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  1. Dude, I already said I didn't cheer. There is nothing that was suppressed. I have no idea what his politics are. I just know he is a nut case who is in a cult. What else would I want to know about him? Nothing. I don't spend my time hating on people. I don't spend my time living in fear like you do. I spend some of my time making fun of guy's like you though. And because you are not smart, what you did above in bold is what is called projection. It is almost as if you are a different species or something. Incredibly dumb.
  2. So not as extreme but just as much of a dick? Got it. In my most non-violent moments I still have a hard time not wanting to punch a hole in Ted Cruz face.
  3. In the Quack's defense, he was busy giving bad medical advice and didn't have a chance to question his world view.
  4. You are sooooo not smart. I can't stress that enough. Have not cheered or pissed myself. You just make shit up because you are so very dumb. Have I mentioned that yet? That you are so dumb I mean? Never mind. It is a waste to even insult you, you just don't understand much of anything.
  5. Funny that Jim Jordan demands anything from anyone. That little rage monkey is worthless.
  6. Lol. Have you figured in the cost of doing the math? You don't work for free do you? You, my friend, are on the wrong side of the ledger. 😜
  7. Truth. We are speeding to our death. It is just surreal. I knew there were some dumb mf'ers in this world but just damn, these MAGA cultist are on another level. There is no way to let them know how stupid they are, they can never understand. Or in Chucks case...and several others here, just deplorable human beings. Really no redeeming qualities that they have shown on this site.
  8. Sentenced 41 months because he was innocent. You are a special kind of genius, aren't you? Hooray he gets to go to a halfway house.
  9. Where is the link? I know you didn't write this. Where is this from. ps You are an idiot.
  10. Both can be done. It always comes down to choices. Right? If we can't take some money we give to corporations and ridiculously rich people we can 100% take some from what we spend on defense. Also, it is the only agency that is never audited, I think. The enormity of what we spend and HOW we spend it is nearly impossible to undo but the money is there. Comes down to choices. Let's say you had the money, what would you spend the money on? How would the average citizen benefit? Student loan forgiveness? Republicans shot that down. School lunches? Republicans have never supported that. What would Republicans support? SNAP benefits? Tax breaks? Serious questions.
  11. That is exactly what our last President did. Steal children (with the added benefit of putting them in cages) and killing civilians (google pandemic response). I wonder if these people who do not want to help our allies today would have thought the same thing before we entered WW2. NATO kind of requires that the United States back our allies, I think. Lol@warrior for having any opinion on anything.
  12. I agree with this and I am not in a tribe. Being that you were slow to recognize the problems with Trump and MAGA I will give you a pass on this. 😋 This is why I posted. The absurdity of the MAGA crowd attacking anything when they do not know for certain. Nobody does.
  13. Of course I read it. I did not, however, read what wasn't in the article. Lol
  14. Don't waste your time. These people obviously didn't read the article. Not one of them. If they did they would know that the article did not state anything as fact. Just more data that further points to the possibility of the virus starting in the market. Nobody knows for a fact where or how it started. But that doesn't stop them from raging at everything they are told they are supposed to rage at. Lol@ the dummy freechicken posting what the head of FBI THINKS is likely. Ignore every expert but go to the top cop for infectious disease opinions. Super convincing. Lol@ our resident quack on posting about misinformation. Thanks quack for your continued stupid takes. Lol@ our resident rage monkey concha for posting that the article did not post conclusive evidence. Thanks genius for stating the obvious. Nobody said that it was conclusive. 🤡
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