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  1. I used to travel a lot, so I started voting by mail over a decade ago, and like you, find it so much more convenient. I like spreading out, taking my time to try to understand the propositions and candidates. Sometimes, if I want to feel connected to what's happening at the polling place, I go and drop my ballot off on election day and collect my sticker. It's insane that in many places around the country we discourage citizens from partaking in their civic duty by limiting polling places, making them stand in line for hours. Yesterday in Wisconsin was a disgrace - Good article about the decade of WI politics leading us to yesterday here: Republicans know that vote by mail is convenient and secure. In Ohio, the GOP-led legislature did absolutely the right thing, extending the primary by six weeks of vote by mail. Signed by a GOP governor (who has been doing a great job during throughout). Instead of celebrating good governance, that action faces headwinds: If a lot of Americans voting 'doesn't work out well for Republicans,' maybe Republicans should be working harder to be more popular with more Americans. 😷😷😷
  2. @Belly Bob Thanks for these. Fun. One of the things we've been doing on our shelter in place weekends is opening a bottle of the good stuff we've been saving for special occasions and watching stand-up. Can't always say if it's the wine, the material, or both, but it's feels good to laugh, and then spend the rest of the week recycling the lines over and over by inserting them into every possible situation in which there is even a remote connection.... 😷😷😷
  3. Not currently finding any of your older stuff, but I recall a discussion you and I had after the 2016 election, Congress back in session, but inauguration hadn't happened yet, and the first order of Congressional business was the gutting of ethics oversight. 😷😷😷
  4. If only IMPOTUS put as much heart into stopping COVID-19 from killing people as he puts into stopping Inspectors General from uncovering wrongdoing. Just in the last 3 work days: Intelligence Community IG Atkinson fired late Friday night for telling Congress about the Whistleblower complaint. Link Acting DOD IG Fine, who was just named as the chairman of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee to oversee how the government carries out the $2 trilling coronavirus relief bill, was removed today from that role. Link Health and Human Services Principle Deputy IG Grimm, who identified hospitals needing more COVID testing, is under fire. Link This assault on IG's is designed to intimidate any who would impede or shed light on his misconduct...Made possible by the willful blindness of the US Senate. Banana Republic stuff. "I'll be the oversight. I'll be the oversight." 😷😷😷
  5. The Wisconsin election should not be happening today. It serves as a warning for what could happen in November. The nightmare is IMPOTUS tells his supporters it's okay to go to the polls in the midst of a pandemic, and those of us with a firm grasp on reality who know it's not safe aren't allowed to vote by mail. Voting protections must be part of the next stimulus bill. Republican's can't pass it without Democratic votes (but I could be wrong about this). Too far-fetched? 😷😷😷
  6. We are a long way from done, but Newsom and other CA officials have been extraordinary so far.
  7. For me, anyway, there's a little more to this particular tweet. During at least one of his nightly disinformation broadcasts last week, IMPOTUS already used the phrase 'light at the end of the tunnel.' All the associations went through my mind then, but I decided to hold off on making the deathbed joke, because let's face it, it's a little dark and of questionable taste at a time like this. BUT, I also figured someone on his staff would advise IMPOTUS to steer clear of using that particular phrase again as nothing good could come of it (watch the Queens Address for a good way to impart a message of hope and resolve). This morning when the official White House communication came out in all caps and exclamation point (sounds panicky), I succumbed to a moment of weakness. But a more serious point is, first rate leaders surround themselves with first rate people. Second rate leaders surround themselves with third rate people. 😷😷
  8. Well, gallows humor is often in bad taste. But there is history to 'light at the end of the tunnel' pronouncements. Gen Westmoreland rather famously said it about Vietnam -- About 2.5 months before Tet. He spent the next 15 years denying he ever said it. A month ago today, March 6, IMPOTUS told us: "Anybody that wants a test [for Coronavirus] can get a test." It is now a month later and this is still not true. IMPOTUS is incapable of being re-assuring. 😷😷
  9. ...that this is often purported to be the last thing you see when you are on your deathbed? 😷😷 (Note: Now that we are almost at 10K deaths, face mask emojis will now be rounded to the nearest 1000 Benghazi's, ie 4000 each)
  10. Like you and a lot of Americans, I also have a lot of loved ones in Florida, and I am very worried about them. So while you might be able to sell your 'moral-high-ground-victim' shtick to the predisposed as a rationalization for personal bad behavior, I'm not buying it. Doxxing is wrong. We elect leaders to lead -- Most especially in times of crisis. Because we are still a UNITED States, a great many of us are paying for bad leadership decisions made in Florida. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
  11. Not really, no. Sounds more to me like you've been arguing with him for the past week, aren't happy with how it's going, resorted to doxxing, advocating for him to go do something else so you can have a safe space. Make better arguments, or be funnier than he is, or put him on ignore, but doxxing is out of line. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
  12. What? No thread about how Jared Kushner, a man who earned his current position of power by his wits and hard work alone, is now in charge of working with FEMA to oversee the distribution of vital medical supplies to hospital and health care providers? Nothing Orwellian at all about the after the fact changing of the language on the national stockpile website to more closely match Kush's description. Link We are all going to die. There is something very Turkmenistan about this system of government by son-in-law. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
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