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  1. Heres a nice collab between Seventh Son from Columbus and Listermann from here in Cincy. Seen descriptions of tasting like brownie batter......thats pretty accurate. 10.5 %.
  2. Pretty much every entertainment or food and drink venue is closed in Ohio, except for carryout and delivery...... Listermann has a menu up where you can order and they are shipping beer orders to your house anywhere in Ohio 🎉🕺
  3. Yea SD is def tops on my list to check out on the west coast. And Denver Cincinnati is #1 east of the missippi so far that Ive been to. Asheville is #2 just for the sheer number in such a small area.
  4. Haha. Im terrible with pics in general.... I forget most of the times with beers, unless im at home or somethings incredibly good. Some cool places for sure. Beer pretty solid but not really incredible.
  5. I went to Asheville last week and drank more beer and visited more breweries than I have since high school. All the breweries are so close... The whole city is walkable and great food everywhere!
  6. I remember all the Colerain Football players coming to my elementary and middle schools and doing the same thing. Definitely a very cool experience for a kid.
  7. Gearing up for Mardi Gras. I love King Cakes and New Orleans, so had to try this one. Pretty good. Probably grab a few more of those and make my homemade seafood gumbo and creole Jambalaya for celebrating this weekend!
  8. Probably a good move, as most of our teams havent been elite recently. I think Colerain 2018 couldve competed with some, but thats it. Maybe some Eds teams. Some middle of the road teams would be great games
  9. Im a sucker for anything coconut This is a pretty damn good beer. Not too heavy. Lighter brown ale and very smooth.
  10. Bourbon street is insane every night lol
  11. Why you give Zulu Eds when we have 2 Eds guys (hardhit & odbcle) and Zulu is from cincy area? 😂
  12. Im rooting for the Titans. Colerain's coach, Kerry Coombs, from 1992-2006 won a state title and the computer share of the MNC in 2004 at the high school level. After that he went to University of Cincinnati as a positions coach, and then made his way to associate head coach, recruiter, special teams coordinator, and DB coach. In 2009 the Bearcats nearly played for the title. After that he went to Ohio State with the same job positions. The Buckeyes won a National Championship while he was there. Recently he took the position job for the Tennessee Titans, although word on the street is that he is the # 1 candidate for OSU D Coordinator position. If the Titans win a superbowl, Coach Coombs would have Championships at the High school, NCAA, and NFL level.
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