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  1. Lol. Yeah, I can see that. Folsom may have been the inspiration for his tiers.
  2. Right? I expect some @Sammyswordsman stones to be thrown this way.
  3. Cen10 Pick a year Miami Central 2013 And everybody's favorite...2014 Folsom
  4. LMAO!!! That is fucking funny.
  5. I'll let you in on a little secret. Don't tell anybody though. Me and @ChimpGrip are the only ones that matter when it comes to Persian women. Apparently. SMH at you guy's. 🤔
  6. That was my first and last thought. 😏 Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Nearly every time you say ANYTHING on this side of the board it amounts to be the stupidest thing you have ever said on this side of the board. It really is impressive and not easy to do. Btw, Happy Thanksgiving
  8. I 2nd that. Much appreciated @whiteshoes Where are you finding the stream for these games? NHFS is unreliable but haven't checked lately so it could be better. Idk.
  9. Not at this moment. Plus, the wife would kill us. It is on my bucket list though. 😏
  10. The headline to the video said that the crowd 'gasps' at the # being told but to me it sounded like they were laughing at Rudy and whoever that was with him. Either way, if there were any truth to this then one would think Trumps court cases would be more successful. Some of these judges were appointed by Trump as well. Some of these states in question are run by Republicans who were strong supporters of Trump but are now being attacked by him for simply stating that the election, from their perspective, was free of fraud and went smoothly. And you might think that I am just a sheep wh
  11. For somebody who has everything upside down he does manage to be funny. It's his saving grace.
  12. You are an idiot for sure but you can be very funny. And I'm not a partisan hack, I am a passive aggressive Buddhist by nature. Well maybe a little bit of a partisan hack...I guess.
  13. Lol at Trump playing chess. He is a very very bad chess player. Evidence is for losers. The same can be said for preventing witnesses who could exonerate you while being impeached. He is consistently stupid...and still almost won. SMDH Still hard to believe that a person as stupid as Trump could ever become President of anything.
  14. You pose a basic straightforward question about evidence and the courts and not a single post addressing this. Apparently everything starts and ends with the media. Everything is a lie unless it comes from right wing media or Trump. No evidence presented = obvious cheating and fraud and to not see it is to be complicit. IMO, a very unreasonable position to take.
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