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  1. lmfao who tf is block ? I'm jus on here to figure out what I should do my bad if these posts are common 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. ooooh LS seems fun i always thought TE's played it but im gonna see if i can play that. thanks!
  3. i am a man, a smaller one but thats not stopping me
  4. my teams punter is already pretty good, i dont think id have a chance there tbh. thanks though! any other opinions ?
  5. I'm 15 6'0 133 lbs Pros: im pretty fast im unphased by trash talk i can take being trucked on defense, but im not sure about a hit stick on offense i jump HIGH okay catching but i would really rather swat Cons: skinny my strength honestly isnt the best, i wrestle so tacking wont be hard for me but blocking and getting trucked is definitely an issue unexperienced (will be my first year playing) Im moving on to my junior year and i wanted to try out for the varsity football team. i wanted to play FS/RB or only FS if RB isnt for me. I dont like corner too much as i like playing the deep but ill play it if its a better fit for me. WR isn't my thing either, and i would love to try a special team. Can i get some advice on workouts and/or what position to play?! Thanks!
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