussels, not paying any attention to us running around the bar--winning or losing the game just a memory.) and i pull up Luther Vandross's version of The Carpenter's "Superstar." (5 AM, the day after Labor Day morning, 18 in 1984, in the back of my friend's car with Anne Yencorelli (I can still remember her every curve and coming back down later that night) parked on Ocean Ave in Belmar on a hazy morning with all the Bennies gone back North, and my dingbat friend riding up on a bike with his dumb smile asking what's going on and when can he have his car back. His uncle later became a ___________-crime-family Captain, but that's for another day. I will say this now: Several yrs later, many yrs after I had last seen him, he and his S. American wife robbed an armored car in S. America, and he tried to pass along the proceeds of the crime at a bank in Hoboken. My brother, who was just a young patrolman then, had to be the guy who I.D.ed him on the bank film. He went inside Fairton for 2 yrs for that. Hadn't thought about that in decades.) I'm reminded why Plato took music so seriously, and wanted it censored. Gotta get my hate back on for tomorrow--back to being a sheep. F--- The Carpenters.
  2. very i had to start listening to the Carpenters to take it down a notch
  3. That's great insight. It comes from watching them for a while. That's why getting it close to right is impossible. People outside Ohio, Ind, and Ky can't know that.
  4. Iggies is tough. w/ a 3rd-string QB they almost beat PC at PC. Very nice parents and kids I'm aware of some of those Ohio teams you mentioned, and know Pick Cent beat Mentor. I just focused on the Ohio teams made relevant by Ind and Ky games that the polls mentioned. I tried to drill down, and still can't figure it out. No way I'd ever try to do a poll no matter the length.
  5. Rather than disagree, I ask, why? I might not disagree with you. I'm trying to figure out the same type of things. Ky, Ohio, and Ind are very insulated this year. h2h common opponents recruited talent coaching/programs extrapolation/transitive properties ********** CC has a 17.7 SOS. I don't like computer stuff for many things, but for SOS and for teams generally ranked lower than 100, it's useful. CC beats LaSalle by 20. LS is 12-2. Good SOS. Good win. We already spoke about CC's not-so-impressive wins. So, how good is LS? LS beats Moeller by 21, but others beat Moeller by more. LS beats 9-3 Ohio X by 7. LS loses to 6-3 Winton Woods (WW) by 5. LS beats Elder by 2. WW loses by 20 to Eds, by 9 to Christian Brothers (ranked 188), and by 5 to Elder. Elder loses to Eds by 17, and to LS by 2. Elder beats WW by 5, Ohio X by 5, and Cathedral by 7. Ohio X loses by 3 to Elder, by 7 to LS, and by 4 to Elder. X beats Colerain by 7, Cathedral by 4, Moeller by 3, and Iggies by 3. THIS IS GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES. They play each other and conclude they're all good, which they are, but the same logic applies in many other states. Why are these 3 states special? Eds loses 2x to Mentor by 1. So, those 2 teams seem identical, almost. Eds beats Cathedral by 7, Elder by 17, WW by 20, and Iggies by 4. Who is this Iggies? Not a big winner this year, but computer-ranked 106 w/ a SOS of 55.3--that's higher than Don Bosco, SPP, BC, Joes, St. Francis, STA, and Duncanville. It's almost 3x higher than CC's SOS. Easily doubles top Ky teams. Iggies loses 5 games--to Mentor by 7, to Eds by 4, to Ohio X by 3, to Clarkson by 1, and to DeMatha by 42 (42-0). Remarkable--really. But who is this DeMatha? Can they beat CC? Eds? LS? Elder? Ohio X? Trinity Ky? Male? Mentor? Fred Doug? Finally, maybe a breakout, an opening, something that stands out, a team NOT in the Ohio, Ind, Ky triangle. DeMatha loses to Zaga by 2 and to SJB by 28. But Dematha waxed Iggies by 42--something that no other came even remotely close to. Iggies' other 4 loses were by single digits. Mentor beat Iggies by 7, and Dematha won by 6x that (by 42 points). maybe, DeMatha can shed light on this? maybe not? But DM's win really stands apart. Did any other teams play Zaga and SJB? NJ teams? Cali teams? WAC teams? Did those teams play other teams? you can't stay inside a triangle, and congratulate one another on how good you are. Thank God for the DeMatha game. If any other Ohio team went outside the triangle, and pls don't point to Canada, then that might help. The below games offer no or little help. (Eds by 21) Cass Tech is 7-6, and ranked 1,573, w/ a 21.5 SOS. (Elder by 6) Clearwater is ranked 258, w/ a SOS of 27.8. (Iggies by 17) Loyola is ranked 359. (Ohio X by 30) Penn is 6-5, ranked 2,282, w/ a 21.6 SOS.
