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  1. On the replay on the fumble looked like it was a helmet to helmet hit that knocked the ball out.
  2. Bolden was my absolute favorite teacher at Colerain and was either super cool like your favorite uncle, or extremely intense. Bolden was never my football coach, but still to this day talks to me like a friend whenever I see him and when I graduated college he was sure to let me know that he would be a reference for any job I applied for. I think you guys will like him
  3. Coletrain06

    Wireless headphones? Any preferences?

    All depends on how good quality you want. Beats or bose give a good enough sound to the untrained ear. The average person will love them. However, they are mocked for their quality/price in any audio community.....and besides that, you can get far better quality for similar or cheaper price. When I worked in the recording studio pretty much everybody used SennHeiser's or Audio Technica's. Both brands make truly outstanding headphones, and they are afforadble.
  4. Yes very true. Colerain and DLS are very similar teams in their philosophy. Both stress tough as nails Defense and an option based rushing attack with some timely passes mixed in. I'd like to see how Colerain recovers from this coaching change before we see big OOS opponents.
  5. Eds Offensive Lines are always fantastic and I agree: Scanlon is incredible.
  6. Ha ha I liked it and I thought it was good journalism. I hate boring interviews where they ask the most predictable questions.......the real story here is that Bolden left a top program in the country, in his neighborhood, which is also his alma mater... to go to an intraconference reeling football program. I'm glad the reporters prodded a bit. Most of the uncomfortable moments came when he'd talk about Colerain and referred to them as "we" or "us" and he'd have to stop or correct himself.
  7. Lakota East's HC Rick Haynes was Colerain' s longtime Offensive Coordinator under Kerry Coombs and the godfather of Colerains triple option. I'm not super familiar with the freshmen class, but there are plenty of studs in the sophomore class. Junior Varsity did very well, especially considering the best sophomores played on varsity. In Boldens interview yesterday he looked uncomfortable and pretty much admitted it was a money decision without actually saying it.
  8. Really hoping Colerain hires from within, or one of the many members of the Colerain coaching pedigree scattered around.
  9. Cmon CF I don't like all that doom and gloom It's definitely been a turbulent month to be a Cards fan. I don't know what the future holds, it could be good or bad. But I do remember everyone saying the same doom and gloom stuff when Coombs left. Either way, what's done is done and there's no dwelling on it. It's definitely gonna be a change, and I am excited to see what happens.
  10. Good analysis. I agree. Was updating a running spreadsheet that keeps track of all wins and playoff wins/percentages since 2000 among Ohios top D1 programs and it got me thinking.... It seems to me that almost all of Ohio's recent D1 champs have all had thee best or among the best Lines in the state. '16 X is probably the exception to the rule, (though they had very good lines) but they had divine intervention on their side 😆. Line play seems the best indicator of our top teams.
  11. Great post @OdbCle Here's a question........whom do you think had the strongest Lines in the state this year? Mentor or Hoban or Eds?
  12. I've been too busy to give a good analysis of the Ed's/Colerain game, but wanted to get back to it, especially since most of the conversation on Yappi prior and current has been horrible from both sides and everybody in between. Also told a few of the Ohio guys I would do it. The game was a good game between 2 good teams and good fan bases. Very good sportsmanship between both programs. The game was a tale of 2 halves. Colerain controlled the first half and if not for 2 turnovers may have dominated the first half, and Ed's dominated the 2nd half. The teams were very close and playcalling and execution were the biggest factors in this game. A few plays/calls could've gone either way and completely swung momentum. On the topic of execution....minus a few penalties, I thought Ed's played a near perfect game. Colerain played a solid game. If I were to rate their playcalling/execution from 1-10, I woud give Colerain an 8 and Ed's a 10. I watched Ed's probably 5-6 times this year, and in the Championship game they just didn't make many mistakes. They didn't give up any big plays, they executed the Onside Kick to perfection, picked up blitzes at the last second, and most importantly their QB Garrett Dzuro was 13/13 for 166 yards and 2 TD's making great throws all game. Here's my review of the game. In the 2nd half, Ed's was able to keep the Colerain Defense on the field, and when the Colerain offense finally got back out there they had 2 series where they just ran FB dives right up the middle. Ed's adjusted to it at half and were stuffing the dive in the 2nd half. Some of the calls were deliberate, and some were the QB just making the wrong read. The outside and edge were open on a few occasions. The Colerain option usually opens it up in the 2nd half and the diversity is when it starts to really work on a defense. Unfortunately we didn't get to see that. It was puzzling. By their 3rd possession, Colerain had to go to the spread, and Ed's was able to anticipate and defend the pass much easier. Ultimately Ed's made adjustments and made bigger plays in the 2nd half to win the game. Since the game, we've been hearing some dumb things about how the option cost Colerain the game, or that the other Northern teams would whoop Colerain.....The option worked great all season long and in the first half, and probably wouldv'e been fine in the 2nd half if Ed's hadn't made great plays on Offense. Even when Colerain had to pass, I thought they were clearly capable, especially considering Ed's has a great secondary and knew Colerain was passing. Syncere dropped a deep pass late in the game that went right through his fingers......As far as the other Northern teams, people wanted to say Colerain had such an advantage because Ed's had never played their option. I didn't buy much into that line of thinking, and actually thought that works both ways...Colerain has never seen Ed's before either. A lot of those Northern teams are rivals and play each other all the time and know each others tendencies, just like Colerain and the GCL teams. Different teams present different matchups. It's just as confusing when we saw Ed's struggle with Elder and Moeller. Colerain played 2 bad quarters for pretty much the entire season. Alot of the other teams had multiple bad quarters or games. IMO Hoban, Eds, Colerain, Mentor, and Iggy all were pretty equal and any could beat the other depending on the night. Ed's has cemented themselves as the best program in Ohio recently.
  13. Coletrain06

    Official game day drink thread

    Oh yea......Christian Moerlein. One of the oldest breweries around....theyve been around putting out craft brews before they became popular. Moerlein brews are ok....., but they are like Sam Adams in that you can pretty much find them anywhere in the area. However, they have the "Moerlein Lager House" downtown at "The Banks" on the river by the stadiums......and it has some of the best food in the city, probably a hundred or so beers, and a great view with good outdoor seating. Definitely one of my favorite places to go for food and drinks.
  14. Coletrain06

    Official game day drink thread

    If Listermann wasn't already your favorite Cincinnati brewery.......
  15. Yea.......Bolden took the Lakota West job. The only amusing thing is that La Salle chickened out of renewing their contract with Colerain, and instead signed a deal to play Lakota West.........now they get Bolden again anyway 😂