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  1. 🤡 the Kool-Aid with the liquid acid in it that got you thinking they "dislike this nation".....LOL..silly Ronnie!...🤡
  2. and don't forget your brothers who are not as fortunate as you.....some of them are resentful for good reasons.
  3. ..LOL.."People who complain about or dislike this nation"...LOL..it's nice to see you've been drinking your Kool-Aid with your Big Mac today!...stop the company line B.S. stick...no matter what they say it doesn't justify the President of the US telling elected officials or any citizen to leave the country...unless your a red neck with no common sense...🤡
  4. yes or no??...I'm sure you would remember that if it ever happened...
  5. YES you are...congrats!....have you ever been told to go back to Africa?
  6. LOL...nice spin!...common sense is knowing it's NOT ok to tell others to leave the country...so therefore you have no common sense...🤡
  7. ...all "bullshit" or "fake news"??...those must have been "fake tweets" huh??....🙄
  8. go back to where you came from....dumb ass red neck....🙄
  9. no parrot involved....just common sense and a SENSE OF DECENCY....both of which you and the Trump clowns here don't have...🤡
  10. and when you tell some one to go back to the country where they came from....guess what...that makes you a RACIST RED NECK..NO DOUBT ABOUT IT....but you clowns are too blinded by the flags you like to wave around...dopey ass red necks...🤡
  11. what "belief" has has been proven wrong Ronnie?... you have shown nothing to indicate otherwise , have you.: looks like you haven't been paying attention. How many blacks does he have in his cabinet?..."shithole countries" ring a bell?...targeting 4 minority women? the two law suits?... <depends on what that elected official says about the president first, do you support those representatives? : LOL..NO it doesn't depend on what is said to the President...that's a weak, red neck answer...the President is the leader of the country and ALL it's citizens and has NO RIGHT TO TELL ANYONE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY...It's nice you get to show your true color!...🤡
  12. I wrongly stated he was found guilty twice..he was sued twice...my bad... back to the topic...so you think both of the federal law suits were bogus and had no merit?? and Trump has and continues to treat blacks fairly?...telling an elected official to go back to where you came from is acceptable for a Pres. to say?...do you support what he tweeted?..was it racist in your opinion?
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