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  1. National tournament

    Ben Davis Mater Dei IMG Allen BG
  2. National tournament

  3. Didn't catch that.....was out at a brewery drinking, so it was too loud to hear anything
  4. So the ACC showed up today.......except for Virginia lol
  5. I wouldn't read too much into Virginia's loss....they went 31-2 against a very difficult schedule...... Then lose by 20 to UMBC tonight....sometimes you just have one of those turd games. I also feel like the law of averages was going to haunt a 1 seed sooner rather than later.
  6. Well there goes my national champion. I'm usually always weary about picking teams on really long winning streaks, and especially teams that win a major conference tournament. It's just so hard to keep that momentum without having an off night
  7. Thanks PG and PGL

    Minor suggestions.... Give coaches a more clarifying introduction.....First and Last name....brief coaching history.....and his username. Some of this was covered and/or easy enough to figure out because we are passionate national fans and use this forum daily, but it would be better for casual fans/less informed if it was crystal clear
  8. Well shit.....sounds like I need to start pounding some beers
  9. I said before the tournament that the ACC and SEC were the best this year. Had a bunch of locals telling me that the Big East is the best conference this year.
  10. True, at least none were really surprises. Virginia Tech and NC State were in 8vs9 games and Miami FL losing to Loyola-Chicago was the most popular upset pick. Virginia and UNC should roll Clemsons injury has me seriously worried about them. FSU should be a toss up. Syracuse will be underdogs, but capable of winning.
  11. I'm a Maryland fan and ACC basketball fan, and was pretty disappointed yesterday. I've been keeping track of every major conference's performance in the opening rounds for many years. The ACC usually always outperforms the other conferences.....hopefully they can have a better day today.