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  1. don't think so. there is so much we don't know. some currents way under rivers' visible currents run in opposite directions my take: Sessions got suckered in by Senior Justice at a meet, and being a Southern gentleman and not wanting to appear dumb and out of step, he recused. Watch "Thirteen Days" about the Cuban Missile Crisis to get an idea of how hard it is to go against a room of smart, experienced people acting in tandem "who know better," when you wonder whether you belong. Barr is a former CIA official (who stayed on so to speak on a special CIA advisory board that kept him and key others abreast of critical info. He testified to that at his 2nd AG hearing--saw it live), and a former AG whose 1st AG vote during Bush Admin was unanimous out of Biden's Committee, with Biden complimenting Barr beyond belief. Barr is smart, and he knows who has his back, where to tread and not to tread, he has less to lose. He's been in DC since the '70s. Funny, in looking for those compliments, I see that Biden now says that Barr should resign ASAP. That says something. Barr's putting in work, which is why he wants Trump to shut the F up???, though didn't Trump's tweets out that jury forewoman Tomeka who had lied, had posted on social media before and during the trial about how much she disliked Stone, had run for Congress, had posted her dislike of Trump and her activism, among other things? If I were to hate him, I'd just ignore him. he's having a grand time of this **********
  2. what if there's dirt on Trump's kids? will he stand down? I listed those names above for a reason. you don't get no bigger than Cap Weinberger. 2 NSA Directors, also??? by a Republican-chaired commission??? you're not getting that today. people have learned from past mistakes.
  3. I didn't read, but your title is clear. I don't know how hard even the supposed Trump guys are looking. Maybe, that's a show of sorts. I've always though that Barr came in as a broker to keep everything from falling apart and civil war from breaking out. He has long-time institutional concerns in having a strong Executive Branch. Maybe, everyone is getting dirt on each other so no one swings? Insurance policies? Trump clearly does or tries to do SOME of what he said he'd do if he were elected, but do compare what he's done to what he promised to do. And I acknowledge that 3 yrs of investigations and impeachment would greatly frustrate anyone. So, the counterfactual is hard to imagine. The economy is probably doing as well as it possibly can with all the debt, all the spending, and all the change in this more technological, competitive, cognitive, and global world, leaving aside a Congress that again has essentially abdicated is law-making function--e.g., what bills are they working on, other than impeachment exercises and investigations? Our era as the Unipolar Power might be coming to end, irrespective of Trump. But we still are the cleanest shirt in the laundry. We're no longer the economic power that we were last Century. I just have my doubts that anyone will swing. Hillary is rumored to have said while sitting on the hotel floor in hysterics on election night, before Podesta had to speak for her, that they were all going to hang, but another totally-unrelated situation comes to my mind: Remember that OJ in severe distress had said similar despairing things to Rev. Rosey, who then told him to relax, shut up with the admissions, and see it thru. Smart people can deliver results sometimes. These are different times. Not the times of Iran-Contra (or Watergate). Summary version of the underlying Contra crimes: Israel shipped arms to some Iranians who offered to do all in their power to free 7 Americans held by Hezbollah. But when 1st shipment was authorized in 1981, there were no hostages yet. (Big fib.) In 1985, NSC Col. Ollie diverted some weapons proceeds to the Contras. (Illegal.) Reagan appointed long-time Senate Repub. Tower to head the Tower Commission, which led to 14 Admin. officials indicted, and 11 convicted. Some: At-the-time Defense Sec. Weinberger indicted, pardoned before trial NSA McFarlane convicted NSA Poindexter convicted, overturned Asst Sec of State Abrams convicted CIA Chief Fiers convicted CIA Chief George convicted NSC Member North indicted, overturned Ollie secretary, Fawn Hall, charged, immunity Ollie's liaison, Roster, charged, immunity Air Force Major General indicted and pardoned Ex-CIA Sr. Official indicted and pardoned THOSE DAYS ARE GENERALLY LONG GONE. YOU'RE NOT GETTING THAT MANY TOP PEOPLE VIA TRUMP'S TEAM, IF ANY. imho
  4. I'm running out and will read later. I love the passion and truth. I sense honesty, and no malice or cruelty. I will just say now that, because my wife was born and raised in Teaneck and because her Dad was a Mayor of that town, I got to meet Civil Rights heroes and black women from Tx who are in their '80s, among many others. her Senior Honors Thesis was the Black Experience in Vietnam--she interviews some 30-50 black vets. As a HS student, she gave speeches on MLK Day at Englewood Churches. Her Dad (Iwo Marine, who also was at the March on Washington--a Marine Major once said to me that he probably was the only WW2 Marine there) was one of the engineers of Teaneck's voluntary busing to equalize the schools. 1st in the nation to do so. More to say later.
