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  1. World Citizen

    Is Texas HIgh School Football Too Big

    Much respect for Texas and their football. The two main reasons I hear that Texas doesn't go OOS is 1) Lose too much money and 2) the experience is far and above what anybody else would have. The crowds, band's, local interest etc. How much money do these teams make a game? And if it is so much, shouldn't these schools have the money to travel some or at least once in a while OOS?
  2. World Citizen

    Live GA 7A Title: Milton defeats Colquitt Co. 14-13

    I would get tired of all the winning. 😏
  3. World Citizen

    Where’s the news coverage about the caravan?

    I do not dig smog. And concerning Climate science, yes it is just the Republicans who are denying It. And it is just the Repubs who are holding is back from doing anything about it. I will look into the 'carbon black'. Any links that I should look at or that you recommend?
  4. World Citizen

    The No Nonsense Top 50

    @Omaha Vol Good list. Good job. Good day.
  5. World Citizen

    Live GA 7A Title: Milton defeats Colquitt Co. 14-13

    That is pretty effed up. They are just kids and people seem to forget that way too much. I guess it's the non-pc culture or as I see it, a complete lack of manners and decency. At any rate it will serve as a life lesson for these kids going forward. Adults (people) suck some times. It was a good game but it must have been very frustrating watching if you are a Packer fan. Not sure how they let that qb run like that. Even when it looked like they had a spy on the qb they couldn't stop him from getting first downs. Good parity in the state and makes the outcome uncertain. And that is a + imo.
  6. I am responding not to disprove you but to point out that most adults do not know who there elected government representative is. Many do not know who the VP is. My point being that, taken as a whole, we are not a very impressive people as far as taking control of our lives and esp learning how to invest in the market. It's a sign of the times and not a sign of people imo.
  7. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    That works great for Whore houses but for hs football I'm not sure it's worth it. Point taken though. They built, they came, they won. Great movie btw.
  8. World Citizen

    Mater Dei vs St John Bosco - Round 3

    The first game the score was not indicative of how much better SJB was but more of MD had a really bad game and SJB had a perfect game. They play 100 times, this type of game happens once. Young just looked off that day and it wasn't SJB defense either. He just had a bad day. If they played 100 times, I would probably watch all of them. My worthless best guess is that MD wins 60 games of 100. If MD played 100 against Cen10, MD wins 70 of 100. MD vs DLS, MD wins 80 of 100. MD vs Folsom, MD wins 90 of 100.
  9. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Just finished watching the recording of the game this morning. An interesting game for sure. Outstanding effort by both Defenses and damn near perfect throws by Young that were the difference, besides the TO's. There is no way to defend against the perfect pass and an outstanding receiver who runs great routes. Hale impressed me as well and he played really good. Aside from a few missed reads and a few near disasters on the pitch he played better than I had hoped. Would have been nice to have #11 playing on Offense. What happened to his foot and when? I thought the DLS play calling was really good and they had a great plan in place. It was hard to watch all those running plays get destroyed but having Hale drop back 30-35 times was not going to work and they had to keep the D somewhat honest. Excellent MD Defense. The kid who spit in that kids face should have been ejected instantly. They obviously knew he did it and am very surprised nothing was done either by the refs or Rollo. No place for that shit. Very disappointing result but very happy with the effort. Congrats to MD. Hopefully all our satellite's orbiting our planet will stop working and nobody can find there way to the MD campus in the off season.
  10. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Your a good speller. 😤
  11. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Wish they would have done that with Burfict. Dirty player and there was plenty of times where he should have been called out for it by the coaches. He was a difference maker so not too surprising.
  12. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    I really liked that RB for Oaks Christian, can't remember his name and if I did I probably wouldn't try to spell it. Flat out stud.
  13. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    I'll check it out. Thanks.
  14. World Citizen

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    This is a damn shame. It's on TV only if you watch it at home. WTF? Can't stream it because of licensing issues and can only watch in home. MF'ers. The only way I can watch it is to have my sister record it first and then I can watch the recording. Who in the hell would make it a licensing requirement that you can only watch in home? Satanic evil bastards is what they are. Glad that you can watch it though. 😉
  15. World Citizen

    Man is Crushing the Competition

    Lol That is funny shit. Looks like that lady is biting her in the arm. That is a big manwoman though.