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  1. 15yds4gibberish

    IG Report thread

    At ~560 pages, I can't claim to have read more than the Exec Summary and a number of sections so far. I have a plane ride in an hour, so maybe… but it is Friday and I have drink coupons...so maybe not. While I appreciate the hot take, and don't disagree with your limited characterization, I've also read enough to know that the report is a lot more complicated than what you've portrayed here. I also already know enough to know that there is essentially no good faith way for Trump supporters to interpret the findings without having to own up to some uncomfortable truths: The report validates the integrity of the Clinton e-mail investigation and conclusion -- So no ‘lock her up.’ Comey's decision to criticize Clinton in the July press conference was unjustified -- And certainly not biased against Trump. Comey’s decision to announce the reopening of the investigation was similarly “an error in judgement” in favor of Trump. The IG report criticism of Comey is not any revelation of his character or his honesty, but of his judgement. While Strzok and Page were found to be undeniably stupid in their political texting, the report also notes: “our review did not find documentary or testimonial evidence directly connecting the political views these employees expressed in their text messages and instant messages to the specific investigative decisions we reviewed.” So opinion and deed were two separate things. Further the report states that Strzok and Page were “aggressive” investigators of Hillary Clinton – “We found further evidence that in some instances Strzok and Page advocated for more aggressive investigative measures in the Midyear investigation," The narrative Crime Family Don is using this report to advance has no actual merit, but enough incidents within the IG narrative will seem to give credence to it and have political effect. It’s perhaps too much to ask people – and this president – to embrace the complexity of this story and exercise good faith…
  2. 15yds4gibberish

    Mueller Used the C-Word Today

    Thanks. Here is my claim about the witness tampering charges last week: Here's yours: Seems like the context problem here isn't mine, and Paul is wearing orange today just as I suggested he might. But I'm willing to leave it up to Paul and ask him if he thinks the witness tampering charges led anywhere or not...
  3. 15yds4gibberish

    Mueller Used the C-Word Today

    This post aged well...
  4. CajZone, I appreciate you posting on this topic. I've wanted to a number of times, but the fact that the policy of the United States of America is to rip children from their parents and warehouse them in abandoned Wallmart's (and soon tent cities) is such a moral outrage, I don't know how to speak about it. The question isn't why are liberals outraged, the question is why isn't every American outraged? This President isn't just cruel, he's a coward -- He can't even own up to the fact that tearing children away from their parents is HIS policy, and one that he could end RIGHT NOW. He is truly a garbage human being.
  5. 15yds4gibberish

    Draining the Swamp

    😃 Crime Family Don personally directed his Foundation funds be used to settle a lawsuit related to Mar A Lago. Here is the receipt. We are dealing with criminals, but we certainly aren't dealing with criminal masterminds...
  6. Trump Crime Family Javanka report a minimum $82,000,000 in earnings last year while working for 'free' in the White House. Crime Family Don with his blatent dis-regard for protocol designed to protect him and his family has earned all the conflict of interest questions that are/will/should/must be asked. For example:
  7. 15yds4gibberish

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    I thought it was the libs that were supposed to be hysterical. Are you ever not hysterical? Staffers for Nunes threaten to hold Rosenstein in contempt of Congress. Rosenstein reminds them that if they do that, he has the right to subpoena their communications and put them on the witness stand to prove them wrong. That's called due process. Rosenstein is right, and Nunes will always be a Midnight Uber Clown -- Or do conservatives no longer believe in due process?
  8. 15yds4gibberish

    Preparing For War With Canada...

