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  1. 1A private school near Miami. They win 5-6 games a year lately. Pretty sure they’ve had some good baseball prospects over the years relative to the size of the student population.
  2. He’s going to put them up against IMG no matter what you guys say. 😆
  3. That is one insecurity soaked rant. They clearly don’t have many/any decent options for placekicking on the team, and Vandy doesn’t have a men’s soccer team - so there ya go. She’s a collegiate athlete at an SEC school, she’s likely faster and stronger than you on her worst day and she definitely can kick if the situation called for it (XP and she probably has range close to 25-30 yards in game condition). It’s not like they put her in at MLB.
  4. Pretty sure the kick was intentionally squibbed so that she wouldn’t have to tackle if the returner broke free.
  5. He’s not presumptive, he IS the President Elect. The transition process has begun officially, signed off on by the government. He’s literally getting government funding to move the process along. AZ, PA, GA, NV, etc are all certified. It’s not even a matter of semantics. Weird hill to try and defend. And you know you would have been torching this forum with rage posts had Hillary or Biden done exactly what Trump has the last few weeks. The lack of consistency is always what’s rich to think about.
  6. We all figured that’s where you’ve had yours the last 4 years anyway.
  7. Sounds like obvious voter fraud. Out raised, outspent, incumbent President loses, yet gop gain House seats and only lose a seat in the Senate. FRAUD! STOP THE STEAL! Obviously we can’t seat any gop members until we know all allegations of fraud have been proven 100% wrong. All Dems can be seated as pretty obvious only gop cheated in this election. HUGE FRAUD!
  8. It’s the lack of any self awareness with these guys that still stuns me. Hillary got 3 million more votes, and lost Michigan by substantially less (140k) votes than Trump did to Biden. She also lost Wisconsin by less than Trump did if I recall correctly. She conceded early the next day. Can you imagine the poison that would be flowing from concha’s keyboard had Hillary done the exact same post-election nonsense Trump has. Of all the wacko’s here I don’t think any have hit the level of venom this guy would have spewed had Hillary done what Trump is doing now.
  9. Sounds like fraud to me. No way that’s possible. No way that’s legitimate. STOP THE STEAL! Our rights are being destroyed! FRAUD! Dominion! Or does that only work when Biden wins Michigan by 150,000 votes?
  10. Good one, that must’ve been loaded in the chamber since you were 6 years old. 👍👍👍
  11. That’s the ol’ @Slotback Rightspecial. 🤣
  12. Lol no serious person mourned his death. The issue was that Trump gave specific reasons for authorizing the action, then provided none of the evidence (that sounds like a familiar Trump tactic). It was flimsy at best, a major provocation, and could have lead to a regional conflict - again, Trump provided no real evidence and did it for no clear reason. Even you should be able to see why that action was condemned.
  13. You should go sign an affidavit for Sidney Powell. That’ll change everything. 🤣
  14. I’ll let you decide how the abortions go down. I’m a fan of smashing their heads in with the little mallets you get at a crab shack. But a good ol’ slurping out with a vacuum is always a laugh riot. Lets add Newark in too.
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