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  1. Heard these guys gobbling all day...
  2. Liz is doing the country's dirty work....standing up against the BIG lie Trump continues to sell and his clowns continue to buy...how f*in sad is it that 30% of Americans (crazy-ass Trumpers) don't think Biden won the election?!...as the world laughs at us...and lie grows...SAD..SAD times in America.
  3. AMEN...more dangerous than I thought...I thought by now reality would have set in?....my bad...these nut jobs are living in an "alternative facts' world...this is what happens when a guy tells over 30,000 lies in a 4 year span....people will baaaalieve anything if you say it enough times...Brainwashing 101...🙄
  4. auditors??...LOL...they are a bunch of Trump nut jobs pretending to be auditors...they have no clue what they're doing and they don't expect to be done until July?...as they are getting kicked out of the place they rented on Friday for a H.S. graduation?!... it's a SHIT SHOW to embarrass this country in the name of Trump...🙄
  5. it's amazing that 70% of Republicans brought the BIG Trump lie....hook, line and sinker....sad times in America....I actually feel bad for Liz Cheney!....😒
  6. My breakfast buddy....
  7. Hey....You looking at ME?
  8. another shot of this beautiful bird...
  9. I haven't seen this big guy in a while...glad to see he survived the start of turkey season!
  10. The top 1% holds 42.5% of the national wealth. The wealthiest 1% of U.S. residents -- about 3.29 million people -- hold 42.5% of our national wealth, while the remaining 325.7 million people share the remaining 57.5%, according to Inequality.org. No other country in the world has so much wealth concentrated in the hands of the few.
  11. what % of the total wealth in the U.S. do the top 1% own?....🤡
  12. Haven't seen seen any hatchlings yet...
  13. I used my wife's cheap cell phone to take the picture that's why it's so shitty...and believe it or not me and the Ms, saw a Red Tail hawk with a snake today driving home around the corner from my house. The snakes around here have no chance!
  14. Got a pic of my new neighbor today.....
  15. posting an article from a economics student about B.L.M.??...LOL...BRILLIANT!....🤡
  16. As the nation battled the coronavirus pandemic, Trump went on television and delivered what could only be described as medical improv. He said government scientists would be testing “very powerful light” inside the body to kill the virus, as well as disinfectant taken “by injection” which would be “almost a cleaning.”
  17. why do you think Trump didn't tell his clown posse he got vaccinated in Dec...he kept it a secret??..why??...trying to keep you clowns in the dark and unvaccinated??....😪
  18. "15 cases soon to be down to none"....DJT....🤡
  19. and you took the bait...hook, line and sinker...just like the old days!...🤡
  20. you're worried about 6,000 people who are dead??..LOL..save the tears....maybe your boy should have been honest about virus when it broke??...how many lives would have been saved??...🤡
  21. here's a though...don't take advise about B.L.M. from an economics student!...🤡
  22. no rabbit holes today Roger rabbit...we all know you can't help yourself!!...🤡
  23. LOL...as the Trump clown here tries selling some B.S. about B.L.M. quoting a economics student?!?...f*in...🤡
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