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  1. Only change is EC over Marietta. I agree with everything else.
  2. It was poetic. He had the game winning kick at Corky Kell blocked and he redeems himself with a made field goal in the state championship. Greatest moment of my life, hands down. And it's all thanks to Rush!
  3. It's literally a miracle. No other explanation. God was on our side that year.
  4. They also played our defense which was the best scoring defense in the state...and scored 42. I give them much credit.
  5. I'm pretty sure that Lowndes team would have kicked 2017 NG's butt. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for McEachern that year.
  6. North Gwinnett vs. Cherokee?? Easily one of the most interesting 7A games.
  7. 2019 Lowndes until the state championship. 2017 Lowndes...until McEachern. 2020 Grayson.
  8. 10 - Valdosta 9 - SJP 8 - SPP 7 - Pinson 6 - Cy-Fair 5 - North Gwinnett 4 - Fyffe 3 - Maryville 2 - Camden County 1 - Mill Creek
  9. I'm waiting on Georgia Tech admissions. If I get in there, I'm going there. But if not, UGA is still in the running.
  10. Columbine from CO? Saguaro from AZ?
  11. Imagine being vegetarian...oh wait, that's me!
  12. Man I think Tommy Palmer called the NG state championship in 2017 and that was legendary. RIP Tommy.
  13. Discovery vs. Denmark? That's up there for worst game too along with Grayson and Tift.
  14. We would have thrown those bottles right back! After drinking them of course, no wasting water!
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