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  1. The 1st idiot posting red dawn clips while living in jersey the state nobody wants to invade. The USA couldn't sell new jersey to another country if they tried. Idiot #2 posting anything china related while he has hitler jr ruining his state and making them dumber than they already are.
  2. These idiots don't talk until fox and newsmax tell them to and they regurgitate the same brain-dead bs. https://www.businessinsider.com/conservatives-blame-biden-chinese-spy-balloon-crossed-into-us-trump-2023-2
  3. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/high-school-football-heavyweights-massillon-washington-ohio-and-valdosta-georgia-to-battle-in-2023/
  4. *staged interactions = same stuff nolegirl and the rest of the trump klan post on here.
  5. Valdosta fans have been warned if they don't win they will not be permitted to enter the state of Georgia until next year.
  6. Its at the lower levels as well. Not much going on here when it comes to basketball AAU especially the girls side. Same through middle school on up. As far as coaching goes i think our girls need a new and younger coach. The current coach came from a small school and she's a nice lady but I think this level is too much for her.
  7. Loaded team. We had 1 sign this post year to a school I've never heard off. I think it'll be the same this year. Our girls have no size and not enough skill to make up for it.
  8. They are so stupid. Its a waste of time trying to show them facts and truth. They are the least educated and they'll fight to remain that way.
  9. im sure its just a coincidence he transfers after the 4star a few weeks ago.
  10. Its sad that people can be this dumb.
  11. Full blown republican tactic right here. Just posting a flat out lie.
  12. I wish we could get audio from the previous coach and teammates when players transfer. I'd pay to listen.
  13. https://www.on3.com/db/maverick-schippmann-155611/
  14. Our educational system is a failure and the proof is right here.
  15. All I can say is do your research and you'll find your answer. You'll end up brain-dead listing to these idiots on here. You can look up they single person tax penalty, or the last group to pass a bill on taxes.
  16. Yeah she's the only size they have.
  17. @HooverOutlaw y'all can hurry up and come get her she dropped like 26pts on lowndes last friday.
  18. Just my guessing but since he is leaving there is a 5star athlete up for grabs in gwinnett. https://247sports.com/player/mike-matthews-46117445/
  19. Can follow announcements here.
  20. https://www.georgiahighschoolfootballdaily.com/main-news/schools-with-openings-at-head-coach
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