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  1. I have heard the same. But the 12 kid looked good.
  2. Thts funny because the media reported he had an ankle sprain, so seems like where theres smoke there is fire.
  3. No but I heard the freshman is good. #12 in the most recent game, roster shows Justin Mucci.
  4. I dont know, my friend told me about this website, never heard of it! But I come here and I am being slandered! I am a good man, HS football fan for 40 years!
  5. First Bergen Catholic, but it seems settled. Then Bosco, it seems settled. Now Joes?!?! Any truth that Alaimo wasn't hurt but there is a faction of coaches that want him benched for the other guy? Crazy!
  6. You are banned from Twitter because of violent racist posts!
  7. Hey HSFbFan, your buddy is a wierdo too! Always getting trolled by HS kids
  8. Hey man my buddy Rick from Belleville told me about this. Not cool. Shocked you aren't banned from this forum yet like Twitter because of your violent racist rants! Anyone have any updated on Jalen Burger.
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