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  1. I think they wanted a chance to get in the CFP and get a Natty before going pro. Not saying that this will get them back, but it'll help persuade them to return to C-bus.
  2. Even though they decided to not play football this fall, practically every Big 10 school will have their campus open for students to attend this fall. So students will be able to take classes on campus, live in residence halls, eat in their dining facilities study in the library, be able to leave the campus to go shopping and hang out at bars/restaurants/clubs. I wonder where's the science that says that it's ok for universities to do that without the worry of an outbreak, but the liability of playing a sport is a bridge too far?
  3. The thing with liability is that it'll be very difficult to try and pin a covid-19 case on football or any other sport. With campuses letting students attend classes on campus, live in residence halls, eat at their dining facility, study in their library and hang out in the student center. in order for the university to be held liable, you have to show that you can do all of those things safely and there's no chance of catching the virus doing other university things and that playing a sport ALONE was the cause of a player getting sick. It's a virus. How do you prove where they were infec
  4. Sounds like let sleeping dogs lie. Much appreciated.
  5. You're a mod right? How much of a problem would it be if the original USA Academy interview with Dusty thread just happen to make a return appearance?
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