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  1. What? You are going the 'ignore route' huh? To each his own.
  2. Again with the insults. Must be that Catholic upbringing. You lie and are disingenuous in the extreme which is bad enough but to top it off with insults is classic YOU. Does nothing embarrass you? You really are not very informed on much of anything are you?
  3. Hard to argue against those 2. I like them too.
  4. I can't say what the #'s would be. I truly believe he wouldn't have handled it the same in and wouldn't have called it a hoax. Have you read the House report on the Trump admin's response to the Pandemic? If you can get past the fact that it is critical of Trump, it is an easy and factual read that lays out actions by admin that one would have a difficult time defending. You can admit to Trump screwing up the response and still support him. It's really the only way to go if you support the guy. Anything else puts you in the cult.
  5. No, this is not an it. I'm going to assume you are in just being obtuse. If your opinions are based on this then I am wasting my time. Do some serious reading. Much of it has been given in this thread. SMDH If you act dumb you will be considered dumb. Free advise.
  6. Its a global problem for sure and no individual, regardless of party affiliation, is absolved from the effects of their choices. It requires a complete re-thinking of what we can do and change. A Democrat can pollute just as much as a Republican and a Democrat politician can take money from oil companies just as easily. However... The major road blocks to solving an incredibly complicated problem are unfortunately the Republican party. There is no getting around that and for the Republican voter to simply admit this fact in does nothing to diminish them in any way. Only by continuation of this false division is the average Republican voter diminished. To the peril of us all unfortunately. Think back to how we dealt with the Ozone problem in the 80's. Basic agreement that we had a problem, then went about fixing problem. Only difference now is politics and greed...and a willingness by the citizenry to adopt an ideological divide created by politicians...and the people invested in the status quo.
  7. As for the RB position, I think D. Sanders and H. Walker are the GOAT. I understand neither of them are even worth mentioning unless they have teammates blocking for them. But I pick them regardless. Same for every position in any team sport. The fact that it is a team sport is a given.
  8. That is what my wife says to me far to often. It helps me to see it from a slightly different way. AHA moment. Lol
  9. I hear you on saying one person won it by themselves. But as far as declaring a player GOAT, we all have metrics and winning a SB is a big one. Sometimes we use a single game and who we would want to start.
  10. @golfaddict1 QB's get the blame too. But it doesn't matter because they DO get the hot chix. Sometimes a win is dependent on a center being able to play as was the case for the Raiders in their loss to the BUCS. Don't know if that center had a hot chix or not but I'm not not curious. 😉 Bottom line is, of course, that QB's do get the hot chix and balance in the universe is maintained. Btw, who was head coach of Giants when Lombardi and Landry were asst coaches?
  11. Serious? It's what we have always done for each position...in every sport. What else do we have? Besides semantics that is.
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