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  1. I think these guys believe we care about Hunter Biden like they do about their cult leader and we don't. If Hunter goes down...who cares. And an unrelated meme that I thought you might like.
  2. I was saving this but... You want to see his head explode, just ask him to tell you what time it is in Alaska. 😉
  3. Good lord man, did you even read the article? Of course you didn't. If you did you would realize it wasn't a fact based article. It is full of opinions based on loose connections and personal wants. You can't possibly be this dense can you? Trump does something illegal, an article written by NY Times or some other reputable news outlet talks about what Trump did, you ignore the article and reply with absolutely nothing of substance. Trump actually admits to breaking the law, reputable source writes about that, you ignore and reply with absolutely nothing of substance. Some guy in England writes an article that is more a conspiracy rant than sound reporting and it is suddenly fact and gospel. In fact, that guy from England has more credibility than Trump himself according to you guys. Do you ever even listen to what Trump says? 100% serious question. Even you can answer that right?
  4. I should have been clearer. With the expectations MD and SJB had for the year, considering their resources and ability to go where they want, I consider their schedule underwhelming. The reasons for how they schedule might be perfectly reasonable and understandable and I am not suggesting they are ducking anybody. It's just that Allen, Central Catholic Oregon, Kuhuku are not impressive and certainly not challenging in any way. At least this year. MD did have BG and Cen10.
  5. I have a lot of respect for MC. They may be better than MD and SJB but I feel they would come up short. Don't care too much about OOS schedules because I wouldn't expect a public school to have the resources to travel like MD and SJB can. Even they have underwhelming schedules most years, imo. So I am left with who I think would win. No other argument is convincing. Not yet anyway.
  6. Yes. Not even close to best in NorCal. Maybe he was talking about Marin. Either way it's wrong.
  7. @Blueliner The best guy to watch a game with. Brother, how you been? How's TN?
  8. Is this just the way things played out or is there some type of ??? going on? These WC seem so intense that I would think everyone would give 100%. With exception of resting players when game is won. I guess I don't understand the point system or groups for that matter.
  9. Central Catholic the best in NorCal? Nope. Not even close. As far as how difficult it is for MD and SJB to play in the Trinity? It isn't. Not for either of them except when they play each other. And the rest of the teams in the Trinity is nothing special.
  10. Apparently bench clearing brawls doesn't please the bosses. I say they are underrated.
  11. Could have saved you a lot of wasted time by ignoring him. Not sure if English is his 2nd language or if he is a special needs guy but reading anything of his is painful.
  12. That is a great baseball story. The game has changed quite a bit and we will never see that stuff again. Probably. 🤨
  13. No matter how many times Concha tries to lie and say Russia was a hoax/nuclear docs was a hoax, it is still a lie. Wtf is wrong with these people? Trump admits to taking documents and Concha still says it's a hoax. Russia-Republican initiated and Republican led investigations with reports done by Republicans that all say there was Russian helping Trump and many cases of obstruction by Trump and they can't wrap their tiny brains around it but instead say it was all done by corporate media. How fucking stupid is that?
  14. How would you make it better? How would you make Florida system better?
  15. University Christian 1 Springfield Central 2 De La Salle 3 Bryant 4 Guyer 5 St. Edward 6 Colquitt 7 Cherry Creek 8 Bixby 9 Dutch Fork 10
  16. This just shows you are unaware of what's going on or don't care. Either way it's probably best to avoid these threads. You post like this is the traditional left/right political B's we all grew up with, and you are above all this petty shit. It is not. Not sure how this is ok with anybody not in the cult. Unprecedented. Actually, no need to even respond. I forgot you thought it was funny when a old man got hit with a hammer. Good times for sure.
  17. Seriously @I AM IRONMAN. I ask because I just don't know what you mean. This is not a gotcha moment. What plan are you talking about? If you just threw that out there without giving it any thought that's fine and I will move on.
  18. How is Sportswashing 'the Plan' all along? Wtf are you talking about. Genuinely curious.
  19. I did watch it. What was the plan? You said it was the plan all along. What plan? Do you ever answer a question?
  20. Please post what was hypocritical about my question. Do you know what hypocrisy means. The reason your answer was 'not liked' as you say, is because you did not answer the question. Trump admitted to taking documents, and doing so is against the law. You can't say if that is wrong or not? It's not hypothetical anymore. He admitted taking them. Slither your way out of this. 🤣
  21. Hope your daughter gets well. Nice to see our resident Quack stay true to form and not give a damn about other people and their health. Especially as it concerns COVID and people who vote differently. Do you understand the point he is trying to make with this thread?
  22. What was the plan all along? Sportswashing? Have no idea what that is but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it is most definitely not 'The Plan'. Please enlighten me. Whose plan? Why?
  23. Shhhhhh....not facts! Nothing he said is remotely true. Not a single thing. You never answered the question either. If Trump did have top secret documents, do you care? Yes or No. This is your chance to actually add something to this board (something you have yet to do) and answer the question. Warrior refused to answer this very easy question.
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