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  1. Coaches,treatment,environment,parents opportunities, better education. I mean you have former packer parents that have outlined multiple reasons fir moving.
  2. Just like majority of the world that entire region is uneducated on the history of the region. When i say history im talking BCE. If everyone could learn and have a concrete education of history from BCE then nobody would be fighting as we do. The problem is the truth in history has been fucked over and replaced with lies to fit narratives of tyrants and rulers etc... Quick example of this happening. The history of black people from Africa arriving in the usa has been screwed and filled with lies. Hell you have senators as we speak trying to compare things to jim crow and claiming sl
  3. Chances are if you come up with a thought it will be ignorant and incorrect. Try to remember that next time before posting.
  4. We did great considering the circumstances and the team we played. At least we didnt pull a thomasville.
  5. They have a kid that is just as good as him and he has showed it all playoffs. Ryan Spikes
  6. You mean coach baseball not really. Its more of just stockpiling talent and rolling with it. Besides its not like the kids have anyone to look up to. Uga baseball sucks and so do the braves.
  7. Cause and effect. This situation that you chose to bitch about can be fixed but trumptards don't believe in bettering the country as a whole. I can guarantee at the time of posting any of those kids that this helps are already smarter than you. I know that's not saying much but they are kids.
  8. Ga96


    He is just moving over to fox
  9. The recruited prep squads
  10. They got a stud at SS short compact with a lot of power and speed. How we pitch him will be the deciding factor. We got football players up and down the roster including the back up QB.
  11. Take you some high school economics classes and then come back with an educated answer. Like ive said before trumptards have a heard time with cause and effect. fox news has little to no credibility and recently even republicans have been calling them out for spreading lies. Anybody using lindsey graham for substance is automatically disqualified from an educated input. He is a corrupt liar to say the least and does nothing to help his voters.
  12. Life must really be boring and lonely around your way.
  13. Hill actually got slower from high school to college. In high school he ran a 10.19
  14. What was that supposed to represent? We don't recruit or cheat like the cali sally's of course we are going to catch a hot L from time to time.
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