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  1. Bad football= these teams would be some of the best in Florida
  2. Countries care more about info getting leaked than they do about a weapons dealer unless the dealer is dealing top level weaponry.
  3. He isn't a marine. The dudes got kicked out. If they were to get him out he need to be put in jail in the us. In not surprised russia isn't letting him go. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2019/01/02/paul-whelan-discharge-marines-larceny/2463709002/
  4. Have to give props to mill creek. Outside of Downs their team seems to be homegrown.
  5. His next stop should be a mental institution somewhere in texas.
  6. If not a current college coach I'd like to see a HC from georgia get them jsu job. In my opinion you need a coach from the south and i think coaches from Georgia are the only ones that can get players from all nearby states.
  7. Ga96


    Twitter is a shitshow right now. Anybody who wants to waste $8 to get a check mark and spew whatever ignorance they believe in. People are saying the most random shit and it pops up because they got a check mark.
  8. Man the trump klan on here hasn't responded im surprised
  9. I don't like kelly at all but this game is less about coaching and more about the talent gap especially once you start going into the depth of the roster.
  10. Ga96


    Losing to the same team 2 times in one season gets you automatically ranked behind them.
  11. Bolles did better than I expected they would against ahp.
  12. ryan day has to be running through his house rn.
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