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  1. As everyone can see the collins hill all stars are no more.
  2. Ill have to watch the replay out with these kids had a viking meet event.
  3. Good ole boy system alive and well at lowndes. https://fb.watch/eRwsqWeJ05/
  4. Him and Josh Gordon would've been 1st ballot HOF but they got in their own paths. AB still has a chance but the voters put their feelings into voting at times like they did with TO.
  5. Outside of the teams that openly recruit it revolves every year. With the recruiting grayson does they are top 10 annually.
  6. For the most part yes there are some screens mixed in with it and a couple of plays out of the spread. He brought that single wing mess with him from thomasville and i think he is realizing it won't work.
  7. There is supposed to be a viking nation show tonight so that should be interesting for those on the outside or fans of other teams.
  8. The kid who left is a great baseball player just not a good QB. Being a 2 sport athlete isn't for everyone and im sure he will continue to be great in baseball.
  9. Kid was a starting QB in name only wasn't my choice or suggestion but hey im not the HC. Those guys get hired and go into dictatorship mode at times. They want their offense or defense displayed to show its their team now. My opinion that single wing t its garbage when it comes to football above 3A. Grage should've left the offense alone and let the kids run the plays they already knew. Other than that its always drama in Winnersville. Nothing major in my opinion though. I know what has been said and done but its better for the team in my opinion. Other things are the same ole things I talk about every season. Coaches should be fired, offensive and defensive schemes etc...
  10. https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/blog/top100dangerous
  11. List is just all over the place
  12. @67packer Zach Grage latest coaching hire. https://www.timesenterprise.com/news/local_news/teen-charged-with-misdemeanor-statutory-rape/article_8568920d-c508-5084-9738-0ea0ff0b101b.html This is the only person he could think to hire. I was willing to give him 1yr before this but now I wouldn't care if they fired him tomorrow.
  13. 2022 and people are still defending this mess and having to explain the whole situation. Meanwhile governors are busy cutting the education on this topic and those similar to it.
  14. 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Georgia 4. Clemson
  15. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/polls/coaches-poll/
  16. That collins hill game will be a waste. A 1 hit wonder vs whatever you wanna call buford.
  17. Kids had been running Dubose offense then last 3 years and were close to perfecting it.
  18. We have 1 guaranteed win with gadsden county Fl. Game 1 vs AHP- L Game 2 vs Gasden- W Game 3 vs NMBHS- Toss up Game 4 vs East Coweta- Toss up Game 5 vs grayson billy goats all stars- L Game 6 vs Valdosta- Toss up Game 7 vs Dunbar- L Game 8 vs Packass- L Game 9 vs RH unknown- Toss up Game 10 vs Camden- Toss up That single wing t with little gadget plays and misdirection didn't work against fitzgerald and it damn sure won't work with the big boys and real coaches. grage should've left the offense alone but here we are.
  19. Any team with a decent passing game and a defense with a pulse will beat us like a drum this year until the HC realizes he and his staff are the biggest problem. The second biggest problem is the upper class mainly the seniors. They are just horrible. Just finished going over this mornings practice and it's just more of the same.
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