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  1. I agree with this somewhat. I support the second amendment to a point. I agree and support that we have the right to bare arms. “ The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms. “ I have some weapons, hand guns and shotguns. I don’t believe a civilian should be able to own military grade/style weapons, I don’t own an AR. A lot of my friends do, I’ve shot them and had fun with them. I just don’t feel the need to own one but I don’t boo hoo people that do. I just don’t see the need to own one or why people feel the need to own an M4, M16
  2. If all this is remotely true?!?! Treated? Yes, so they don’t spread the virus. Shipped back? Yes, because they entered the country illegally.
  3. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a few more boxes. Also, I should have hoarded some TP. My mother-in-law is visiting, seems like forever now and she’s going though our TP like it’s free. She must have the chronic shits or something, my stash is getting low!!
  4. Just like the Covid pandemic and people started hoarding toilet paper! WTF?
  5. DLS350

    Biden ..

    Bullshit! Trumphead sore losers can’t except the fact that their dipshit of a President lost.. Trump has been a pathological liar his entire life according to his family. He’s lying about election fraud but you morons believe him. You’re not Patriots, you’re all traitors!! A real Patriot wouldn’t lay siege to the Capital Building chanting “hang Mike Pence”, traitors would. I just wish the Capital Police would have opened fire and shot all you assholes! Anyone who smashed open a door or climbed through a window, should have gotten a bullet!! Voting for, supporting a candidate and peaceful prote
  6. DLS350

    Biden ..

    Trump doesn’t really want the job of being President, he wants the Power that comes from being President. You know “The most power man in the world “ as the President if often called. He would take us to WW3 to try and rule the world if he could. Trump = Hitler!!!
  7. DLS350

    Biden ..

    First you need to answer in the right screen name Mag44 or is it John Adams? You’ve answered my posts in both screen names using the same catch word “Comrades”, not a common word. Then you directly responded to my post when I quoted John Adams about him telling me what I’ve heard and haven’t heard. Then you answer again in Mag44 saying “yes” and “I”, again telling me what I’ve heard and haven’t heard. Two screen names with way to many similarities, or is it just coincidence?? Second, with you “knowing everything” there’s nothing else I need to say besides I think you don’t know m
  8. DLS350

    Biden ..

    So now you’re telling someone you know what they have and haven’t heard? That’s means you must know everything and then you should also know that Trump is a Narcissistic lying POS but you choose not to “know” that...
  9. DLS350

    Biden ..

  10. DLS350

    Biden ..

    Biden does have a speech impediment, he stutters.
  11. DLS350

    Biden ..

    The short answer is, yes! The longer answer is yes unless some Trumphead tries to take out and succeeds. Having a speech impediment and taking time to gather his thoughts while speaking doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing..
  12. That’s the scary part! He has 75 million followers that are just like him. Can you say Nazi Party!!!
  13. I want to make my stand clear. I’ve never liked Donald Trump, this goes back 20-30 years. I’ve always thought he was a Narcissistic, Pompous Ass in every interview, show or whenever I would see him on TV. As he’s gotten older, he’s gotten worse, his ego is out of control. His entire family is just like him, they’re all a bunch of assholes!!
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