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  1. I agree. He is very good at it. Kudo's to him.
  2. California did not have a state championship during the streak. So no team had to do any state wide playoff run. Were you aware of this? How can they stay hidden, as you say, AND play some great teams during the streak at the same time. Are you saying that Lad should not be considered a great coach because the state of California didn't have state championships during the streak years?
  3. One of my favorite concerts. One of my best concert memories. Love em. DBP66...keep up the good fight brother. Stay in the light. You feel me? 🙏😉
  4. Be a grown up and answer the question.
  5. When did I ever say what I cared about concerning Hillary? Do you care or not?
  6. You know, to me, that is the worst thing one could say. Much like the n word is the worst for some black people. And for what?
  7. Happy to be included with Atticus. He destroyed you all day every day. Don't be embarrassed for me bc I am smart and don't go to the NY Post or Fox looking for what is true.
  8. So you can't back up a single thing you said about me. Which begs the question, why would you say it? Something to think about. You won't of course.
  9. So you don't care that Trump took highly sensitive documents to his home and tried to flush them down the toilet? That is not a spin btw.
  10. Show where I turned a blind eye or showed any support for any looting or arson. Don't believe you can show me where I lost it over truck drivers wearing red hats either. Go ahead and show me.
  11. You can't actually name 1 single thing that is radical or even correct concerning me. Go ahead.
  12. So you are saying that wasn't doctored? You have just convinced me that you are not smart enough to think. Good luck.
  13. This is the ultimate kick in the balls. When it gets bad, and I agree we most likely won't be around to see it, these idiots will be angry in the extreme about not being told or warned. If any country can stay ahead of what is coming our way, it won't be the US of A. And that country can't withstand the effects of other countries not even able to stay even with what is coming. To even think of this in terms of ideology is, again. stupid in the extreme and completely avoidable. No party will benefit from what is coming and even the Republicans, who are largely responsible for the inaction on any meaningful counter measures concerning climate change, will escape responsibility in the history books. At that point it won't matter at all and our way of life will fundamentally be downgraded. You know Hawg, humanity will only be saved if we can learn to see each ourselves in another. To understand, in a fundamental way, that our well being is bound up and dependent on each other. You understand this. As do others who read this forum. This point is so important, and as such, will be ignored by those who NEED to hear this. And if they were to do so they would not suffer ANY LESSENING of what makes them a human/man/hsfb fan/etc.
  14. You not only can say it but you do say it. Imagine being so unwilling to listen to, ANYTHING you do not want to educate yourself on, that 95 % of 'what's available' on a given topic is pure agenda. That is beyond any reasonable position to take but you do so without the slightest embarrassment or 2nd thought. And btw, it is called science and not an agenda. Also, your determination to remain stupid despite the overwhelming EVIDENCE to the contrary is more of a threat to our way of life than your cult's determination to destroy this country bc you are afraid of the future you cannot change.
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