    I shouldn't have to explain to the self proclaimed Ivy educated Finance and Stats VSG why the average is used here instead of a single cherry picked statistic. I will probably hate myself in the morning for even entertaining this dis-ingenuousness. The average tariff tells us that overall the G7 members have very open markets - Contrary to what you are being told. Every nation has a few sectors, mainly in agriculture, but elsewhere too, that have old fashioned high barriers. The EU imposes a 10% tariff on cars. The US imposes a 25% tariff on light trucks. Overall a trivial factor in world trade. WRT to your snarky comment about being hysterical and gratuitous, Crime Family Don could probably help himself by not launching into full Putin puppet hysteria ahead of the meeting, inviting exactly those questions...Russian TV seemed to like it though...
  9. 15yds4gibberish

    Preparing For War With Canada...

    This is complete nonsense for multiple reasons I won't go into in this post -- But the very first one would be that Crime Family Don told our best allies stop doing things they aren't doing. Trump demanded that G7 members remove their "ridiculous and unacceptable" tariffs on US goods -- Which would be hard for them to do because their tariffs are very low (e.g. US exports to the EU average just 3%). I can think of only two reasons for Crime Family Don's petulant G7 debacle: 1) He's Putin's Puppet -- Yelling at friendly nations about sins they aren't committing won't bring back American jobs, but it is exactly what someone who does want to break up the Western Alliance would want to see. -or- 2) He can't stand spending time with powerful people who won't flatter him or try to bribe him -- Rule-of-law democracies cannot deliver the emoluments Trump collects from more authoritarian regimes. They cannot expedite Ivanka Trump’s trademarks to gain favor. They won't try to sway him with a state-owned Chinese company’s $500 million investment in an Indonesian project that had licensed Trump’s name. They don’t book their national-day celebrations in Washington’s Trump International Hotel. etc.
  10. 15yds4gibberish

    Mueller Used the C-Word Today

    Yeah...no. You might want to actually read the document. Three of the counts run through 2017, one through 16, one through 14, and two for witness tampering in 2018, none for the range you wrote. Not your best epic burn. 🙄
  11. 15yds4gibberish

    Mueller Used the C-Word Today

    New indictment dropped. It is the first one that charges both an American and a Russian for working together to commit a crime -- The chair of the Trump Crime Family campaign and a suspected Russian intel operative... What feckless c-word should we use for that? Kinda thinking Paul may be wearing orange as soon as a week from today, as judges don't usually take too kindly to witness tampering, but we shall see... We are up to 20 witches charged with crimes. Still reading through the indictment document here.
  12. 15yds4gibberish

    DOJ IG report to characterize Comey as insubordinate

    If the ABC report is to be believed, apparently the IG believes Comey/FBI was insubordinate in support of Crime Family Don’s campaign. Here is the link to the ABC article along with a couple of salient quotes from it: “The draft of Horowitz's wide-ranging report specifically called out Comey for ignoring objections from the Justice Department when he disclosed in a letter to Congress just days before the 2016 presidential election that FBI agents had reopened the Clinton probe, according to sources. Clinton has said that letter doomed her campaign.” “Horowitz's draft report cited Comey for failing to consult with Lynch and other senior Justice Department officials before making his announcement on national TV. While saying there was no "clear evidence" that Clinton "intended to violate" the law, Comey insisted the former secretary of state was "extremely careless" in her "handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."” Of course, some of us have been pointing these Comey actions out as rotten all along…At the time, I remember right wing celebrations about these actions (along with Trump tweets about how courageous Comey was), but hey if you now want to spin it as some sort of vindication that there is vast Deep-State/FBI/Clinton conspiracy against Trump that operated by undermining Clinton's campaign and helping Crime Family Don get elected, then have at it – Nobody going to talk the Very Stable Geniuses out of it. 🙄 Standard Caveat: I reserve the right to change my mind after the actual IG report comes out…
  13. 15yds4gibberish

