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  1. Right?! Nice backdrop Cossacks. I'm sitting here inside because it's cold and snowing outside Watching the UFC fights and NFL games while drinking a few beers....... Originally I was gonna pass on this one, but after looking it up due to curiosity, it had a high rating, so I bought it. Great smooth stout. Perfect balance of sweetness mixed in.
  2. Solid advice. Can't say what I do will work for everyone, but I always keep stuff on hand for when I get sick.......Emergen-c drink mixes(1000mg mix of vitamin c, zinc, magnesium), some sort of immune booster tea, broth or bone broth, and veggie juices.......whenever I usually get sick I dip into that stuff and I recover pretty quickly. With covid, I did all that and stuffed myself with healthy food. Filling up at every meal. And always drink tons of water.
  3. I like a good Vienna style! Here's what I'm drinking. Not bad. Still mad I didnt stop in Duclaw when I was in DC/Baltimore.
  4. Hoping your wife makes a full recovery! My uncle who turned 70, is in pretty good shape...seems more like 55-60......got Covid and had the flu symptoms pretty bad, but recovered at home, and was fine....but a couple days ago went in to ICU with some residual symptoms that affected his heart, and nearly needed defibrillators. Was released back home after getting everything under control and is doing ok now....but crazy because he thought he was out of the woods. Definitely err on the side of caution if you're having a rough time with it.
  5. I had it leading up to Christmas. I'm 32 and in good health. In retrospect, I noticed symptoms a week before I got tested. The first few days were very mild to the point where I didn't think twice about it/figured it was just seasonal changes (Clearing throat more often, nose inflamed for 24 hrs but never congested and completely gone after 24hrs.)... after that the next few days, I was fatigued and achy. Nowhere near enough to keep me from work, just enough to make it uncomfortable. The next day I woke up with no ability to taste or smell. That's when I knew.... so I took a rap
  6. My friends wife brought this back from Memphis, and split it with me. Still regaining my taste/smell, but this one tasted really smooth and not overbearing with banana
  7. Man, when I was on the haunted drinking/ghost tour in Savannah....the tour guide talked me and my friends in to taking a Savannah Flu Shot at the 17Hundred90 Inn/restaurant. Forget exactly what was in it, but I remember it had horseradish Vodka and cleaned out the sinuses.
  8. I took a free vacation to Savannah to help my buddy move his girlfriend back from college at SCAD...... Savannah is still probably top 3 favorite cities I've been to. So many awesome small parks all around the city(Forsyth being the crown jewel), really cool architecture, great historical value, good food and drink all over, the beach is nearby, and you can walk around the city with your adult beverages! One of my favorite things we did was a walking/drinking ghost tour. All around the city with 2 stops in bars to refill and ending at Moon River Brewery. Awesome times!
  9. Yea, as a Dolphins fan, I honestly couldn't believe what was happening...... If you can't bring the clock down to 7-10 secs, you always take a TD over a FG. Read that the Dolphins were trying to let them score too 😆 Now we gotta win or hope the Bengals or Steelers beat the Ravens or Browns.
  10. Yea, this might've worked as a NE or Milkshake IPA but instead it's a weird mix of fruity with the strong hoppy flavor....not very good.....which is why I chose it lol
  11. Merry Christmas my friends! I'm out of quarantine today, but still cant taste or smell shit, so I grabbed the shittiest beer that's been in my beer fridge for like a year and a half 😆
  12. Awesome label......same with Ghost in the Machine!
  13. How are the Oktoberfest celebrations in Georgia? Is there anything at all? We've got it made here... probably one of the most German cities in the USA
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