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  1. Non-sequitur. I know you’d like to rationalize posting a link to a site that is a home to hate speech, violent extremism, white supremacist propaganda, overt racism, antisemitism, and dangerous conspiracy theories, as some kind of flag wrapped first amendment cause celeb, but I wrote 4 words “Consider a media fast,” which is a point about attending to the type of media one chooses to consume. I am clearly implying that taking in too much social media hate and conspiracy (and perpetuating links to it) may not be good for one’s mental health, and it might be a good idea to take a bre
  2. The legal strategy is failing at every turn. The state legislature strategy to overturn the election isn't doing any better.
  3. The conspiracy runs much deeper than anybody suspected...
  4. Yes. Newt Gingrich compared today’s GOP to an algae bloom that is all about self preservation and toxic to humans. I thought the reason for a dashboard of COVID metrics was self evident, but I guess not. The 3rd chart shows more Americans are in the hospital for COVID right now than at any earlier point in the pandemic. Already overwhelmed in some places, we are nearing the breaking point of the health care system in many more. More deaths will follow. So what’s been happening? Trump goes golfing while he attempts to maintain power by overturning a fair election, while many
  5. Someone needs to explain to Newt that he just compared the GOP to the 'red tide,' which is toxic. 'National implications!'
  6. Yup. We've slipped the surly bonds of American history. What is the word we should use for an impeached and defeated president who: Lost a free and fair election Is getting routed in court, reinforcing the reality of his defeat And is now asking fellow partisans to simply hand him the presidency
  7. SMH at all these liberal scolds and wannabe tyrants badgering people about not 'driving drunk' and touting DUI laws. Freedom means letting people figure out for themselves how much to drink before getting behind the wheel...
  8. NorCal newspapers broke the story. It was picked up by the New York Times (here). That's how real journalism works. Underneath the 'hypocrisy gotcha' animating this thread is the more serious message: Leadership matters. It's perfectly rational for people to not take precautions seriously when they see their leaders and experts don't. This applies no matter political affiliation. I'll note that Newsom took responsibility and apologized. That's leading by example too. More leaders should try it. From the link above: “The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was
  9. What cracked me up was how the thread title changed from "Michigan" to "Nevada" in the course of about 3 hours. And yet the effort to overturn an election just continues without pause: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/trump-s-effort-overturn-election-results-may-be-inept-it-n1248096 I'd argue as a legal project, Trump's claims that he lost because the election was rigged has been a 1-24 court ruling train wreck. As a political matter, they've been all too effective -- Witness this thread and the 40 others just like it. The continuing damage of this will hamper
  10. Sounds to me like you already know exactly what you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones. I’d also suggest now that the infection is burning out of control, every activity is higher risk, so it’s a good time to redouble vigilance until the vaccine arrives. But I do want to use this opportunity to provide an overly simplified example to illustrate how a vaccine on the horizon might influence rational personal (micro) and policy (macro) decisions. Take your favorite local restaurant, employing say 10 people. You love the place, it is essential to the charm of the
  11. Sometimes when we witness athleticism of surpassing grace, art of transforming beauty, science of unimaginable brilliance, it leaves us in awe of the profound range and ability of humans. It’s hard to fathom sometimes that we are all of the same species… The two announced vaccines, and the brilliance behind the mRNA technology, falls into this category. With some basic cautions, we don’t have much more than press releases to go on, nobody yet knows how long the vaccines will protect, and while the task will be large and complex we’re 8ish months away, this is the news that changes every
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