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  1. how about the BIG rip-off Trump did to his posse?...having the donation form pre-filled out to have auto-payments set-up?...LOL....he scammed the people who "love" him and give him money...he pissed off a lot of his base with that scam...what a NICE guy!
  2. House Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump See Fundraising Boost John McCormick, Chad Day 4 hrs ago. As they prepare to face primary challengers, the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump after his supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 raised significantly more money during the first quarter of 2021 than they did two years earlier. The group, leveraging the power of incumbency, also swamped their GOP primary opponents in almost every instance during the first round of fundraising since
  3. naa...just enjoying his show...it never gets old..😉
  4. Trump’s influence over GOP is tested in early 2022 fundraising SOO RIN KIM and KENDALL KARSON Fri, April 16, 2021, 9:28 PM Former President Donald Trump's legacy continues to loom over the GOP, as both those backed by the pugnacious would-be kingmaker and those who have made their name by siding against him are boasting strong fundraising numbers as they head toward the 2022 election cycle. In the first signs of Trump's influence over the 2022 midterm race, significant fundraising sums are being reported by strong Trump allie
  5. Hawley, Cruz and Cotton are f*in morons...I like Hogan but he's too nice and makes too much sense for the right.
  6. You need the "center" vote of this country to win the Presidency...the one's the hard right wouldn't piss on would get a lot of votes from Independents.
  7. I wouldn't sell Mitt short...I'd also vote for him. Cheney??...is see too much of her father...no way!....😉
  8. Nice post...I think the real Republicans will start to rise again. Trump is involved in many law suits and his availability and focus will change when they start to roll out meanwhile Liz Cheney and now ex House Speaker Bohner are standing their ground and calling Trump out for the riot he started. Will this mentality continue? or do the Republicans all get amnesia and forgive the guy who sold them a BIG lie? I think Trump will start to fade away as reality starts win some Republicans over....having no Twitter has neutered him IMO. He's no longer in the news 24/7 and fading way by the day. I w
  9. why didn't anything come of this great piece of "actual evidence"??...hummm...🤡
  10. do you know how many times this silly "actual evidence" videotape was explained away?!?.....keep swinging...why do you think nothing every came from your "actual evidence" if it's on videotape??...hummm🤡
  11. whatever happened to your famous "videotape evidence" that was de-bunked 2,000 times?.....LOL...silly 🤡
  12. I talked about the "actual" case...not like the B.S. you like to baalieve...."massive batch additions"??..LOL...sure,,🤡
  13. fraud huh??...LOL...like Sidney and Rudy said?.....🤡
  14. "overnight mass batch additions in an election in Ga"..LOL...you and Mike Lindell are the only 2 people/clowns in the country still talking about election fraud in Ga...that didn't happen...🤡...🤡
  15. the only hole you know is the rabbit hole you live in....🤡
  16. LOL....like the "actual" call....or his "actual" voice...or "actual" tax records....or "actual" payment to Cohen...🤡
  17. LOL..you still got your ruby red Trump sunglasses on...no evidence...8 years of taxes and people flipping in the NY Real Estate case...all in black and white...the Ga. case??...all you have to do is listen to Donny to beg for votes he didn't get..you need a shot of REALITY...BIG time....🤡
  18. LOL..no charges to be guilty of??...LOL...the NY real estate case is criminal and people are flipping....the election case got Cohen in jail....and the Ga. case?...all you need is a set of working ears to find guilt....🤡
  19. in N.Y. you have the Stormy case that never went away...and the property fraud case he just hired a new lawyer for...in Ga. you have him interfering with the election results...one election fraud case...one lying about property values and another with him trying to flip the election in Ga...take your pick....and I'm not sure if the sexual assault is criminal or civil....maybe both?....didn't even need a pole!...🤡
  20. take you choice then...he's got both going on...criminal (NY state & Ga.) and civil...the law suit by the two Capital officers who got hurt is going take your boy down...and BTW he also has to give DNA for the sexual assault case....LOL...🤡
  21. yea...I'm making shit up...he's really not getting his ass sued off by multiple people as we speak...you didn't like the 1 hour plus call to the election officials in Ga.?...not enough "actual" evidence (vs. the silly Sidney type evidence you like) for you Judge Judy?...him begging for votes??..LOL.sad and pathetic...sort of like you love of Donny...🤡
  22. LOL..always the true clown...I'm saying he's gulity....what do you say Judge Judy?...innocent of all charges??..MSM B.S.?..🤡
  23. LOL..sounds like you got Troll/Newbie nailed!...this is classic... "Everything you see and hear is not manipulative, even tho most is."
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