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  1. Sessions fires McCabe

    Then you didn’t do a very good job of verification, because you, me, and the rest of the American public still don’t know in any detail what it is that Andrew McCabe is supposed to have done (apparently, at a high level it has something to do with him telling the press, during the election, that the FBI was in fact investigating Clinton and the Clinton Foundation – Something I remember Republicans applauding at the time). Meanwhile all we have right now are Sessions statement and McCabe’s statement. What we do know is the President has crusaded for months against McCabe, who is a crucial corroborating witness to Trump’s attempts to stymie the F.B.I,’s investigation of his campaign ties to Russia. If the morons leading the Justice Department really cared about their institution they would have put out the IG/McCabe report on Friday night alongside the firing. Without a strong record to back up what Sessions did, lots of good people will doubt the integrity of the whole place and all it’s people. This is exactly how Trump corrodes everything he touches.
  2. Presidential Corruption Matters - An incomplete list

    Here's your Tom Price link I usually opine and speculate with links...
  3. As the President plays musical chairs with his staff, news of administration corruption gets lost in the shuffle. Just so we don't forget, here is an off-the-cuff initial list of corruptions, some of it penny ante some of it massive, reported just in the last couple weeks (more to remember, more to come, more to be developed, feel free to add your own): John McEntee, Trump’s personal assistant, fired for “serious financial crimes.” He was escorted out of the WH without being allowed to grab his coat, but don't worry about him, he was immediately hired by the Trump 2020 campaign. Tom Price, former HHS Secretary, forced to resign over half a million dollars in travel expenses. Ryan Zinke, Interior Secretary, excessive travel expenses and $139,000 to replace 3 doors (but they open and close really well). Scott Pruitt, EPA, also huge bills for personal travel, insisting he needed the extra security of first class travel because someone once shouted something insulting at him in coach…(insert snowflake comment here). Also a $43,000 ‘cone of silence’ so nobody can overhear him eliminating environmental regulation… Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, worth $300M, racked up over $1M of taxpayer funded military airplanes to fly him and his wife to their European honeymoon among other travels. Ben Carson, HUD, $31,000 dining room table he lied knowing about (but massive cuts for poor people are necessary). Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary, richest man in the Cabinet. His holdings are starting to look like massive conflicts of interest, with the Russian holdings starting to look suspicious, so this one is a stay tuned. Donald Trump, President, are Emoluments even a thing? Foreign governments are routinely spending large sums at Trump hotels to curry favor. God only knows what’s happening at the foreign properties. The VSG continues to do nearly weekly promotional appearances at his properties, charging for access to him and pocketing the money. This week we learned that the Defense Department spent $140,000 at Trump properties in the first few months, on meals and lodging. Presidential seal is being used to sell branded merchandise. Don Jr, supposedly not in the administration, travelling to India selling condos and foreign policy all in one. Ivanka Trump, WH something or other, is receiving more than $1M per year from projects with state-owned companies around the world, even as she works in the WH without proper clearance and travels the globe as a representative of the U.S. Government. Jared Kushner, too many WH assignments to list, is involved in too much corruption to list. The biggest we’ve learned so far is he secured loans for himself and his family in excess of half a billion dollars after meetings in the WH about possible infrastructure projects. The stay tuned story is the suspicion that Kushner pressured the government of Qatar to bail out his family debt and changed American foreign policy to punish the Qataris when they didn’t come across. In any organization, the tone is set at the top.
  4. donald trump jr enters the lonely hearts club!

    I read a very cynical post about it this morning...It's depressing that we live in such a diminished time that we have to learn about all these previously un-imagined types of corruption, then we have to sit back and ponder whether this is a real thing and figure out if it could potentially be true: "I refuse to joke about Vanessa Trump bc it's NEVER funny when a couple files for an uncontested quick divorce, one where assets can be swiftly transferred, on the same day an independent special counsel subpoenas their family business. People, this could happen to you someday." I have my doubts. Don Jr. seems like such a good guy. I'm sure she married him for love...
  5. Coach Wilkinson Q&A

    Okay, I know we are supposed to be asking questions, but can I just say that one really was fun!
  6. Coach Wilkinson Q&A

    Coach, You are a brave man, coming on to this wild west we like to call home. Thank you. First a compliment. Five or six years back, one of your star players was caught in an incident before the state championship. You kept him out of the game, and I had a lot of respect for your comments at the time about how some things are more important than state championships. You were right. My question is this. I'm torn about the overall direction of the HS game. While I really admired your anyone anywhere anytime attitude at Cocoa, I can't quite reconcile watching kids get on an airplane a couple weeks in a row to travel across the country to play a game -- Cocoa isn't IMG, and most aren't going to play on Saturday or Sunday...Do you worry about too much demand on the kids as players? How do you reconcile the sometimes conflicting demands of being a HS student and a HS athlete?
  7. trump fires Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson

    Grid, The root cause of all this turnover is a weak leader. I would suggest to you that you would not find yourself freaked out because you would not stick around and subject yourself to the kind of abuse this boss doles out for more than about a day. I would also suggest that if someone like this worked for you, he would have been gone a long time ago. WRT this particular firing, its a little like the mixed emotion a man experiences when watching his mother-in-law drive over a cliff in his new car...On the one hand, Rex Tillerson was the worst Sec State in living memory. He gutted and demoralized the department and delivered nothing for this country. And yet, on the other hand, he appears to have been fired for his occasional lapses into principle rather than for his failings.
  8. Jared Kushner loses top secret security clearance

    Root cause of record breaking White House staff turnover: A weak leader. The Hope Opera* will continue until morale improves.... ("Lordy!" It looks like she kept a diary.)
  9. Should the NRA be designated a hate group?

