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  1. just for once, i would finally like to see a closer MD-Servite game, which have been almost non-existant, rare, during the entire Rollo era, the only times i can think of close MD-Servite games, were the 2006 game(Matt Barkley's sophomore year), which i think is probably the most embarassing and painful loss for the entire Servite community, and Servite's 3 year streak over MD from 2009 to 2011.
  2. will he be playing football just like his old man? but ya, i could have sworn i saw posts about him attending Loyola HS in L.A.
  3. i don't know if the whole story has ever been told, but i still wonder why Al Davis traded away Jon Gruden after the Tuck Rule game, that move sent the Raiders on a long downward spiral
  4. part of the reason why i was very happy that Bosco got their revenge in 2019, is because i believe that marked the first time a HS in the Southern California region not named MD, finished number 1 in the nation in multiple or all key polls, yes i know the 2013 Bosco team was ranked like that as well, but it was nowhere near as decorated as the 2019 Bosco team, i wanted to see a CA HS not named MD be nationally ranked like MD was in 1994 and 1996 and 2017. Now i'm hoping a Public School can do the same someday in my lifetime but it looks doubtful for the near future. Also, many people feel that MD would have no doubt had a 3-peat in 2019 if Elias Ricks hadn't transferred out to IMG, i guess Bosco has Elias Ricks to thank for transferring out to IMG, i believe MD lost some other key players during the off-season prior to 2019, but Elias Ricks was the biggest blow, the MD community no doubt wonders what if Elias Ricks had stayed at MD for his senior year.
  5. i remember when the Raiders made the playoffs in 2016, i was making funny statements describing how much the world has changed or what are some major things that have happend since the Raiders last had a winning season, because when they made the playoffs in 2016, that was their first time in an entire generation, not since 2002, but still, only 1 winning season since 2002. It's like as if the Raiders still haven't recovered from that SB massacre by the buccaneers in the 2002 season, the Raiders collapsed big time after that, they set an NFL record for losing streak, 7-straight double-digit loss seasons.
  6. even though i'm not a Raiders fan, its getting boring to see the Raiders miss the playoffs every year for the past 20 years now, except for the 2016 season, many people thought things would change or improve for the Raiders after Al Davis passed away in 2011, but yet, only 1 winning season in the post-Al Davis era.
  7. looks like the Raiders will continue to struggle, i've lost count on how many head coaches they have fired since 2003 or 2004
  8. its another reminde that, LB Poly is 0-2 in the state title game since CIF reinstated it starting in the 2006 season, also, some people think, Corona Centennial probably could have achieved that in the 2015 season if their HC Matt Logan had believed in kicking field goals. Other California Public Schools have that come close, Los Al(Los Alamitos), i think they were ranked number 1 in the nation in the 1994 season before they lost a very close game to MD at Angel Stadium. But ya, i really hope in my lifetime, a California Public School can achieve that. Last time that happend, the internet didn't exist yet.
  9. ya, it also even kinda dissapoints me, that, even when DLS's winning streak came to an end in 2004, and before MD and Bosco became the national powerhouses they are now, not even a single California Public School was able to win a Natty, or finish the season ranked number 1 in the nation during that timespan.
  10. ya, i kinda don't want to see MD get a 5th natty, national title, but its bound to happen for them eventually, i remember how upset i was when MD upset highly favored Bosco in the 2018 title game, because i wanted to see another school from Cali not named MD or DLS, win a National Title in HS football, even though Bosco did kinda do that in 2013, that Bosco team was not as highly decorated as the 2019 Bosco team, which i'm glad Bosco got their revenge in 2019. Now i hope a public school can achieve that someday, as i've mentioned many times before, but why do i get the feeling that won't happen anytime soon.
  11. would be nice or interesting if Bosco can avenge its regular-season loss in the post-season to MD, similiar to the 2016 season and 2019 season, but i don't see that happening this time.
  12. and LB Poly remains 0-2 in the state title game since it was reinstated in California starting in the 2006 season, they lost close games, choked against teams from Folsom's league.
  13. as of now, it looks like Bryce Young will have a more successful NFL career than JT Daniels
  14. the 2017 MD team, probably the best ever HS team to ever come out of California or all of the West Coast
  15. looks like Bryce Young has a solid chance at becoming MD's 3rd Heisman winning alumnus
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