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  1. Ironmam is back??....are you over the trauma of your BIG loss??..all those BIG rallies??..LOL...welcome back mam!...🤡
  2. Hawg was talking to Troll..why are you answering for him AGAIN??....🙄
  3. the guy who incited a deadly riot??...being censored is the least of his worries...he needs to be arrested...remember what happened Wed.??....it's all on him and his clowns like you...🤡
  4. addition by subtraction...good riddance to GSB!! (and the rest of the Trump clown squad who seem to have gone M.I.A.)...he did you and the board a big favor IMO...glad to see he won't be "winning" anymore!....😉
  5. They all got an extra year eligibility due to the virus impact...a good decision.
  6. incited a crowd that left 5 people dead!....he said he'd lead to them to the Capital building and pointed where to go after he poured gas on them and set them on fire...you know the rest...a SAD..SAD...day in American history...other than that??...not much...🤡
  7. the "meltdown" was on Wednesday Dave...and it was sad...I guess you missed it?...🤡
  8. Question...do you think they should impeach Trump for what he did?
  9. I'd take them back for a day to see them eat a little crow...but I have no interest carrying on with them about Biden now...I know it's old..on both sides.
  10. GSB...you should be ashamed of yourself!!..the whole world saw a bunch of crazy Trumpers like you destroy our country and kill people.....🤡
  11. and he may start selling national secrets to the highest bidders for $$$....the Intell agencies are worried he'll cash in on our secrets to make a profit and pay off his debts...he needs to be watched/spied on now more than ever!...😉
  12. and a moron like you has no problem when you boy plays the sore loser and makes history by not attending?? ...figures...you're all a bunch of clowns with no morals...🤡
  13. you went from...dumb..to dumber..to dumbest person on this board!....🤡
  14. they turned it into a science...
  15. you should be ashamed of yourself....🤡
  16. you should be ashamed of yourself!....🤡
  17. LOL...had no idea..but it falls in line with what the rest of the Trumpers do...cash in on anything and everything i.e. Rudy
  18. What a complete POS Trump is....I hope his supporters are proud of the man they love and suport!...🤡
  19. Donald Trump Will Not Attend Joe Biden's Inauguration Paige Lavender ·Senior Editor, Breaking News, HuffPost Fri, January 8, 2021, 10:54 AM EST President Donald Trump officially announced he will not be attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. Trump tweeted the announcement Friday. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 48m To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th. 125.8K 79.9K 186.7K The announcement was no surprise; Trump has railed against the results
  20. she used Trump as much as Trump used her....did you ever hear about her prior to becoming a celebrity nut-job "lawyer"?...she'll cash in on this in a few months when she writes a book on it or becomes a Fox news host...😉
  21. Newsmax had to come out and retract what they said/lied about Dominion.....they knew they were going to get their asses sued off for lying...😉
  22. hopefully they'll add Rudy to the law suit...😉
  23. he's looking for a family discount on pardons!...first he needs to decide which crimes he's going to confess to in order to be pardoned...should be exciting!
  24. you seem like a Troll/Newbie wanna-be with the silly ^ gif posts...🤡
  25. first he needs to get pardoned...😒
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