  6. I agree but it doesn't appear that those same standards and exceptions are applied the same way to NJ. 1 NJ team. 4 Ky teams. NJ is a much-more talented state than either Ky or Ind. NJ tends to be known for its coaching and hard work and OOS wins, unlike other states that are much-more loaded than NJ, yet don't seem to play to their potentials. I appreciate your efforts.
  7. I'm sorry I missed the LaSalle win by CC. If I noticed it, I must have assumed it wasn't Ohio's LaSalle or mistakenly not thought LaSalle was worthwhile.
  8. and I know I'm doing the same thing on the surface, but not to undermine the entire polls. I'm saying your and Whiteshoes' polls are good. Just some constructive input.
  9. I went thru the key teams, their wins and losses, their players, the states' players, key-team rankings, their SOSs, etc. It's all gone. It was logical, easy to understand--whatever. It's gone. And I'm glad, because it reminds me that to some extent this is make-believe. The bottom line would have been they are too insular to evaluate with certainty, but by the best objective standards one can muster (leaving aside the valuable but malleable eye-ball test), losing to 3-loss Cathedral (Cath) wasn't a good look for Trinity Ky, and beating 3-loss Carmel wasn't even close to a signature win. Cath beat Center Grove (CG or C Grove) by 5 points. Beating 6-loss C Grove (CG) is no big deal. 680-ranked, 4-loss North Central (N Cent) beat 6-loss CG and beat 3-loss Carmel. Carmel beat 6-loss CG 2x by 3 and 6 points. Besides losing to Trinity Ky, and 680-ranked N. Cent, Carmel also lost to Ben Davis, which has 5 losses. So, 2 of Carmel's 3 losses were not good, to say the least. Carmel's 2 wins over 6-loss CG were too close--by 3 and 6. and again, 6-loss CG lost to 680-ranked N Cent. Etc. So, how is beating Carmel a big deal? Both Cathedral and Carmel are very suspect in non-powerhouse states. You guys are smart and know those states; I don't need to lay it out.
  10. Male 3* WR (Ky commit) & 3* TE (2 offers: SE Mo St & W. Mich). The only Male Srs ranked in Ky's top 35 players. Male beat 9-3 Dupont by 1 point, and Dupont's ranked 1,458. Male's SOS is 19.7, which is bad. So, you have a shortage of Sr FBS talent. You played a terrible schedule. You beat Dupont by 1. Dupont's SOS is 18.2. You have no signature wins. Trinity Ky is not a signature win. You needed double OT to beat Trinity Ky, if you want to boot-strap on that win. (I'll deal with Trinity Ky and your points in a bit.) But MaxPreps SOS says Ky is a shit show. But Trinity Ky somehow is good, and so, beating them makes Male 24 or 30. A lot of your above hinges on Trinity KY and some convolutions--so, let's head there.
  11. ah fighting dirty. now i have to do some work.
  12. all tip-top states Cali's pounding the rock, though. Have to put them up there. Isn't La up there?
  13. I should have responded to him or something like that. I confused things. Your poll is very good, too. See my 1 nit above. Ace the Ky teams. SPP is top 50. Bosco is top 75. Joes is top 100. No matter who wins out of Male v Trinity Ky, we'll put that one at 100 or 101. I like Ky, as I'm sure they voted for Pres. Trump, but that only carries so much favor. The state is pretty poor this year. How this poll above has 4 Ky teams in it is indefensible. 1 is tough enough to justify. Cathedral and Ohio X could beat any team in that state.
  14. do we look at absolute numbers or pro rata numbers? Florida and 1 other southern state I forget churns out the most FBS players per capita. Then, Tx. That used to be the case, anyway. and do you look at quality. The STA teams 2007-10 had like 8-10 NFLers (not just FBS players) on them at one time. MNW? Lakeland?
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