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  1. As an Ohio State fan that goes to Georgia Tech, the past two Thanksgivings have been rough. Very rough.
  2. Why not put him at RB? That's what they already do. Put him at RB and let him run over people.
  3. North Gwinnett will get crushed. All they do is line up in shotgun, put a receiver in motion, and run option plays. On short yardage, they'll use 310-pound DT Kayden McDonald to run right up the middle. The least sustainable offense known to man.
  4. When the season started, I stated that no Georgia team should be ranked within the top 12 nationally and I stood by that all season. I picked Mill Creek to beat Buford but they couldn't get the job done. Walton exposed Buford's weaknesses (their secondary and pass offense) and proved that no Georgia team should be ranked top 12 nationally. Took a few months, but I'm glad my prediction came true.
  5. Yes, I liked Savannah Christian in this one. They have a high-flying offense that was able to compete with Calvary Day (they only lost by 6). I've had my eye on them all year and they were ranked as high as 8th for me in that classification.
  6. They were in 7A the past two years too I believe.
  7. Milton's defense prevails at home. Best combination for a victory.
  8. ngdawg


    Frankly not too exciting. Struggled throwing the deep ball and all his TD passes came from within the 10 yard line. Not too impressed so far.
  9. ngdawg


    Most definitely! College marching band is very exciting, you get a lot more respect, crowds are amazing, and everyone is extremely talented. And it's at Tech too, so everyone is good at adjusting and learning on the fly.
  10. I like the potential for Milton to upset Grayson. Granted, it wouldn't be a massive upset.
  11. Yes, they have a 22 game regular season win streak but have only played one ranked opponent. It shows come playoff time. Same for Spencer this season in 2A.
  12. They also beat Mundy's Mill by one. Give me Lee County next weekend.
  13. Westlake and Brooks but one of those didn't age well.
  14. Same with Valdosta vs. Westlake and Brooks County vs. Bleckley County.
  15. Been to every Georgia Tech game this season and no team looked better against us than Florida State. Yes, we even lost to Ole Miss 42-0 and I say this.
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