  5. now you're knocking my gal, Shirley Temple. you've crossed the line. not directed at you at all (I really like your posts and learned a lot; and more important, you have me thinking a lot more, for what that's worth--not too much), but we all get it. it was the worst atrocity. I've said that, now, 3 or 4 times. when it ended, life didn't become a bed of roses. it still isn't. we all know that. my issue is how limited and single-minded your scope is. you look at it in a vacuum, and you're too smart for that, but I'm thinking that you lay it on so heavy because you think that we can't hear Jimi. you're 180 degrees from where King and Banneker were. remember, King wanted to get beyond race. but now, content of character is nothing compared to the color of one's skin. skin color is everything. you offer no solutions, though, only further exhibits of the already-stipulated-to dead body. you turn race from an important subject into the only subject that matters. it's racial obsession. people cannot live that way, as some on this thread have pointed out, leaving aside the whites aren't allowed to speak on many of these topics in many places at many times; and so, we are far from any satisfactory resolution involving ALL interested parties. and you're on record saying that that's how it ought to be. so, what is wanted; what is the solution? my best guess is that (1) whites have to leave, (2) whites have be subservient, (3) whites have to pay reparations (and payments won't end because whites are incorrigible and will keep doing new things necessitating never-ending reparations, (4) endless entitlements, and/or (and here's the nuclear option, which has been meandering around for a while) (5) every aspect of Western/white hegemony must go. In other words, this unfair system is the result of a structure set up by white hegemony. and thus, every thing in that structure is poisoned or tainted with racism, whether explicit or implicit. so, the only way to be sure, is to nuke the whole system--nuke the greatest Country ever. I can't sign up for that, and that's my entire issue with your posts. essentially, what you post is found in Whiteness Studies: "A growing field of scholarship whose aim is to reveal the invisible structures that produce white supremacy and privilege [in 2020 in the free and heavily-immigrated-to and oft-imitated Western countries]. Critical Whiteness Studies presumes a certain condition of racism that is connected to white supremacy." Oxford University Encyl., written by Syracuse Professor Applebaum (emphasis added). "Presumes." and according to some here, I don't need to take the implicit-bias exam to test that "presumption," because I'm already guilty. you've said I'm guilty and I can't understand. what's left then? that's why King wanted to get beyond race--he saw the conundrum that you are advocating, along with other radicals. But defining me and an entire group of people in 2020 in one of the greatest and freest Countries today based solely on race and racial characteristics is a pretty good show of racism, wouldn't you think?
  6. I don't like prank calls and chicken-sh!t stuff. Judge him on his merit, not on cheap shots. I posted for amusement, primarily. I told you, I voted him in the NJ Dem primary in 2016. I disagree, home boy, on the kids, though, and you might if you were to give it more thought. We supposedly love kids, but we've politicized their childhoods, HS years, and college environments. Not just a healthy dose, but we created political obsessions and hysteria. Social media was an accelerant. This was a Democratic strategy--I've mentioned it a few times before, and not by way of criticism. The working class was becoming less reliable in the 1960s and early 1970s, and smart Dems saw that. Life-long working-class Dems like my Dad were going to vote Nixon, Ford, and Reagan. Dem strategists saw that. Before, he had voted JFK, LBJ, and Adlai. Truman was my Dad's favorite 20th C. President till my Dad's death. The Dems thus needed a new proletariat, and those are not my words. They went after college kids. Fact. Deliberate. Planned. the 1950s were not a time for political activists to get their start in professional life on college campuses. Things changed.
  7. lying is a crime now. if you give Maddux 4 inches off the strike zone, Jimmy Key gets those calls, too. just call it fairly. I'd like to see no one go to jail, and let the Republic run as designed. both others ... ????
  8. but you can see that he wants a young kid's support, and he asks for her to go on the campaign trail with him. I can't imagine JFK and Camelot behaving like that. young kids aren't intellectually immature in at least this one way: they know that real adults (men and women) have left the room, and that the adults remaining (men and women) are weak and predisposed to prostrating. like criminals, they sense the weak
  9. It's like I lost touch with the public in 1991 when I went to law school. Rip Van Winkle-like. I worked non-stop there as I had never done before--stopped watching even football. After graduating in 1994, I worked like a fucking dog till now, and I'm still at it (26 yrs of hell that no one in my family had ever endured--not for such a prolonged period, but they grew up in different generations and had not known what the legal profession was going to turn into). health problems from constant stress, which my money and privilege can't fix. wife, 3 kids, and I finally start to have some time to look around and smell some roses, and I now found out from a largely balls-less bunch that I'm privileged and I'm "the" problem--I've been "problematized." my whiteness is a problem, meaning I'm a problem. are you fucking kidding me. I'm fine with the radicals who have been ginning this shit up for decades to get more power and money for themselves (hey, that's their jobs), but for the dolts who buy into it I have no sympathy or respect. I went to sleep, and MLK's vision was the Gold Standard; then we had a black President and achieved other milestones; and I then wake up and H Rap Brown is now in charge, and he's not protesting any more, but giving woke lectures to all Ivy League professors and its students, and any other morons who'll listen. and I actually met some of the indoctrinated on a FOOTBALL board in 2020. (Rivals was less political and seemingly less Far Left wing, and so, I have to imagine that this is in part the younger generation. Gen Z isn't this bad from what I'm told, but the radicals never give up--they earn their living doing this while the rest of work and raise families.) I can only imagine what people who don't take to football think. You know, MLK never asked for this level of prostration. lol Malcolm X just said, stay out of his way. Get off the pharma drugs and propaganda, and experience manhood. This isn't yet Stockholm Syndrome, but the seeds are visible
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Leh-QlpD0Yk with 3 minutes to go, Greta begins to ask too much all of life is like living on a college campus, with no safe spaces from the indoctrinated regurgitating their indoctrination lol
  11. you guys on both sides know day-to-day politics far better; so, I defer to you guys. How will 1/2 the Dem party feel about Bernie getting cheated again?
