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  1. Meh ok. Can't beat the discounted price though....$3.99 for a 6 pk
  2. Colerain 23 Princeton 14 Final Ugly 2nd half for Colerain. Colerain went very vanilla and seemed like they were sitting on the lead Princetons size on the Lines, the DLine especially, is ridiculous! Their defense is legit. Their offense only managed one drive of any note.
  3. Yes new coach. Don't know how much of the old staff is gone. Same with Wayne. Waynes longtime coach was run out of the program, and now Wayne is 0-3 and getting whooped 28-0 at half. It's still a long season, but I feel thankful at Colerain that after a Coaching change, Colerain still looks like Colerain.
  4. If not for playing a Kentucky school for the deaf (no...Not really) last week, they haven't scored a point yet this year or their last playoff game last year.
  5. 1 Dematha DC 2 Trinity 3 Loyola Academy 4 Narbonne 5 Christian Bros 6 Northwestern FL 7 Longview TX 8 Eastside Catholic WA 9 St. Xavier OH 10 IMG Academy
  6. Week 4 Pick 'Em Games: Pinnacle AZ @ Eastside Catholic WA St. John Bosco CA @ Mililani HI (9/21) Serra (Gardena) CA @ Narbonne CA IMG Academy @ St. John's DC (9/21) Miami Northwestern FL @ Lowndes GA Punahou HI @ St. Louis HI Loyola Academy IL @ Mount Carmel IL Trinity (Louisville) KY @ Male (Louisville) KY West Monroe LA @ Longview TX Edna Karr LA @ Warren Easton LA (9/21) St. Ignatius OH @ DeMatha MD (9/21) DeSmet Jesuit MO @ Christian Brothers MO St. Peter's Prep NJ @ Bergen Catholic NJ (9/21) Elder OH @ St. Edward OH (9/21) Skyridge UT @ American Fork UT
  7. 76 Moe isn't even considered the best Ohio team
  8. Here's what I have right now: Mentor Iggy Hoban Eds Pick Central St. X Elder Winton Woods Colerain Massillon Others: Fairfield, Olentangy Liberty, Springfield, TCC, Coffman, HD, La Salle.
  9. Yea you'll probably like them then for sure. I honestly can barely tell there's alcohol in them, except they're like 5.5-6%. Best of luck with the rest of your work week. Those kind of weeks suck! Good part is you appreciate your time off that much more when it comes. Prepare to get smashed!
  10. They taste just like hard seltzer/sparkling water. Not sweet and sugary like Zima or other wine coolers, which is what makes them much better IMO. They are basically zero carbs/sugar and low calories so they sit pretty light. If you don't like seltzer or sparkling water, you probably won't like it though
  11. I don't ever buy those myself, but I do think they're pretty good, and I would take one of those over a Smirnoff/mikes hard, Budweiser, Miller, Coors etc.
  12. Odds are on Sammy wearing a new hat this week. But who knows, maybe somebody else pulled the upset.
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