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  1. I think its still on but things will be more region based i assume.
  2. But I've seen a lot of youth football games, high school camps, actual football tournaments etc... What do you all think?
  3. Wish I could give that more thumbs up. If someone has a problem about my sentence structure I can't help them because I give little to no effort to spelling or following grammar rules online. Only when it comes to work or college and i haven't been in college for years which for those who want to critique I had an A average when it came to literature classes. Which shocked me because I didn't try then either.
  4. Is anyone actually surprised? Fox top writer resigns after years of racist ignorant and bigoted posted all over the web under a false name. You would expect a supposedly news channel to be the first to report the racist actions of one of their top employees yet fox hasn't posted a single word. Trumpets and fox news idiots please vent your excuse for this being okay ? Seems like others have a hard time seeing the truth if this was any other station fox would have hour long segments about it. IDC what news outlet it is if someone posted about UT happening i would call it the same way.
  5. That Lowndes team should've been #1 or at least top 5.
  6. You know what that is about. Im surprised Lowndes has 3. You see our QB isn't even listed as a QB.
  7. Team sport lol but he definitely gave our boys a workout that night.
  8. Yeah the ware kid is a QB but I think he is being recruited as an athlete. He gave us the most problems from the QB position last year. He is a speedster will probably play WR at the college level.
  9. I would have liked if they put Ware counties QB castellanos on here at the AP that kid is dangerous.
  10. Jacurri is listed wrong he is a rising Jr not Senior. Its a lot of diversity on the list unlike some other state with majority of the players on 2 teams.
  11. Of course the recruited team from last year is back to their home grown players and end up with no players on this list. Im surprised Grayson only has 2
  12. Actually don't mind this at all. Take the top 1 or 2 teams out of each conference at the end of the season and let them be in all out playoff.
  13. Lets not forget the only reason trump isn't in jail now is because it was ruled he was too ignorant to be held accountable for his actions.
  14. Ga96

    Pat Mahomes

    He did it with romo so I wouldn't be surprised. Its seems like the cowboys believe that being mediocre is an accomplishment.
  15. Could've sworn colquitt was #1 one if those years
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