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  1. Haha.....the pronunciation of Olentangy always makes my head hurt. For those that don't know, it's pronounced: Ole-en-tan-jee
  2. Coletrain06

    Lebron’s Son will attend high school in....

    Is his son really named Bronny?! Lol
  3. Coletrain06

    Grayson is rolling out an app

    I think it's a great idea for lower level recruits, but not sure how valuable it would be for high level recruits.....sites like 247 and hudl are already easy enough to use....and the app seems like they're just adding extra steps
  4. Coletrain06

    2nd toughest league/Region in America?

    I wouldn't expect too much out of the GCL this year. They all should be solid, but don't think any of them should be exceptional
  5. Coletrain06

    Coach Hoffmann Q&A

    Yes that 14 Eds team was very strong. Would've been nice to see what would have happened if the QB wasn't tipping his plays with his feet against Elder and BC
  6. Coletrain06

    What is wrong with the West Coast offense?

    The first round of the playoffs is usually okay ~ 30-40°........2nd round on it really starts to drop fast ~ 9 - 30° avg........ snow is common from 2nd round on.....many of the championship games have been played in the snow. You can't run a West coast pass heavy offense against quality defenses in the snow or very cold weather and have much success. The coldest game I've been to was regional final Colerain vs Moeller in the 3rd round 2013.....it was 9° and snowing......it was hard to even think in the the cold, let alone try and play football. It was just handoffs pretty much or QB runs the entire game. An average playoff game is around 20-30°.
  7. Coletrain06

    What is wrong with the West Coast offense?

    For the West coast and South.....not too much. In most of the Midwest and Northeast, the weather in the playoffs make it much harder to win with that style of offense
  8. Coletrain06

    Coach Wilson Q&A

    This was very interesting....would be great to get a follow up Q and A next year or after the season.....since we'll all be familiar with the program.
  9. Coletrain06

    High Schools with Most Draft Picks since 2006

    Was gonna say the same thing haha. Glenville has had enormous talent advantages in some of their playoff games. Still can't believe they lost to Loveland for the D2 title in 2013....and in devastating fashion.
  10. Coletrain06

    State vs state results

    Sorry that should say intrastate
  11. Coletrain06

    State vs state results

    If this is state by state results, why are you including intrastate matchups?
  12. Coletrain06

    Official game day drink thread

    That sounds interesting.... an imperial IPA with orange flavor. Sounds good Here's what I'm drinking currently
  13. Coletrain06

    Moeller star QB won't play football senior season

    I figured this would be the case
  14. Moeller star football QB will not play his senior season.......instead focusing on his basketball career, where he's already committed to West Virginia. https://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/moellers-miles-mcbride-will-not-play-football-during-his-senior-year
  15. Coletrain06

    Like Father, Like Son at UHigh

    Cool. Really looking forward to U Lab this year. I liked them alot and thought they were generally underrated last year.