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  1. Why is my beer fridge filled with all dark stouts and porters lol ....anyways this is very good
  2. I'm no Ohio State fan, but wasn't the game back and forth and a one score game mid 4th? Sure Michigan was getting the better of it, and cashed in big at the end due to some big runs, but saying they get demolished so bad, etc. is definitely a little hyperbolic
  3. Stopped in at Listermann the other day, and they had one of the best line-ups I've seen in a while. I had: "99 Problems, but a beer ain't one" - classic NE Ipa. Very Solid. Allen's Experimental Pumpkin Pie Spiced Stout- pretty solid for a Pumpkin spiced Stout. Better than most pumpkin beers. Midnight Maple Berry - Barrel aged imperial Stout with maple and berries. Very good. Like breakfast chocolate and berries. Coffee Jingle - a coffee and vanilla flavored mead. Very different but I really liked it. And my favorite of the bunch...... Operation Flintlock:Coconut S'mores - a coffee Stout with coconut smores. So good.
  4. Springfield is fun to watch, but there's just something I love about pounding the football vs a nasty defense.... Would really like to see the Moe/Ed's rematch
  5. Also another note, in D4, Taft HS, led by former Colerain RB/Offensive Coordinator Tyler Williams just lost a tight Regional Final 7-0 to undefeated Wyoming(14-0). That's their 2nd loss to Wyoming this year and only their 3rd overall. Tyler Williams doing great things for the Taft Program..... But in terms of Wyoming......Wow. 10 shutouts this year! The other four game's Points Allowed were: 7, 14, 7, & 7. Must be a great defense! They play Steubenville this week. Should be a good one!
  6. I wish I had more time. But taking on alot more responsibilities at work has left me with much less of my own free time... and while HSFB is a hobby, it's not at the top of the list of things I like to do with free time 🤷‍♂️
  7. Odbcle is one of, if not thee, most consistently spot on posters! Nobody always gets it right, but I rarely, if ever, find myself disagreeing with your assessments
  8. D2 has incredible matchups. Massillon has lost to Moe but beat Ed's. Hoban has only lost to Ed's TCC has only lost to Ed's Kings has only lost to Winton Woods, but just avenged that loss, and for all we know, they could be the 2 best teams in D2.(unlikely, but possible)
  9. Man, I don't know, but Moe's OLine completely dominated LW all night. That really surprised me. Also Moe did it with a Freshman QB in his first game and start of the year! And Jordan Marshall was out the 2nd half! Pretty incredible performance. Not sure how Springfield matches up tho
  10. I'm actually favoring West. If Mitch plays well, West wins.....If he doesn't have a good game I think Moe takes it
  11. Yea, that defense is very good.
  12. Yea Elder looks pretty good. I'm rooting for LW. Bolden and Ramsey have had some epic matchups when their teams are relatively close in talent.
  13. Haha yea. silliness. Their offense didn't even score on West in 2 games. I was rather unimpressed with Princeton all year. Which is crazy considering all of their talent. Parker is probably a good dude, but IMO he's an average coach. Don't understand all the hype he gets
  14. Yea, I thought they might. Pretty good showing, especially after 3 of the team buses were in a crash on the highway on the way to the game. 7 players were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.
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