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  1. No WCAC Schools was surprising
  2. By far the best “prospect” at QB GC has ever had no question … Whites Marshall and Zach Dancel led GC to 4 straight ships years ago 08-12…but neither one has the upside this kid has …
  3. The defending full season champion GC surprising has had a great off season with big time Power 5 offers going to their QB and numerous key positions and some key transfers to plug some glaring holes .. I would certainly put them in the running to repeat and a top 20 ranking to start the year…
  4. GC always has played SFA tough (in scrimmages) last time SFA came to Olney for a scrimmage (summer 2019) GC hammered them ... I suspect SFA will be fine... SFA plays GC this fall that will be a much different vibe
  5. Yes GC will very young but competitive they put on a beat down on SFA this spring but to be fair it was SFA's first contact in over a year
  6. Not sure the defending WCAC champ is the worst Team in the league but agree they beat up SFA physically pretty bad
  7. GC played a FR QB and had 4 sophomores on the OL ... not a bad job tonight
  8. GC Plays Ryken GZ SFA (this should be fun) SJC DM
  9. They are exploring various scheduling options with a start date of Jan 1 2021 for fall sports
  10. Fall season is cancelled WCAC is looking at options starting January 1, 2021.
  11. Yes he did ... He is legit .. RPO QB with a ton of upside .. Chase peaked don’t think he was going to get better playing in the WCAC and a national schedule .. QB will be by committee for sure in 2020 with Ben Neeo and Trace but that’s ok GC will be very very physical on offense
  12. Look for a 6-6 210 sophomore to take the job but w/ Trace getting 5-6 snaps a game as an RPO player ... Yes agree with 5 OL coming back plus a 6-6 310 OT transfer and both RB's back it will be run run run at GC
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