    I don't see it. This NRA ad doesn't even mention gun owners or gun rights because that's not what the NRA is about. The NRA is about making one half of America believe the other half of America hates them, so they are angry and scared and buy more guns and make gun manufacturers richer. Don't believe me? See for yourself. If a lefty organization put out this ad, @zulu1128 would put up a laughy emoji and write about how hysterical liberals are. "The clinched fist of Truth!"
  10. Muller opened up the Gate....

    @dbcaptiron Well done and much appreciated. More points of agreement than I anticipated, couple of honest differences in perspective. It appears we genuinely share some of the same open questions, and we both have a willingness to re-evaluate as more information becomes available (eg the Schiff memo dropped yesterday between the time of our two posts -- Little surprised there isn't a thread on it already). Let's keep talking. Now for a little snark as blog life is hardly worth living without it -- I think it's now safe to say the Mueller investigation isn't going to be wrapped up by Christmas 2017...
  11. Embarrassment to the country

    No worries my brother...The way I figure it, the picture was worth the price of admission all by itself...
  12. Embarrassment to the country

    Understandable smash comments aside...and even though I think she's terrible, this seems like fake news...did anybody fact check this? Edit Update: It's fake
  13. Muller opened up the Gate....

    I'm going to take you at your word about this, and share my thinking. You pride yourself as being an independent thinker, so I do not expect you to take my current thinking as gospel, nor would I want you to. You will need to do your own homework and come to your own conclusions. Like you, I also am not trying to argue. Please note: I know this was addressed to @DBP66, and I am butting in. But here goes anyway. I am confident laws have been broken, and there is a considerable scandal at the heart of this. What I'm less sure about is if there is a 'smoking gun' showing collaboration in the form of an explicit and formal agreement -- This does not bother me personally so much because I know that corrupt transactions are often tacit -- You are helping me. I'm helping you. It's good for both of us. No need to complicate it. ("Russia if you're listening, I hope you are able to find the 20,000 emails that are missing.") Also less sure about what Mueller will ultimately do with his findings. Much will depend, I suspect, on the political climate at the time. It's quite possible there could be a report to Congress that the public will never see. So we'll see. No. It's much more likely that Trump realized he had a huge liability on his hands with Manafort, so Manafort had to go. We now know a lot was happening in August of 2016. Probably the most critical thing was this: Starting in August, Donald Trump personally, as well as various high-ranking members of his team, were briefed on the Russian interference by US Intelligence and law enforcement officials. At the same time, there were numerous reports about Manafort's shady business dealings with Russia-aligned leaders in Ukraine, involving allegations of millions of dollars in cash payments and secret lobbying efforts in the United States. So we know that prior to Maniforts departure, Trump knew of Russian interference, and we know that Trump had a public image vulnerability in his admiration for Putin. This made his campaign manager a huge liability - So under all that pressure, Manafort 'resigned' (technically he wasn't fired). We also now know that Trump 100% knew that American intelligence agencies were looking into Russian interference, and yet they continued with the contacts and clandestine discussions and public policy promises right up to election day and intensified them during the transition. Not once, as far as we know, did anyone associated with the Trump campaign or Trump himself speak to anyone from the intelligence community and say, "hey you told us about that interference campaign. This one guy contacted us and we had a few conversations with him. Just wanted you to know..." Not once. Of course Jared, or Paul, or Don Jr. might have said "Hey, now that you mention it, we actually took this meeting in Trump Tower in June. And someone said it was the Russian government trying to give us dirt. We just wanted you to know." But none of that happened. To me this shows a consciousness of guilt, and a desire to collaborate ("If it's what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer") with the Russian operation, out of view of the US Government which was trying to prevent it. This is a considerable scandal all by itself, -- Even before we get into after the fact obstruction, calling the Russia Foreign Minister and sharing the most closely held US intelligence secrets, or the continued refusal to impose sanctions mandated overwhelmingly by Congress.
  14. Things that make you go Hmmm...

    @HawgGoneIt Thank you for a strong set of posts. I've been watching this one for a couple of days, wondering when it was going to pop up here under the guise of "not my words." This one started in the internet right wing fever swamps. The 'he's pretty good' Gateway Pundit picked it up, and we are off to the races. This is who we are now. A kid survives a school shooting where 14 students and 3 teachers are killed, and we go after the kid -- Because his dad is retired FBI -- And we are somehow to associate the Mueller investigation as a real underlying cause of the school killing. They are also going after three other teenage survivors for smiling in a photo. Anybody could have fact checked this, but they couldn't be bothered. It's just easier to blame the survivors cuz they dared question that status quo where 17 people were massacred. This is who we are now.
  15. New reporting from Forbes raising many Trump conflict of interest questions. Here are two to kick off the vitriol: Is it a conflict of interest when corporate tenants of Trump Tower, who pay millions per year in rent, lobby the Federal government for policy? and Does this mean that Forbes is good for more than just a spanking? https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2018/02/13/trump-conflicts-of-interest-tenants-donald-business-organization-real-estate-assets-pay/#47d87a8948f9