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  1. Been checking out tons of the breweries around Cincy the last couple months. I suck at using my phone and documenting shit....so every so often I remember. At Streetside and this one made me think of Hawg and our Georgia brethren........Streetside New England IPA with peach "Vaderade"...its actually quite thick and almost like a smoothie or NEIPA w/pulp. Pretty solid.
  2. For National Relevance, I would say Cathedral, Colerain, Elder, DuPont Manual. For combination of game relevance, atmosphere, etc. It would probably be Colerain, Elder, Cathedral, DuPont Manual. Colerain - Don't know how good they'll actually be. At least as good as last season I would think.... Should be a Good Defense per usual. Should have some good RB's and WR's back on Offense. Question mark will be at QB and 3rd new Offensive Coordinator in 4 years(Bolden left to Head Coach Lakota West, Tyler Williams left to Head Coach at Taft. Longtime coach/former player Brad Rabe is new Of
  3. My favorite beer I've ever had. So good. Great Milkshake IPA.......obviously tastes like a NE IPA, but the Coconut comes through strong followed by the mango/passion fruit, and the ancient tiki spices & lactose smooth everything out and adds a very noticeable cinnamon/horchata taste to it all.
  4. Damn, La Salle has a pretty ambitious schedule.
  5. Don't see that going well at all for La Salle, though it is interesting. I live about a mile from La Salle....I may walk up to that one
  6. Beer # 2: Godspeed Little Doodle So after reading about this one....its a collab with a band called Okilly Dokilly that play a type of music called Nedcore....and they all dress like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons and also use all Ned Flanders quotes for their lyrics! 😂😂 So the beer is very good....very sweet, tasty, dark, cinnamon.....would make a good King Cake beer.
  7. Stopped in at Listermann today to grab a release of one of my favorite beers ever. Decided to have a few while I'm here..... Here's the first...collab with Pontoon out of Atlanta....Barrel Aged..14.5%....I remember really liking this brew last year, but I dont think I had the Barrel Aged version.....this year's is very good. Sweet, thick, but smooth and delicious....would be a perfect breakfast beer
  8. Not very. A tiny sweet touch, but otherwise drinks like a light beer. Goes down way too quick
  9. That sounds and looks good! I tend to like solids in my beers.......kinda like oramge juice. Love pulp in my orange juice.
  10. Here's a good collab from Listermann and Dancing Gnome. NE IPA with Papaya, White Peach and Vanilla. This drinks too easy. Pretty tasty.
  11. This was a leftover Brink crowler from my 1st annual Mardi Gras Party from couple weeks ago.... Made some Seafood Gumbo, Crawfish Etouffee, Jambalaya, and Hurricanes. Friends brought some King Cakes and beignets. I ran up to Brink to get some King Cake beers.. great times, great beer, though last years cinnamon King Cake beer was a better version and more accurate to King Cake .
  12. This beer is really good! Perfect balance of hops, citrus, and sweetness. Makes me want to learn the different hop varieties, because these hops taste great!
  13. Man we hit 32° yesterday and I was cruising home from work with my windows down and wind in my hair.
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