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  1. First time I saw this guy...
  2. Durham?...LOL..too little too late in Trump's eyes...he was going to save the day!...remember?...and what happened??..wonk..wonk..a lawyer for lying which he denies and will fight in court....you a big Mike Flynn fan...he's a real traitor....🤡
  3. you know the story...Joe's blows....😉
  4. you mean like Mike Flynn???...who goes to Russia to dine with Putin....Putin's puppet??
  5. The fellas stopped by today....
  6. I spent 12 hrs. in my tree stand one winter in 20 degree weather...I got home and my eye balls were cold!
  7. in a sense it doesn't matter....Bosco exposed them as frauds as far as being a top 10 team in the country. They got a lot of seniors and this is their year....not to choke.
  8. so the N.Y. Times made a correction like all creditable newspapers would/could and should do....now imagine if your boy told the truth one time and told his clown posse "I lost the election fair and square"....wouldn't that be nice!!...let's have REALITY rule our country....and not believe a desperate clown who can't admit defeat and strings along 78% of the republican party with him...😪
  9. I think it's time to move on from Hunter Biden...the IRS's inactivate is to catch the fat cats who cheat on their taxes...this $600.00 transaction thing is just a distraction to get people like you to fight for the Billionaires who don't pay their fair share...like Trump paying $800.00 in federal taxes?!...you go and fight for the rich who cheat the IRS like a good little Trumper...Donny and Hannity are counting on you!!.....🤡
  10. the uk dailymail huh??..LOL....just another B.S. conspiracy you fell for...🤡
  11. LOL...that was the prize of the day!
  12. This guy made my day...
  13. we got a good R.B. suiting up for varsity...he's not playing freshman games who's a very good and I heard the Q.B. is good. Haven't got to a freshman game yet....hope to make one.
  14. yes they do...and the o-line will be big and talented...we have a good Jr. R.B. (Bullock) who will also be factor next year.
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