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  1. World Citizen

    Trump family separation policy starts dividing Republicans

    The Senate did pass a Bill during Obama and the House (of course) said hell no. Even today the Freedom Caucus in the House stops every damn thing bc they cant agree on anything. Trump is a liar and of course we have borders and of course we have a country. Where should the priority be when trying to keep the citizens safe, a criminal or a family trying to escape death and misery in their home country? We should not be wasting our time and resources on good people trying to save their lives and make it better. And these with families are not the killers and rapist Trump makes them out to be. There is plenty of bad people we should be focusing on imo.
  2. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    No worries brother. I think many may feel that way but many more just want sensible controls. Personally, If every gun was off the planet I would be fine with that. However, I would never tell another person that they cant have a gun. That is their choice and not mine. A sensible solution can be found imo and that is what I hope for.
  3. World Citizen

    Trump family separation policy starts dividing Republicans

    The issue is not who started what. The issue is, do we as a country feel that this is who we want to be as a country Today. Not yesterday but today. I am against separating families. It doesn't matter who started it, it should stop today.
  4. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    That is not What I was talking about. That is a lot of projection on your part.
  5. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    Why have any laws at all if criminals don't follow them? Not a good argument.
  6. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    Right? Who wants to get shot in Indiana? 😊
  7. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    Blame has nothing to do with it. Its just a matter of fact. A States laws have no effect in stopping gun deaths. Has to be national. If solutions are what we need, States gun laws are not it.
  8. World Citizen

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Thanks. I always felt bad for Frasier and thought Ali was wrong in his treatment of him. I watch every old fight I can, esp with Ali.
  9. World Citizen

    22 shot, 1 dead in Jersey

    State laws are meaningless when all you have to do is cross state lines. We need National laws in order to have any effect. Imho.
  10. You are terrible at comprehending.
  11. Duh. No it's not rocket science. It's also not what I was talking about.
  12. It may not be exclusive to religions but religions are the most hypocritical imo. And plainly hypocritical at that, which makes it more painful. I'm not religious at all and I think it bothers me more than these so called Christians who willfully ignore the teachings of Christ. On a side note, I think these so called Christians have no clue what Christ's teachings were about even though they ignore them and could recite the verses. But that conversation is for another day perhaps. I think communism and the eastern bloc countries during the cold war were not controlled by communism so much as they were controlled by a fence and a machine gun.
  13. Every outcome of any game not played is speculative. If you lose to a team in week 1 and play them again in week 2, the outcome of the 2nd game is speculation. It is speculative bc Canes said regardless of when the game was played. Meaning that IF they played again at the end of the year (or next week, month, etc.) the result would be the same and that is speculative on his part just like it's speculative on my part in thinking that they would win a few of those rematches. But the fact is that they did lose those games and that is not speculative. I have never been much of a betting man but if I was and there was a rematch with some of those teams, I would put a few bucks down for DLS. However, I'm an admittedly poor at betting so there is a good chance I would be wrong. But that's pure speculation.
  14. World Citizen

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Most definitely. And not a dumb question.