  12. Tantalizing and true. Libertarian U Chicago & NYU Law Professor Richard Epstein said that Trump will win 65-35 against Bloomberg, as the Bernie-progressive vote will bug out. There are very smart Dems that know that. I don't see them sitting still. 3 yrs ago, Law & Economics Epstein penned a letter asking Trump to resign 1 week after Trump's taking the oath. He preferred Hillary to Donald (but didn't like Hillary), but prefers Donald to this field of Dems, especially after 3 yrs. We'll see.
  13. [What you wrote seems better suited for 1950 or 1960. I liked the essence of your post and where your heart is. Just some comments:] That is at the heart of it right here. I've never understood the need to defend or deflect or whataboutism concerning racism. [The universities politicized race, gender, sexual preference since at least 1967. From there, it went mainstream. It's a politicized issue most of the time. Professors in those courses of study will say it's political. Man is the political animal. Aristotle.] I doubt this strategy makes people feel any better and is not helpful to anybody IMO. [Politicization is not helpful.] The ability to actually listen and to have at least some empathy is required and that so few are willing to do so is just another wasted opportunity to have a common understanding. [People do listen. The radio is constantly blaring and playing. DD's posts are very good and informative, but you didn't read what he wrote: "I understand American History and I look at it differently as do most Black People. Those are just the facts." Essentially, listening to whites' "precepts and concepts of others * * * lead you to their tutelage and their guidance. Which is in their best interest not my own. * * * You don't have the same relevance of them as we do and I get that and understand that. * * * This is a side of the Forum is reserved for a subset that promulgates lies and falsehoods each day ad nauseam. * * * So yes have a knowledge of history and leaves a distaste and of course it should not be the same for you. * * * Now get back to your privilege of saying nasty Shit to people on here and stop giving me your Tutelage. I whole heartedly reject it." So, you said "common understanding," but his anger aside, DD isn't down for that, and I'm not saying he should be. It's like you're white-splaining his clear message into what you'd like it to say--it doesn't. He understandably--like Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X didn't--doesn't need well-meaning whites helping him draw conclusions and deliver his message. That's a major part of his point. Being nice to him and patronizing him aren't the same as respecting him.] To those who are tired of hearing about racism, consider how tiring it is to have to deal with racism and having to explain it to those with guilty/hurt feelings. [???] It cost absolutely nothing to listen and believe [That's not true.] those who are telling you what their experiences are [Most people know more about the history of slavery and the Holocaust than they do about The Federalist Papers, or how exactly capitalism beat out socialism, or why our form of gov't has beat out all others, or why our nation is the most successful and free by most measures, etc.], and in doing so your guilt will decrease [I wasn't guilty to begin with, as I understand guilt used here to mean, and listening without knowing why I'm listening isn't as productive as listening with a purpose. Teaching history is a truth-driven, not selective, endeavor. If there's an agenda, and I'm not saying DD has one, then listening is costly on some level.] and your knowledge and shared humanity can only increase. [It really depends. DD is passionate and enlightened in a certain direction. He admittedly and summarily dismisses anything contextual or contrarian or somewhat off-message as simple false white history. So, read his words, please, and do not think what you thought he meant or think what you'd like him to have meant; and then decide.] Again, this costs nothing and is as simple as changing your thoughts about it. [You can fill in this bracket by yourself by now. No one disagrees that slavery was probably the worst atrocity. What more??? Only so much time to learn so many other things. Father Time is always ticking--we can't read and learn everything. Black history is a small part of being educated. Even Obama would agree with that. When is the subject temporarily exhausted so people can move to unlearned and ignored people, events, and ideas. I think that reading Shakespeare and Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man taught me more about black people and our common humanity than did "Eyes on the Prize" or Toni Morrison, although the Song of Solomon was terrific--both were.] Appreciating the knowledge brother. [It's always good to be gracious to a good man like DD.]
  14. i got it. I got the sarcasm yesterday and today. I was amused. you're a sharp dude. Troll??? I wish he'd fly away like that bird in his avatar.
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