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  1. Heck all we had so far at Lowndes is a players getting out if hand and has been kicked off the team. Great skills rising 10th grader was going to see pt on varsity but has thrown it all away. Its unfortunate but you can't change everyone.
  2. @GardenStateBaller you are a feather on that bird as well. Even though you have tried to distance yourself a little but lets not act like you were flying right along with it.
  3. Consensus in wildcat nation black and white nub is a pos and a rat and they will be sending him to go live with the other pos rod in moultrie. Some trash left when rod was not renewed and more will follow. Valdosta needs a reset and get all of the self entitled and privileged out of their program. As far as credibility goes anyone can pm me and ask what they need to know and I will answer to my own discretion.
  4. Nub and I have ties with the valdosta program as almost as much as I do with Lowndes. As far as what i see I was talking about the deposition cool your britches. As far as Colquitt goes i didn't mention them beyond what was said by rush. As far as credibility I have more than you when it comes to Lowndes and Valdosta and with Colquitt when it comes to the risking hawgs which is why I don't throw my name out anywhere.
  5. It should be forfeited games for the Billy goats. They keep the wins before Garcia so 4-0 season.
  6. Cason is fine from what i get out of it everything was done behind his back.
  7. So far they have been getting the north Ga treatment. They are like the hidden child that a husband has with the housemaid and pays the maid to keep quiet and take care of the child.
  8. Definitely but I thought he was your buddy. All I see is 3 grown men with the maturity level of 13yr old boys. 2 are out for vengeance and one thinks he is a pimp. Nobody in charge cares about the kids,the program, or the community
  9. Rush said he recruited in hoover colquitt and valdosta. If only y'all could see everything posted that me and Rufus can see. All coaches planning on cheating please take a seminar at lee or grayson so you can make sure you get it right
  10. They mentioned him maybe playing linebacker in his evaluation and I don't see his 40 time listed anywhere. Anybody got an official 40?
  11. The rankings are a joke. They have players who missed and entire season that leapfrogged other players that actually had a season. Look at the players current rankings to their previous rankings. Some if these kids jumped and dropped 40 spots. Hell a kid from sjb went from 359 to now 195.
  12. Well Grayson coach just went on bragging about recruits he is bringing in.
  13. I would put him at #1 lockdown corner and elite WR plus KR/PR
  14. You missed those days? Lowndes has been top 50 nationally the last few years. Packers as well was top 50 at one point last year. You have to look at what south Ga left from. We had basically 20 straight years of dominance in the playoffs. Lowndes brought in the early 2ks then camden had a couple of years and the Colquitt for the rush era. I guess I get what you are trying to say.
  15. No Lowndes goes to Tifton this year. I assumed he was talking about going to multiple Lowndes and Colquitt games. As far as parking goes its best to get to Lowndes around 5-6. No matter the opponent the parking can get really thick.
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