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  1. Heard yall had about 15 players return to the team. Glad for those kids being able to come back.
  2. https://www.mlb.com/news/david-ortiz-elected-to-hall-of-fame-on-first-ballot
  3. Yall don't want them problems in hoover.
  4. Admitting it and actually fixing it are two different things especially when it comes to this. Its hard to get associations to go against their baby they help creat in this case babies. For us in georgia its like expecting the ghsa top do anything about their child they build in grayson.
  5. Yeah that equal part is a lie. I know that and im not even from cali. You can't allow 2 teams to run rampant and expect 1 rule to make a difference.
  6. Everyone take notes from Georgia. You can reach the top without creating a recruiting factory and slapping a religion across the top.
  7. Looks like everyone and their momma has posted this across the net.
  8. Off the Georgia board. https://247sports.com/high-school/georgia/board/106025/Contents/hebron-head-football-coach--181333780/?page=1
  9. Wonder how long it takes that larry girl to reply about his imps
  10. Well I've seen that before at Lowndes the last 10+ years. Secondary getting burnt being the norm.
  11. We've had 3 playoff games thus far not a single team out of 6 has played an complete game. They coaching staffs have to be embarrassed.
  12. The imps are playing grayson in the kell classic.
  13. A piss poor game all the way around brady included. Looks just like the game they played in the regular season.
  14. They bucs can't handle the rams. Went the entire season and still haven't changed offensive or defensive schemes.
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