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  1. Angry young white males

    Very well said. I wish everyone would test these ideas for themselves and see how it turns out. Great post.
  2. Congratulations to the Board

    He acts like BLM kicked his puppy. I thought I heard they like kicking puppies so they may have. SMDH
  3. HS shooting - Maryland

    That gun might sit there untouched. Or a fly starts pissng me off and I blow it to straight to hell. That would be a good time to leave the room. Seriously though, some obviously are not very responsible killers and need to be protected from themselves....for all our sakes. And tougher laws are just one of the tools we can use.
  4. Angry young white males

    I will suggest that you can take care of you and those you care about AND care about other people. The thing is that it doesn't cost you anything not do you have to neccessarily do anything. Just care. Caring requires nothing from you. Its free to do And it may be as simple as wishing somebody well. Sincerely wishing them well. A simple act of kindness like holding the door open for a stranger. The very act of wishing the best for others is a positive. As for the not fat shaming thing. Are you suggesting that fat people should be shamed? We do have a big health problem in this country. No denying that. I just have to add, bc I can't help myself, that when Michelle Obama pushed her healthy food for school kids campaign she was blasted by the right for it. Crazy right? I also think that to be trained to think of only you and yours is not a very good training and does not serve you as well as you could have been served. Imho But I'll take my own advice and wish you the best for you and yours. Sincerely. And regardless if you find any truth in what I'm saying.
  5. Angry young white males

    I will take care to not give Durant credit until I know but great quote just the same. Armstrong's books- both are great but the second one is a far easier and quicker read and was the one I was referring to. That was my experience reading them. The history of God, for me, took a bit of effort in that her vocabulary was way above me at that time (25 years ago?) and needed a dictionary in order to read it. Well worth the effort though. I imagine you would fare much better than I did in that regard. When or if you read either of them lmk what you think.
  6. Congratulations to the Board

    Lol. Drummer, some times you are funny. This is one of those times. Dont get a big head over it but do make it a habit.
  7. Angry young white males

    That would suck. Go right to your idea of who you think you are. You ever been in the South? Some places have the feeling like the war just ended. Most of it is great but it does have it's places.
  8. Angry young white males

    Love that Durant quote. I found Karen Armstrong's History of Islam to be a very good read and informative. Imho
  9. HS shooting - Maryland

    He made a point about our founding. Now we use the vote to enact change. We don't use guns to do this.
  10. HS shooting - Maryland

    No it's not. At least to me It isn't.
  11. HS shooting - Maryland

    I have said it before. The test isnt over yet. And besides, if we did not have these challenges, how would we learn and grow? We have changed quite a bit from where we were. Many things we use to do we no longer do bc it doesn't serve us anymore. I have hope bc, imho and belief, it is not possible for us to not get to where we are going. It won't be a straight path but eventually we will get there. Not a the same time mind you. Some of us can't see what we can't see. That goes for all of us actually, we can't perceive what we are not ready to perceive. Many times these challenges force us by jaring us into seeing things anew. Eventually a person who continually struggles and runs up against a wall will have a moment when they decide they no longer are served by what they have been doing and will enter a new way of seeing things. So no we are not a failed species. If we were we wouldn't be so damn cool. 😎
  12. HS shooting - Maryland

    That was over 2 centuries ago. We would have not won our freedom. Different time.
  13. HS shooting - Maryland

    Sad indeed but not unimaginable. Christian's have long ignored the very teachings that their religion is founded on. I feel that we are in another change as our religions are comcerned. Either religion adapts to the times or it goes the way of the Sun God. But I have to believe that this is not where we will end up. It simply must not. Every person of good will is vital to our progression out of the barbaric killing of each other and to a more reasonable and compassionate future. It better or i will have to start whoopin some ass. But out of love. 😋
  14. HS shooting - Maryland

    I see you lurking Glory. What do you think?
  15. HS shooting - Maryland

    Their purpose is to kill. To make what was alive dead. Not the most noblest of purposes. We WILL move past killing each other Eventually. I won't see it and you probably won't see it but it is where we are heading.