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  1. Honestly, how many screen names does Sybil have? All his screen names could have their own football team! The Sybil Shape Shifting Psychos!
  2. Is kind of freaky looking! Our dog will do that, I’ll look up and she’s standing there staring at me. Gives me the Willie’s!!
  3. Poor Block my ass, payback is a Bitch!!!
  4. https://norcalpreps.forums.rivals.com/threads/folsom-2-public-hs-football-team-north-of-alder-creek-east-of-whitney.26011/ I don’t post on NCP but this is funnier than shit! Laughed so loud my wife asked what I was laughing at. Great job Sammy!!
  5. I agree! I have nothing against Folsom football, the town or the people. This is all about Sybil/ Block, my joy is from him looking like a Giant Ass!! He won’t own this loss either, probably come up with something like “Folsom is the #2 public in Norcal and that’s still pretty good” or “Winning most of them”. 😂😂😂
  6. Nice!! Block may seriously ghost if Folsom loses. One can only hope!!!
  7. Oh good! One Sybil account talking to another Sybil account, guy is a loon!
  8. Which he’s never acknowledged or owned on this board. Talks all kind of smack, childish smack and then can’t even man up and say “boy, did I get that wrong or congratulations DLS” No, his first post was that Folsom was still #1 according to Cal Preps. Guess CP doesn’t care that Folsom dropped the soap and got Prison Reamed by DLS. Also, the reason Max Preps loves Folsom so much is they’re based in El Dorado Hills, CA, one town East of Folsom!
  9. Love it how Block masquerades as a Spartan fan letting everyone know about the Spartans! #Pathetic
  10. Dose of the real reality vs Blocks reality. Maxpreps headline of game says it all!
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