    Stupid has issues with Constitutionality

    Well Bluliner, we almost always agree on football and almost always disagree on politics. Here is what I read this weekend, two letters from the Trump legal team to the Mueller investigation team. In them, Team Trump makes some pretty bold claims about presidential power including the power of the President to: Pardon himself for any crime. End any investigation into his friends or himself for any reason. Launch a federal criminal investigation into his enemies for any reason. Taken together, this is a claim that the Crime Family Trump is completely above the law. If you don’t have time for the letters you can just read the Cliff Notes version the President himself tweeted out this morning (but the letters have other interesting hints in them): I forget, are we supposed to take his tweets seriously but not literally, or is it the other way around (or can we just assume a legal team letter to the FBI is both literal and serious)? What do the well read non-weak-minded people have to say about these claims? Is the President above the law? Can the President pardon himself? If Clinton had won, could she have pardoned herself? Any reason why Donald can't just get on with it and murder Hillary on camera (As long as it's in DC of course)? If now isn't a good time, when would be a good time to start to “give a shit” and what would be the Republican approved way for the weak minded to give such a shit -- You know granted fealty and all?
  14. 15yds4gibberish

    Federal judge goes off on Mueller’s team

    I've been travelling quite a bit lately, was this on TV? Cuz I finally got a chance to read the transcript here, and if Dreeban was rattled it didn't really translate to paper -- For example, Judge Ellis asks him a question and he extemporaneously responds something like 'there's four key points to consider,' and then proceeds through the points despite being interrupted and side tracked by Judge Ellis multiple times...so he's focused, but I can see how the constant interruption by the judge would be annoying... I don't know jack about Judge Ellis, and I'm not an attorney, so I have no idea if he is the kind of judge that likes to telegraph his opinions through his questioning, or if he just like to hear himself talk or whatever...He does say at one point "I reminisce a lot" (on page 18, and yeah no shit..) and somewhere around about page 30 he seems to go on walkabout...so I wouldn't bet more than a nickle on whether or not I think this case gets moved the the 4th, but if I had to, I would put my nickel on it won't. But you think it will be moved, and the President is on record saying how great he thinks Judge Ellis is (hint...The President doesn't know crap about him), so it will be fun to watch and see what happens (and watch the President change his mind about Ellis if the case proceeds). The transcript itself is 48 pages long, but it's a quick read and a pretty interesting look into relatively recent American history, Independent Counsel vs Special Counsel, limits of power including the President etc....Some references to Iran Contra that I didn't really remember, but appear important to the Judge....also funny the way the Judge at one point stops using the descriptor "alleged" before 'Bank Fraud,," but it isn't in the transcript if anybody reacted. But if this get's punted to the 4th and Manifort loses, it's not going to be because of home cooking, it'll be because he's guilty. Finally, for @HawgGoneIt, your money quote starts on page 42... MR. DREEBEN: They're factually linked to the areas of our investigation because in trying to understand the activities of Mr. Manafort in Ukraine and associations that he may have had with Russian individuals and the depth of those, we needed to understand and explore financial relationships and to follow the money where it led. So the logic of the investigation has factual connections to the indictment. I think in Your Honor's hypothetical, that would not have been so, and that's the fundamental difference. Personally, I appreciate the subtle undertones of Watergate in the part I underlined (he say's 'follow the money' again on pg 43)...and somehow with this President the name 'Deep Throat' is funny too, but I didn't see that in the transcript... We'll know more in about 10 days I guess... Quick Edit to add: Did not know Manifort's attorney worked for Rosenstein at one point, but he tried to leverage that in the questioning...judge didn't seem to have any of it though...
  15. 15yds4gibberish

    Coach Alumbaugh Q&A

    Coach, before you go, thank you for joining this clown car we affectionately call Prepgridion.com. I don't really want to talk out of turn, but just a few posts in and you already have more likes than that Folsom guy. Of course we all owe Folsom guy a debt of gratitude as about 18 of us decided to go to the game together soooo... About that SJC game. Loved watching the look in the boys eyes, confidence growing real time, chatting each other up as they came in and out, realizing they could come back and win. No pressure , but one of those, without the first half would be nice... Thanks again for a great, informative session today.