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  1. What do you think about his joining the good guys, lmao.
  2. Right, Dan Mullen is a terrible QB coach. Was in a sour mood.
  3. I don’t know who ga96 is so I can’t answer that. But I don’t think so.
  4. Kirby is 3-2 v Florida. He has lost twice now. Next year evens it up, before we start beating his azz like clockwork.
  5. HOW BOUT THEM GATORS!!!!!!’ Suck it pups!!!!
  6. Returning state runner up and number D1 players and highly ranked QB. But they are putting 2 new systems in place both offense and defense. They need work. Lot of talent though, no doubt.
  7. Who said Colquitt should be favored and just wanted Lowndes to be competitive? I’ve seen all the games. I knew. Long way to go.
  8. just saying what I know. My son was in school till 2010. I helped coach from 08–14. My kids stated elementary in 2016 till now. Not been my experience unless it was prior to 02
  9. Well he lied to your ass. I know for sure my elementary kids were not let out early. Some people will believe anything.
  10. Don’t take offense. Not lumping everyone together, and I know it’s everywhere including Lowndes. Just saying my experience tonight. Dont have my small ones with me, but they were ask nicely to stop in front of the kids but just got worse. Seen several get up and leave with there kids.
  11. Congrats Packers, y’all got a hell of a team. Thorough ass whipping. Only real complaint from me is the classeless bunch that sit on the visitor side. Dropping F bombs and carrying on like fools. There are kids all around us. I don’t mind the heckling, hell I enjoy it, but show a little class in front of small kids.
  12. Really? Where you been? Packers have outplayed Lowndes many times since Camden joined R1
  13. Not a muff. Ball hit Lowndes player blocking.
  14. @Rufus69 for pulling a few strings to allow the Lowndes pep band in to participate. We sir are forever in your debt.
  15. Because they are the better team? I have seen all the Lowndes games in person. We have a ways to go. THose are rankings by people who havent even seen Lowndes play.
  16. Dooley at it again. Clearly the Packers are the favorite. We hope to keep it close to earn a little respect.
  17. Its a GHSA rule for all HS football in GA.
  18. I personally have no issue with it. But its ironic you are blaming a band for a rule that you want to violate for the exact same reason the rule was put in place. Doesnt make much sense.
  19. How so? The rule was put in place for the very reason you are wanting to use it. You guys do know how how to yell all at once right?
  20. Im just hoping for a respectable showing. Hate to disappoint you fellers.
  21. The youngster is no match for the vaunted blackhat defense.
  22. Where will the tailgate reception be for rival fans to meet some Packer posters ? @HawgGoneIt @Rufus69 We might not be able to hang with the mighty Packers, but we will try to make it competitive anyway.😁
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