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  1. Yes they are. I expect this type of stupid shit from conservatives because they believe every lie told to them (you). You are too filled with hate to see that you have been given many teachable moments, with Canes kicking your ass completely, but I'm sure you will waste this opportunity as well. Read the article and read the Mueller report for once so you may actually know the facts that you love to deny so much. The link in Noles article links to a completely different topic than what the article was wrongly claiming. You all have become oblivious to the constant misinformation
  2. That Concha is a racist, liar, and disingenuous and never misses an opportunity to be a childish ass whose only purpose in life is to hate liberals. So he's got that going for him.
  3. What is 'break with white solidarity'? What is 'white solidarity' for that matter? You seem super fragile. Why? Is it because a company wants more people to buy and drink their product? To you snowflakes those evil bastards must really hate this country. And you got the deep thinking Nolebull to chime in with his fake Christian values so your outrage is surely justified.
  4. I'm thinking Rush has a few regrets right about now. He has a lot to answer for with all the damage he has done feeding the hate and lies for 30+ years. Lol @ Florida people
  5. Imo, if DLS were to have a center big enough to handle a 300lb lineman it just wouldn't have been enough to overcome the qb play of BY/Daniels and DJ. Those were special qb's, especially BY. Those guy's dropped dimes all over the field and were smart enough to find any weakness or soft spot and exploit it. I will also add that if DLS were to do the transfer thing like they do in SoCal they would be competitive no matter who was qb for SoCal. IMHO. But you do make a good point on line size. The small linemen just won't get it done against the better teams even with the system and coa
  6. Lol @ the obvious retorts and lol @ the whataboutism (Clue. It doesn't make what Trump did any better). I'm sure the retorts would have been just great. As for Obama, it doesn't matter who did it, Trump and Obama shouldn't have done it and it is wrong to separate families and put kids in cages. It's so simple and easy even a person as blinded by partisanship as you should be able to do it. But you can't. Strange how such a simple and universally accepted idea a few years ago that separating families and putting kids in cages is wrong but now it can and is accepted depending on who does i
  7. Don't remember people doing that but you are so sensitive about your man crush any comment is seen as an attack. You are a snowflake. As far as what I have done in my life? Well, I have not put kids in cages, committed treason, blackmail an ally, side with an enemy over our own people, cheated on my wife, treated everything like a transaction, have a bunch of racist that love me, caused an insurrection that killed several people including the police, gassed peaceful protesters so I can take a photo with a bible I have never read, and I have never publicly stated I would sleep with my da
  8. Give Trump some credit. I'm sure without him saying 'hurry up with the vaccine' that it would have taken at least 1 year longer to make. According to Concha nobody but a lifelong failure monkey like Trump could pull that off. Which proves that both Trump and Concha are idiots.
  9. Or you are just a snowflake. Yeah, pretty sure that's it.
  10. I think it is nearly certain he got caught up in that shit. He did mention he was going to hook up with the proud boys after some encouragement from GSB. Maybe Blue did too because he was posting some angry shit. Idk
  11. You are such a snowflake. Try to toughen up just a little because you are embarrassing yourself...again. You bring the hate nearly every time you post on the dark side. It as if you go looking for something silly to get triggered by. However, I understand you fake Christians like to do that type of thing.
  12. Yeah I know, all the statues of you around town gave that impression. Damn near royalty.
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