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  1. The forums started to take a step down once there was no longer a central punching bag like Dallas Jackson to take the punches that fueled threads. A year long pandemic shut down doesn’t help either.
  2. Nick Eubanks, played TE at Michigan. He signed with the Cowboys after the draft.
  3. American Heritage with 6 by themselves is crazy. Lots of talent making it to the NFL from Broward this year, that didn’t stay home and go to FL schools. From American Heritage: Surtain II - Alabama Campbell - Georgia Herbert - Kansas/Va. Tech Schwartz - Auburn Slaton - Florida Wilson - Florida Rashad Weaver - Pitt (Cooper City) Shemar Jean-Charles - App. State (Miramar) Elijah Moore - Ole Miss (STA) Josh Palmer - Tennessee (STA) Aaron Robinson - UCF (Deerfield Beach) 11 kids from Broward and 8 went to college outsi
  4. 3 of Alabama’s 6 happen to be from Florida. Pat Surtain (American Heritage - Plantation) Mac Jones (Bolles) Alex Leatherwood (Pensacola Booker T. Washington) 1 each from UM/FSU/and UF’s backyard (though Pensacola literally is a 30 minute drive to Alabama so that one can slide).
  5. They've literally paused the J&J vaccine for multiple days now and likely for at least another couple of weeks, I'd say the people that matter most when making the important decisions are taking it quite seriously. The Pfizer shot seems like the best overall shot to go with in terms of protection and lessening chances of adverse events. 3 shots in one year as the CEO is suggesting is a lot of time carved out for getting shots, but as the next year or two unfold therapeutics will get much better and so will the vaccines - it's ultimately not something to bother too much about.
  6. I remember when some crazy guy put bullets into a school full of 5 year old, we were told there was no problem and ya know...thoughts and prayers. Guess that’s all there is to it. If the 5 year old had a gun on him then maybe he’d still be alive?
  7. We need more thoughts and prayers...that usually stops them, right?
  8. Wait a second, are you telling me Troll said something STUPID, UNINFORMED, and BASELESS again? Shocking...can’t believe it! Root doot doot, the IDIOT read more bitchute!🤣
  9. I know Dwight Schrute. And you sir, are no Dwight Schrute.
  10. Bill Gates now has access to your fantasies when you touch yourself at night...their plan is working.
  11. During WWII The Nazi’s also loved telling people the media is your enemy and believe only what we tell you. That you don’t seem to realize that was Donald Trump’s m.o. for the last 5 years is incredible...not sure if you simply ignorant or also brutally stupid.
  12. Maybe you should worry more about the child trafficking loser that’s under FBI investigation, Matt Gaetz. You and nolebull love him...so you think a child trafficking asshole is good for the country? He’s a bad guy and a criminal and so are you for supporting someone evil like Matt Gaetz.
  13. At least he's not STUPID enough to believe EVERYTHING he sees on bitchute.
  14. It was a FALSE FLAG! This has DEEEEEEEP STATE written ALL OVER IT! My guess WOULD BE that this was ORCHESTRA-RATED by the Orange Dotard himself...no doubt trying to DESTROY OUR Government even though he got CRUSHED by JOEY BIDEN in the election.
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