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  1. Im only looking at the top 25 and doing this randomly. I skipped teams like img and sfa because 1. Its a given they are loaded up on transfers and 2. They don't pretend to be high schools.
  2. Most in florida will tell you that open enrollment has destroyed high school football in their state. Especially the Head Coaches.
  3. Those that wonder why im posting thes... Its because this is not high school football. This is not what the sport is supposed to be about. Teams built with transfers thumping their chest with false school pride and kids from other schools. Of course the mater dump idiots and others who benefit tremendously from it have no problem with it but its doesn't belong in the sport. Not to this magnitude.
  4. 5star #1player in class of 2024 Dylan Raiola- QB- Burleson High Tyreeq Obichere- RB- Hamilton Destin Johnson- RB- Hamilton 3star Kennedy Urlacher (Son of HoF Brian Urlacher)- CB- Casteel High Orion Kupa- S- Higley High Roman Kupa- LB- Higley High Birdie Holloway- C - Chavez High Lashown Ealim- OL- Chavez High Trinton Mayes- OL- Perry High Prince Balinton- DL- St.Mary's High Isaiah Domiguez- OL- Gilbert High Talib Graham- DL- Hamilton Blake Heffron- QB- Eastmark High-Casteel High Carter Ochoa- WR- Gilbert Christian
  5. Jamier Jones- RB-(St.Monica Catholic) Jordan Collins- WR-(Hamilton High) 3star Carson Conklin- QB-(Orange Lutheran) Espn Simpson- LB-(Lake Havasu High) 4star Adam Klumpp- K-(Los Oso High) Luis Bermudez- LB-(Santiago High) Alexander McDougall- LS-(Norco High) Jordan Hinojos- DE-(Roosevelt High) Wade Helton- OL-(Norco High) 2star Emiliano Villarreal- QB-(Central Union High)
  6. This stuff is out of hand in florida. 3star Kimari Robinson- DB-(McArthur High) Keyshawn Thomas- LB- (Palm Beach) Thomas Gorecki- LB- (Western High) Harrison Green- OL- (University school of nsu)(Western High) Justin Bodford- DL- (Western High) 4star Jayvant Brown- RB/LB- (Deerfield Beach)(University school of nsu) Jordan Clemons- RB-(Park Vista) Dominic Diaz- OL- (Cypress Bay)(Monsignor Pace) Kamari Fedrick- DL- (Deerfield Beach) 3star Jason Hammond- DL- (Chaminade-Madonna) Rashad Henry- LB- (Chaminade- Madonna)(Dade Christian) Caleb Harris- OL- (Miami Edison) Hezekiah Harris- QB- (South Miami Senior High)(Doral Academy)(Washington High)(Miami Edison) Semaj Jackson- FS- (Tru Prep Academy) Brandon Joseph- DL- (Dillard High) Parker Konrath- TE/DE- (Marathon High) 4star King Mack- DB- (Dillard High) 4star James Madison- WR-(University school of nsu)(Tru Prep Academy) 3star Ryan Mickow- OL- (Westminster High) Miles Moss- Ath- (Calvary Christian Academy) 3star Zakaih Saez- LB- (Lakeworth)(The Kings Academy) Brian Saurez- OL- (Dr.Krop High)(Champagnat Catholic) 3star Xavier Terrall- RB- (IMG) Jaylin Wallace- LB- (Chaminade Madonna)(Miramar)
  7. Makes more sense that you don't like jax. You gotta switch blue devils now.
  8. Seen rush get mentioned as well.
  9. Back on the manning kid nothing about him says 5star outside of his name.
  10. Yeah Imma take a guess its a poster who is against crt. They don't even teach that in history as a part of the states history nut they'll tell you about the burning of atlanta.
  11. Another thing I guess the hate covers the facts but you are comparing isolated incidents to a history of all kinds of illegal stuff happening since at least the 80s. I agree lowndes deserves whatever they get and so does servite and whoever else is responsible. It also says swim team. The other thread has been about the mater dump football team and all its connected mess. As I said lowndes also doesn't try to pretend to be a part of the church or faith. You can't help if some of your community are racist pos but you can do others things then claiming there are no bad people or putting pos coaches at the forefront or claiming to believe in a faith or religion. On top of that lying about following the teachings of said faith or religion. I got news for you @HurricaneNick if you think @RedZone a racist you'll go crazy if you see how bad your butt buddy @FreeBird is.
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