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  1. Very true. He is our best RB, not to mention that this puts us down our 2 best LB's also. Pace will have to be full time RB. Im thinking Hamzah moves to the wing and Flowers comes in at FB. It will take a monumental effort this week
  2. Just looking at the geography of the teams left in D1.... If Springfield wins, I would think they would get the Region 4 winner...... Groveport and Pickerington are near each other, so if Coffman wins,......it could really go either way
  3. I've seen some, but not too many. All of the ones I've tried, I've also had non nitrous versions....and I usually prefer the non nitrous versions
  4. This beer is so f'n good. Tastes dead on Apple streusel. Perfect balance of Apple, sweet, and Cinnamon.
  5. I always get the Paulaners at the Oktoberfest's here in Cincy. The Youngs Chocolate is one of the better chocolates too
  6. Devastating news outta Colerain Star 2 way player RB/LB Jaylen Thomas was in an automobile accident last night or this morning and is in the hospital. He's fine, but scheduled to have surgery Monday to take care of some things. https://www.wcpo.com/sports/high-school-sports/colerain-football-team-shows-support-for-injured-standout-rb-jaylen-thomas
  7. The edge has always burned Fairfield. Not sure why they didn't have more plays to the edge in the first matchup.
  8. Colerain another shutdown of Fairfield inside the 10. 3 stops, INT on 4th.
  9. Colerain TD Colerain 21-7 Just about to start 4th
  10. Colerain 30 yd TD pass. Colerain 14-7 551 2nd
  11. Fairfield scores on a long TD pass that was well covered, and looked like an INT.....must have went right through DB's hands 7-7 1125 2nd
  12. 1st play for Fairfield MCClain is hurt...writhing in pain on ground
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