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  1. Holy crap. If they show it I can. Merry Christmas to me. 😁. Thank you.
  2. I watched a little bit of Lincoln vs Sierra Canyon. Robinson is a great back. Really quick feet and deceptively fast and very strong. DLS has faced great backs before but those teams tackled better than this DLS team. I still like DLS DL against Lincoln rushing attack. Lincoln can be effective throwing quick outs and curls and an occasional long throw down field. They are more successful than DLS passing so adv Lincoln. Imo. Lincoln D looks athletic and pretty quick. They will no doubt play to stop the run game. Still can't figure out why I can't watch the games up here in Washington. Seems just stupid the rest of country can watch except PNW.
  3. I would be 1 happy American if that did happen. Even happier if another couple hundred elected officials, the cult, Hannity, Alex Jones, etc. You get the idea.
  4. If any of you really think Biden is intentionally not trying to get every American home is an idiot. The idea that some Americans are worth more than another is also a thought held idiots. To suggest that Americans who are women, play basketball, are gay or not gay, are not deserving of having their President bring them home is another example of a thought held by an idiot. And to play politics even more you 'idiots' falsely claim Biden sent trillions to Ukraine and Biden specifically is responsible for inflation. Neither of which is remotely true but you idiots are so wrong on almost all topics and at all times. You do have consistency going for you though. Fyi, Congress controls the money AND go check on corporate profits recently and come explain how they should take no responsibility for inflation.
  5. @FreeBird This is why it is frustrating to even have basic conversations with any of you guys. Do you even read the words he typed? No where did he say he supports or is fine with trading anybody for anybody. He said if you trust Putin you are a fool. You want to take this convo in a different direction and it is a waste of time. This is so damn basic man.
  6. I'm done with these people. They have proven to be too stupid to even have a conversation with. They NEVER answer ANY questions. Ignore completely what is in front of them. Do not understand what basic words mean.
  7. Good luck everyone. Pine-Richland 1 Carrollton 2 Westlake 3 John Curtis 4 Liberty 5 Duncanville 6 DLS 7 Katy 8 Ware County 9 Langston Hughes 10
  8. I think these guys believe we care about Hunter Biden like they do about their cult leader and we don't. If Hunter goes down...who cares. And an unrelated meme that I thought you might like.
  9. I was saving this but... You want to see his head explode, just ask him to tell you what time it is in Alaska. 😉
  10. Good lord man, did you even read the article? Of course you didn't. If you did you would realize it wasn't a fact based article. It is full of opinions based on loose connections and personal wants. You can't possibly be this dense can you? Trump does something illegal, an article written by NY Times or some other reputable news outlet talks about what Trump did, you ignore the article and reply with absolutely nothing of substance. Trump actually admits to breaking the law, reputable source writes about that, you ignore and reply with absolutely nothing of substance. Some guy in England writes an article that is more a conspiracy rant than sound reporting and it is suddenly fact and gospel. In fact, that guy from England has more credibility than Trump himself according to you guys. Do you ever even listen to what Trump says? 100% serious question. Even you can answer that right?
  11. I should have been clearer. With the expectations MD and SJB had for the year, considering their resources and ability to go where they want, I consider their schedule underwhelming. The reasons for how they schedule might be perfectly reasonable and understandable and I am not suggesting they are ducking anybody. It's just that Allen, Central Catholic Oregon, Kuhuku are not impressive and certainly not challenging in any way. At least this year. MD did have BG and Cen10.
  12. I have a lot of respect for MC. They may be better than MD and SJB but I feel they would come up short. Don't care too much about OOS schedules because I wouldn't expect a public school to have the resources to travel like MD and SJB can. Even they have underwhelming schedules most years, imo. So I am left with who I think would win. No other argument is convincing. Not yet anyway.
  13. Yes. Not even close to best in NorCal. Maybe he was talking about Marin. Either way it's wrong.
  14. @Blueliner The best guy to watch a game with. Brother, how you been? How's TN?
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