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  1. World Citizen

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    They should have won but missed a short fg. Was a great game and I wouldn't say they wilted as they battled back and forth trading scores and just missed the chip shot fg.
  2. World Citizen

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    What's the score and time please.
  3. World Citizen

    Pretty much

    Ignorance has been ruled out.
  4. World Citizen

    Pretty much

    How is any of what GSB memed correct? I believe that what was in the meme I posted is generally what liberals care about and if there is anything wrong with any part of it I would appreciate you specifically pointing those out. GSB however is suggesting something quite different and if you could also point out what specifically you think is correct please point those out as well. Imo, there is absolutely no equivalence to what I think liberals care about and what GSB says that liberals actually do and what the GOP vision is. Hating Trump is not a vision and to suggest he is correct in that regard is ...I don't know but it's something. Let's break this down a bit. The vision for America - Protect America - GOP= keep those who follow the Islamic faith out of this country. Keep brown people out of this country. Dem= this is a talking point and does not mean anything on it's own. Fight Terrorism - Didn't know there was an GOP only military that fights terrorist. Reduce Tax Burden - the GOP= only for the wealthy. Dem= for middle class Reduce Regulations - the GOP= at the expense of our environment and air and water that only is a benefit to big business. Dem= would like to be rid of regulations that are redundant and/or are no longer relevant. Drain the Swamp - GOP= not happening and has only got worse by a large margin. Dem= wants the swamp drained. America First - GOP= Go back to the 50's and treat our friends like enemies and our enemies like our friends. Dem= This is a campaign slogan and has no meaning. When dealing with other countries, how and when has Democrats not wanted what is best for our country and instead tried to make sure the other country did better than the US.
  5. World Citizen

    Another ""Best People"", taking your............

    @Sportsnut It damn sure is messed up. We are only as strong as the weakest part of our society and the more we give to the wealthy instead of lifting up those at the bottom the quicker we hasten our demise.
  6. World Citizen

    Pretty much

    He knows this. Concha does not have an honest or genuine bone in his body.
  7. World Citizen

    Pretty much

    How does "Go Dems" translate to "You support illegals over citizens? ". Seriously, if you don't have some agenda where whatever someone says you will turn it into what you want to hear to support your anger then you might have issues that need to be addressed by a professional. The support for illegals over citizens does not exist. It is a talking point for the stupid, angry and scared Trump supporter. However, for those of you who enjoy the fact that we are putting kids in cages and separating families ( at a huge and unnecessary cost to us btw ) this support might have some truth to it. So basically, if your a complete ass who is constantly scared for no reason other than it supports your anger and lack of self worth, you are less wanted here than a hard working human who happens to have been born outside of the United States. Imho.
  8. World Citizen

    Allen vs. East 52- 20

    Hey @AztecPadre @DevilDog Wish this was streaming bc it's about that time for a ice skating play by play from you pro's. 😁
  9. World Citizen

    MAGA Strikes Again

    @DevilDog I'm with @golfaddict1 you keep on keeping on. #racistsuckballs
  10. World Citizen

    High School Football

    There was mention I believe that the kid had more than once had a late hit. Don't think any mention of personal fouls on the kid though, even after ref got hurt. Unless the kid was flagged for late hits multiple times, in which case he would have been ejected by the 2nd infraction, this makes no sense. Not knowing the specifics we can only speculate but it's strange for sure.
  11. World Citizen

    High School Football

    How has this not happened before? Countless games have been played and have never heard of this type of thing. Certainly not the first ref to get hurt, who covered their medical expenses? And what's the point of suing a broke kid? This whole thing stinks and I'm thinking that maybe the Methodist are at fault. Somebody should look into those guys. 😀
  12. World Citizen

    Manafort singing??...

    Didn't think you could answer a question honestly. When the FBI investigates Clinton for what you claim she is guilty of then I will answer your question. Until then...
  13. World Citizen

    Week 5 Pick 'Em Games (9/20-9/22)

    MD MV SJC MC AHP Colquitt Archer Clinton BC St. Ignatius Jenks Union Gaffney CC
  14. World Citizen

    Smelly is back in business!