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  1. Black Betty is a difficult song to play. Fun fact: Bill Bartlett of Ram Jam originally recorded Black Betty with a bunch or Cincinnati area musicians under the band Name Starstruck. My dad is a musician who knew some of the guys. The original Starstruck version is identical but it's longer and has some killer solos/intstrument interludes. The Ram Jam version is edited down.
  2. That's how I feel about Peach alcohol. Rarely does it taste right.
  3. Shit, me too. Between work, exercise/outdoor activities, and spending time with family/friends....I usually forget to check in here. That's true for me in general tho... I pretty much never take pics or document what I'm doing. Oh well, privacy is nice IMO.
  4. Saw on Social Media, Listermann had tapped an imperial Stout aged in Blantons Bourbon barrels, so I decided to swing by and check it out. It's very good in case you were wondering.
  5. So from my understanding, the craft beer community doesn't consider it any different than an IPL, though the brewer/creator of cold IPA's insists it is. FWIW Listermann had a Cold IPA called The Iceman Cometh, and it took home the Gold at the beer festivals in the Cold IPA category. It was just OK to me. Like a light crisp IPA.
  6. This reminds me of one of my favorite viral videos. Volume is a MUST.
  7. I dunno, Im not a frequent flier, but I've flown Delta, Allegiant, and Frontier in the last couple years, and thought all are pretty much equal. Delta definitely nicer with ability to watch movies, etc. But seat comfort/proximity to other peple was all the same. But honestly for me...a plane is just transportation. If i can find the cheapest flight, sign me up. I dont need all the luxuries. I can semi understand luxuries on longer flights, but with shorter flights, the flight is usually landed before i even notice.
  8. A delicious Valentines day Milkshake Ipa from Streetside.
  9. Sounds like an awesome time. Ive wanted to do the spartan/savage races, but Ive never wanted to pay like $100 to do them. Also, the brewery hike sounds perfect. In Cincy, I did a beer run 5k where breweries had beer stations alongside water stations......As it was billed as a run 5k, most people were running, stopping, drinking, then running again, etc... As you can imagine, it wasn't very fun. Running and drinking aren't the best combination. But walking or hiking between breweries is way better. You can do that very easily in Asheville and hit like 10 breweries in no time.
  10. This one's good. Not one of their best, but still a tasty beer.
  11. Ill be honest, I dont know the ins and outs of the brewing process, but I do know that I've seen Facebook and instagram posts from Listermann where they are literally dumping loads of candy, cakes, gummies, etc, into their vats. Tbh it seems hard to get really right and its the difference between decent beers and great beers. Ive been to so many breweries in Cincinnati recently and most have at least an attempt or 2 at some of the crazy pastry/dessert stouts or milkshake IPA's and most of them just aren't that great or taste like they are missing something that leaves it tasting just like a regular stout or IPA.......but then theres breweries like Listermann, Streetside, Brink, Sonder, and Third Eye that release a couple new beers every weekend, and they are usually inventive and top notch most every time. OozleFinch brewery in Virginia? Is a brewery with all women brewers, and they have some of the craziest fruity concoctions, but they are delicious...almost like smoothies. Ask your brewer if she's heard of them.
  12. Some interesting stats by conference I compiled while watching the first 2 rounds. ACC... 8-2.....Avg. seed of defeated opponents =7.25 ◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 4.5 Big 10...9-7 Avg. seed of defeated opponents =10.33 ◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 6.86 Big 12...9-3 Avg. seed of defeated opponents =10.44 ◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 4 SEC...4-5 Avg. seed of defeated opponents =13.5◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 11.6 Pac12...4-1 Avg. seed of defeated opponents =10.75◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 10 Big East...5-4 Avg. seed of defeated opponents =11◾ Avg. Seed of opponents lost to = 7.5 ACC and Big 12 ahead by alot this year.
  13. Big 12 solid 2 this year. ACC dominated this tournament though
  14. Or when you're in New Orleans lol....Hand Grenades and Voodo Daiquiris have kicked my ass many times. But they're so good. Mexican restaurants too.
  15. This post should end after the bold. It would be a perfect anti humor joke as a knock against Coors. Reminds of Norm Macdonald telling the Moth Joke
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