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  1. I know. I was being sarcastic. Slotback is not as smart as they come and drummer is drummer. Enough said. You wouldn't have to look to hard to find lists of retired military, ex Sec of Defense, Sec of State etc, saying Trump is an idiot.
  2. I don't know, the Epoch times has a great reputation for reporting unbiased fact based stories. And it has been peer reviewed by slotback himself, and he is as smart as they come. I'm convinced. We need to put Trump back in office.
  3. So it's only a big deal when you think BLM is responsible? Btw, not every black person is 'BLM' affiliated. Is every crime by white people MAGA? But I get it. It's all about 'getting the other side' and blaming everything on them. You just don't get it. It's not hard at all. Violence against anybody is bad. Murder is bad. Killing unarmed people by cops is bad. It doesn't matter who or why, it's just bad. The media has been reporting violence against Asians and I haven't heard them blame any particular group. Other than those who want to blame them for covid. Stupidity
  4. Nole is kind of a prodigy when it comes to saying stupid stuff. Really is impressive.
  5. You are awesome. Great post. You have been missed. Although, Nole dumb dumb isn't capable of rational thought or not being a victim somehow. He suffers from imagined struggles of being white. I'm not sure he understands much of anything that isn't born of fear.
  6. You are such a tool. Nothing you said is even remotely on point. That the rich might have to pay more (and still be so rich they wouldn't notice) is not a bad thing. Young people going in debt for the majority of their earning lifetime is a bad thing. Not having access to medical care or going bankrupt because of a single emergency is a bad thing. Being laid off and having to wait in a food line the next week is a bad thing. Having old lead pipes (Flint) that can't be fixed for years is a bad thing. Not dealing with climate change is a bad thing. You think people coming to our southern
  7. That is exactly right except that the % does mean something. If people really understood how only a few people control nearly all the wealth they might be less enthusiastic about not demanding they pay what they should. What is amazing to me is that those who are most definitely not part of that small group of obscenely rich defend them hording all the money and get angry when it is suggested that the rich pay more. Even if the rich did pay more they would still be so rich they couldn't spend it if they wanted to. Both sides are being played and have been for a long time now. That doe
  8. DLS has lost more kids transferring out than they have gained and I can't think of any kids that came in and played a significant amount of time or had major impact post streak. Maybe there was a small handful during the streak. If there were it was a small number, 5 or 6? They don't really draw from the entire bay area. If I remember right the students come from Contra Costa County mainly, at about 90%. Alameda and Solano counties are about 7% and 3%. DLS doesn't even necessarily get the best players in the East Bay. What makes DLS such a unique program is that they don't usually
  9. Don't be dumb. Your thinking is what keeps this shit happening. Having everyone on the same side trying to solve a major problem is how we stop any rioting. It won't stop if we have a large % of this country either denying there is a problem or not caring about the problem. The people rioting and burning shit is done by opportunistic people, from the left and right, and not done by those who protesting the murders of unarmed black people. You confuse the two and your confusion is a choice. You could just as easily choose to not be a partisan idiot who keeps the false narrative. Those ar
  10. That Quack also thinks Trump handled the pandemic perfectly.
  11. It wasn't why Trump was impeached. More disconcerting to me is that Trump is never given responsibility for what he says or does. Even though Moscow Mitch voted not to impeach, he did immediately following the vote, gave Trump 100% credit for the insurrection that left 5 dead and around 140 police injured...all because of Trump lying...again.
  12. I don't believe that is what you think is the best response to racism. And no, not everybody deals with racism. It does matter bringing awareness to it but know who you are talking to when you do it. Some of these idiots simply deny it exists and are basically POS. Troll being one POS that I don't respond to due to the fact he is an idiot who can't seem to make sense ever. You are a good poster and I would not like to see you 'shut up'.
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