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  1. Ga96


    I don't care about any awards shows or most of those who attend them. Same answer though they should be 6feet apart and wearing mask if not vaccinated. Now hoggy @HawgGoneIt move your buds post to the other side since it has absolutely nothing to do with football.
  2. Jones stats so far. YDS 281 16th TD 1 Tied-20th INT 0 Tied-1st QBR 52.8 17th
  3. 10 carries 109yards and 1TD. We haven't stopped anyone's RB this year. For some reason the dc is trying to prove that a 3-4 front works and it doesn't.
  4. Might as well he hasn't done anything else.
  5. Just be ready to take that L at Lowndes
  6. Another easy one. They have a good QB but he is a freshman. With the HC the packass have you can never be to sure. Packass on upset alert.
  7. Still the only troll ive ever seen to continuously troll themselves.
  8. This who supposed to fix fsu? Im sure he is a good guy but that doesn't make you a good coach.
  9. Tried to tell those on here norvell ain't it. Giving fraudemaker son a scholarship to ride the bench was enough for me to know what BS he was coming with.
  10. They haven't confused anyone for years. Those players are too dominate to be playing tricks. Just line up and go with it. Now subbing in bennett for reasons unknown. How is he still on the team?
  11. Here go Kirby again with this unnecessary subbing bs. Who tf do you need to sub in on the first drive of the game on defense ? Hell they should be starting if you are subbing them in within the first 3 damn plays.
  12. I can do better. Championship matchup the 2 most recruited all star prep academy teams on that coast. md and sjb just like last year, the year before that, and so on.
  13. A QB throws for almost 400yards. No running game and no defense. King isn't one of my favorites but he is the best Miami has to offer right now. Diaz isn't a hc and I don't think anyone would put him in the top 10 coordinators on either side of the ball.
  14. I wouldn't consider cheaters and recruited up all star teams as the best. Not much effort goes into coaching and the players get to college and don't know how to stand on their own.
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