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  1. Its Crazy. I know Ive said it before...and maybe I enjoy it a little more because La Salle is Colerain's neighborhood archrival....but I can't help cracking up when I think back to the preseason interviews with all of La Salle's 3-4⭐ defenders saying that nobody will even complete a pass against them this year. They've now given up 52, 24, 13, 7, & 37 pts 😂
  2. Listermann fruity pebbles beer. Pretty tasty.
  3. Colerain/Hamilton probably a better game IMO. West / Mason is a good game too. Hamilton seems better than Mason, and probably closer to a 50/50 game with Colerain. After seeing the results last night, I dont think Mason scores more than 7 on West.
  4. La Salle loses to Cathedral 37-28 St. X beats Moe 43-14 Elder beats Walnut Hills 35-7 Colerain beats Sycamore 21-7 Hamilton beats Mason 12-7
  5. Massillon vs St. Ignatius - Massillon 21 Iggy 10 So far on the season, Massillon has been pretty solid. After losing by 1 pt to Eds in week 1, they have rattled off 3 consecutive wins, capped off last week by beating a pretty good Benedictine squad 28-10. Massillon remains a favorite for D2. Iggy has had a late start to the season and have beat Bishop Sycamore 33-6, but lost last week to Eds 17-0. It seems as though Iggy has a very solid defense, but will probably struggle on offense, especially playing catch up to other teams. I look for Massillon to win this one. With some gr
  6. To be fair, this is only Iggy's 2nd game... no scrimmages and limited practice.....they had only played 4 quarters against Bishop Sycamore before this. Eds offense working out kinks, but defense playing pretty well. But I agree this certainly isnt one of Eds best teams
  7. Yea, seems like a very geriatric area. Staying at a friends house on a canal and its dead silent outside day and night lol. Probably a lot of vacation homes
  8. Im from Cincinnati, but Im a Dolphins fan, so I have a semi unique perspective on this, since almost every friend or family member is a Bengals fan and there's always get togethers to watch Bengals games. The vibe in Cincinnati is that the Offensive Line is absolutely terrible. The running game can't get anything going because of how awful the line is, which makes it a lot easier for defenses to dial in on Burrow. The Browns just sent blitzers almost every play in the 2nd half, giving him no time to throw. The Defense was absolutely terrible against the Browns. Also most fans think AJ Gre
  9. Yessir. 🍻 Good luck to the Eagles tomorrow! Curious to see where Iggy's at
  10. Im on vacation in Florida right now, so not going to do much detail. St. Edward vs. St. Ignatius - Eds 21 Iggy 10 St. Edward ran for 350+ yds and came back from being down 24 - 13 to beat Mentor 28-24. Mentor struggled running the ball against Eds defense. Eds picked off Kipp twice at the end of the game to seal the victory. Iggy played its first game last week vs Bishop Sycamore and won 33-6. Not too much to take from that game, as even the players indicated it was basically a practice. I think Eds takes this Holy War because they are so far ahead of Iggy. They've played
  11. Ohio High school Public - B Private - A College - B NFL - F 😂......... Browns and Bengals....enough said.
  12. Heres a good video of Mekhi Lynn highlights against Colerain.
  13. Yea........it would be an interesting game. Princeton's D isnt as good as last year, but their offense is far better. Also they seemed much more composed and less gimmicky/trash talking than last year. Overall, a better team than last year's Princeton IMO. West would bottle up the run.....it would come down to if Mekhi Lynn/Princeton could make those big throws and catches. Colerain effectively shut down the run and contained the passing for most of the game.
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