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  1. You trying to explain the difference to a immigrant fan. All he knows is transferring and cheating. As long as it benefits his current team in winning he has no problems with anything and plays ignorant to what he doesn't want to admit about himself or his own team. Seen him bragging about his ancestry and his knowledge of it and had the nerve to refer to himself as a mexican american. If he knew about his ancestry and actually knew his history he would know there is no such thing as a mexican american. That's like a native calling themselves American American. The biggest slap in th
  2. Had the nerve to mention Lowndes in the same sentence as that middle school of his.
  3. I see why columbia girl has been quite. Her trash school is on the verge of doing something Lowndes has never done and that's go winless. All that trash the kid talked and had the nerve to compare whatever he calls that team of his to Lowndes.
  4. https://fotoscapes.com/lookbook/e1faZrs7/report-tax-records-show-trump-tried-to-land-china-projects
  5. Showed his true colors. He even lied on himself. He said he wouldn't name any kids and 3mins later told a whole story about the fromm brothers and their family.
  6. He threw a fit. I would be embarrassed to be in charge and talk like that on an interview.
  7. I can't go 3mins without seeing an add begging to vote for trump. Those idiots event send me text. Are the results worse than what the polls are showing.
  8. "Christians" lead the religion race when it comes to killings.
  9. Embarrassed by current republicans and their brain dead following of their dictator dump. A bunch of grifters he hit the nail on the head with that one.
  10. Crazy prediction Tifton beats Grayson in round 1 of the playoffs on the road. 😄
  11. Gwinette county High School Association
  12. For whoever cares. These rankings are a shit show but here they are
  13. Old article but still fits. Yes Athens is included with the way Uga fails. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/atlanta-loserville-sports-capital-the-world/jOsqIpRD0OhTTKpPXR0FTP/
  14. Offensive schemes and play calling as well. It was pitiful when uga did that run to the left then sweep to the left and a toss to the right on 3 straight plays.
  15. Not with Bennett 2.0 doing what he did today.
  16. Damn the braves holding up the last torch. If they lose north Ga needs to be on the prevention hotline.
  17. And its gets worse missing field goals
  18. Kirby not smart has given up on this game. I can see it in his eyes.
  19. Right now Alabama DBs are Georgia's WRs
  20. Gonna tell my kids this was mark richt
  21. Time to put Mathis in. Kirby took him out for less let see if uga still in good ole boy land
  22. It was a suspect call but stokes has to learn to get his head around or just get his hands up can't leave the call up to the refs. He checked for the ball twice after that first look when he didn't see it he should've put his hands up.
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