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  1. GO AHEAD...get on YOUR KNEES and THANK HIM like you ALWAYS DO Mr. SLOBBERJOB. HE seems SOo00o0oOOO busy in this picture...hopefully he has THE TIME to squeeze your THIN CRACKED LIPS into his SCHEDULE. YOU'RE #2 on the RUNWAY BEE-HIND Ivanka for some servicing but HEY! you're ahead of MELANIA! You're #WINNING!
  2. Sure seems that way. There was a handful of circle-jerks (pun intended) when Trump had that General taken out; this was a lot less of a hostile reaction but I'm sure there's another 5-10 posters here waiting to chime in with some Ron Paul-ish nonsense about how awful this strike was. We'll see who decided they can indeed try to have it both ways...the trash heap rummager took the lead there, I guess.
  3. OH EYE see what you DID! YOU FUCKED UP...AGAIN! When I said "korekt me" if needed it was REEFER-ING to MR. GOOD-boi's A-PARENT HIP-HOP-RICKSY of being fine with ONE bombing but NOT this one! SORRY you can't READ correctly! NO surprise...as you're AN IDIOT.
  4. Then PLEASE PROVIDE the quotes from the posts by MR. GOODBOY where he TOOK ISSUE with TRUMP having the I-RAIN-KNEE-AN killed! I'm sure HE can do it himself but if you WANT TO go RIGHT A-HEAD!
  5. The PREVIOUS guy, the MY 600 lb. LIFE cast member, that guy...BOMBED an IRANIAN GENERAL in an unprovoked attack...I DON'T RECALL YOU BEING THE SLIGHTEST BIT PERTURBED! KOREKT me if I happen to be WRONG! OUR BRILLIANT POTUS, Joey Biden, actually responded to PRAVA-CATION like a TRUE LEADER does!
  6. OUR AMAZING POTUS just took a MAJOR step in DEFENDING OUR TROOPS. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/2/25/22302154/us-bombs-facilities-in-syria-used-by-iran-back-militia It just KEEPS GETTING BETTER. #WINNING #DUHWINNING #PGL US bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-back militia The airstrike was the first military action undertaken by the Biden administration, which in its first weeks has emphasized its intent to put more focus on the challenges posed by China, even as Mideast threats persist.
  7. I do hope they speed it up a bit and at least get the bill itself signed within the next 2.5 weeks. Had it not been for the Impeachment that ol' Mitch held up, I'm sure they'd be a couple days away or have already completed the bill and had Biden sign it. I sure wouldn't mind a $1400 check, always nice to knock a big piece off of my mortgage principal.
  8. BUSY...doing EXACTLY WHAT WE ELECTED HIM to do! If you WANT that check so bad (I'm sure it'll be SPENT ON METH AND PCP in YOUR case) then write a LETTER to Mr. JOE MANCHIN on West Virginia...he's a DEMOCRAT that has to ACT LIKE a ReSCHLUBlican so he's slowing things down while the REAL LEFTIES are trying to get $15 hr./minimum wage passed. OUR BRILLIANT POTUS is fighting for YOU every day. He's the hardest working POTUS, EVER. NOBODY does more work than President Biden. That 460 POUND BLOB that was in the White House before President Biden WAS TOO BUSY GOLFING to care the way ou
  9. AWWWW DID you get SAND in your VAGINA?!?! Or are you STILL SCORCHED from the BRUTAL takedowns I laid WRATH UPON you with?!?! Psssssst, WOULD an "I'M SORRY!" Help you from climbing DOWN off that TRIGGERED TREE you're ON?!?! OO00o0oO0o0hhhhhh SOMEONE'S MADDDD!!! Looks like SOMEBODY can't let the CRUSHING, TRAUMITIZING, STING OF DEFEAT GO!! YOU going to BEE OH KAY? Or do I need to call a WAMBULANCE?!?! Psssssssst Stay standing under THIS so the WAMBULANCE can HELP YOU!!!
  10. The Scarlett L is another classic piece of literature by famed anti-liberal author, concha.
  11. I’m sure in his younger days concha wrote a hell of a screen play that was a reworking of Death Wish...only the lead character goes around killing liberals for absolutely no reason.
  12. SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!QQQQQQQQQ Trust Trump and Q. Patriots are in control. Pedowood and Xiden will be in GITMO REAL SOON!
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