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  1. My weird take huh? He said himself he didn't pay much attention to Trump. You are very strange and not sure why you are getting enraged about a conversation you were not a part of to begin with. You're wrong and I would appreciate it if you didn't waste my time with your bs. And I am very sure I don't need you to tell me anything, brah. Carry on
  2. It is embarrassing really. And Pence is the absolute best at doing this. Some state governors...not so much and as a result they and the citizens they represent get no callback but they do get insulted, just because I guess.
  3. Do you have any links or evidence to support your claim of Democrats stealing more elections? Of course you don't because there isn't any and you just pulled those claims right out of your ass. And why would Democrats support ideas and issues that would help them lose? Why would a Republican? Do your own research instead of listening to people who are giving you wrong information. Oh, I forgot, you don't believe anybody or anything unless it comes from Trump right? In that case, research would be a waste of time for you.
  4. I didn't read his question that way. First, when every American can easily vote, which is not the case today, it would favor America. As for Democrats, a higher turnout is usually good for them while the opposite is true for Republicans, which is why they try so hard to suppress votes where they think they can. Republicans have a long history of doing this and there is plenty of evidence out there of them doing this. Those most affected by these efforts are minority and poor communities, disabled and they vote Democrat to a high degree. Arguments against mail in ballots is an made up argument, the same as it is with the argument for voter ID laws. To prevent voter fraud. Voter fraud is basically nonexistent. Mail in ballots and absentee ballots have slightly more allegations of fraud but still the numbers are so small that they are not the problem they are being portrayed. Mail in fraud is maybe 0.000? % and voter impersonation is nonexistent. Here is a link with many different studies about voter fraud, from all political leanings. https://www.brennancenter.org/sites/default/files/analysis/Briefing_Memo_Debunking_Voter_Fraud_Myth.pdf https://www.aclu.org/other/oppose-voter-id-legislation-fact-sheet https://www.nytimes.com/article/mail-in-voting-explained.html https://scholars.org/sites/scholars/files/ssn_key_findings_minnite_on_the_myth_of_voter_fraud.pdf Trump has been leading the charge against mail in ballots but he himself has mailed in his ballot in Florida for a couple of elections. Can you make any sense of that?
  5. I'm very interested in how that works out for China. It seems a little early to open things back up and seems like it's a recipe to initiate a 2nd and 3rd wave of this virus and there are so many people and most have not had the virus yet. But I sincerely hope it works for them and if it does it may work for us as well. That would be great and welcome news. Do you know if they put a stimulus of any kind to help the people or the financial sector? Where in China does your son live?
  6. Really? You run with that if you want to. Hope this helps. 👍
  7. Aha! A question meant to elicit some critical thinking and/or an intelligent response. I don't see it working but you never know. Mail in would be bad news for Republicans and them attacking the idea immediately is evidence of that.
  8. Very odd but these are odd times. His crew told me much about his leadership and commitment to his men.
  9. Best of luck brother and it's great to read your posts again.
  10. Not sure who is excited about this and who's agenda is being pushed but no matter. How is your retirement? Started the move yet? Have they tried to keep you around to help them out or are they not short on people? Good luck brother.
  11. Without knowing what he did my first thought is that there is no way someone of his position would do that. That doesn't make sense but like I said Idk. If he did then he deserves to be removed but if he didn't then he doesn't. What good is a aircraft carrier without people to run it? The Navy's most valuable asset is it's people.
  12. If now is not the time for the country do mail in ballots I don't think it will ever be. It makes sense to do mail in and it has worked great in Washington. I haven't went to vote in years and all I have to do is drop the ballots in specialized mail boxes placed throughout our town.
  13. Glad you're doing good and I'm glad you got sick. I use to drink professionally a long time ago and I thought I was damn good too but many times I simply did not remember what the hell happened. Keep Zoomin brother and never lose the panties curiosity. Lol You can always send me a PM if you need to rant or let off steam. Ya hear me. Btw, IMO, those 88 days are still there and were definitely not wasted.
  14. So you don't follow the news (except local news) and don't read Trumps tweets and yet you still think you are qualified enough to comment on those who are informed and pay attention to what's happening. Good to know. I will put you down as not knowing what you are talking about but still wanting to criticize others who do know more and do pay attention.
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