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  1. Nope. It was 28-3 Alpharetta when starters were pulled.
  2. From what I hear, it was only 14-0 in favor of North Cobb when the starters were pulled. JV got destroyed.
  3. Add Pickens to the list of terrible defenses as well, they lost 63-0. Fun fact: Loganville Christian trailed 56-0 at the end of the first...quarter.
  4. Posted the full list of scrimmage scores I could gather in the other thread, but this result really shows how much Collins Hill misses Horn, Hunter, and Redwood.
  5. No one else. Those two games will be live on Peachtree TV as part of the Corky Kell Classic.
  6. These are all the scores I could get. They should be mostly accurate, but I apologize for any minor inconsistencies.
  7. Lee pulls from EVERYWHERE! Probably from Hawaii for all we know.
  8. I think elite is different than blue blood. If we're going with blue bloods, then probably Grayson, Colquitt County, and Lowndes. These are the only teams where you can always consider them for a state title every year potentially, regardless of who they gain or lose in the offseason. You could probably add Milton too recently.
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking about. The potential is there, and they've had an excellent offseason. But if they can put it together early in the year, it's over for the rest of 7A.
  10. Frankly, I think there's no favorite this year in 7A. That makes it much more exciting. Every 7A squad has some kind of noticeable drawback that could make for an interesting season. In terms of elite 7A teams, I'd go with Buford, Mill Creek, Grayson, and North Cobb. Colquitt can work their way up to that status with a strong opening few weeks of the season. North Cobb is the most likely to lose that distinction of elite early in the season.
  11. You could, but based on their historical results against top teams in the nation, it gives you a good idea of where they should be ranked in the preseason for 2022. Can't say the same for Buford at 3rd. I got nothing against them, just calling it how I see it.
  12. Spoke to members of the team throughout the offseason, and I did my analysis on them and their returning production for 2023. Lots of younger guys in key roles for this season as opposed to last season. Stars-wise, they're set. But we don't truly know how those stars wil lhold up until they actually prove they can step up. Either way, no way they're a top 10 or top 15 team in the nation.
  13. Buford at 3? The rest are somewhat justifiable. But I don't understand why Buford is so overhyped this season. Frankly, they had a better team last season and will have a better team in 2023.
  14. You wanted positivity...so there you go! Yes, they suck too but at least it's SOMETHING.
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