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  1. I meant the rivalries it can get ugly
  2. Nope they move to Valdosta because college coaches and his family on Atlanta told his family to go to Valdosta
  3. Not sure if its in ghsa rules but they might require athletic participants to stay with family
  4. You gotta come down and join in this an every year thing good and bad. Ask rab you could end up getting your ass beat 😂
  5. mikey is up and down he mentally same with his sources. In all honesty every school with money has hudl and you can watch everyone's film. We are also in 2020 takes a few mins for a coach to send a link to another.
  6. Corner canyon overrated I seen that in their first game.
  7. Fabrizio still mad about the packers and rush dragging him.
  8. Exactly and getting shutout
  9. You being a cat know that yall have put up with less from coaches he shouldve been fired on Lowndes losses alone.
  10. True cats don't leave.
  11. All of south Ga even some in his own camp are pointing the fingers at fabrizio for calling up and complaining to ghsa for garcia.
  12. If they left willingly they aren't true cats. All cats know when times get hard you pour on more.....
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