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  1. Yeah, that's why I said postponed. But nevermind, I get your point.
  2. Official formal idiot? Count me in! Unless of course, you mean the actual Block.
  3. Me. Especially knowing that I won't get into one.
  4. Whatever dude. But hey, I don't mind Norcross being made fun of. Definitely a great pleasure.
  5. Ah dang. I wanted to see us play Archer and Parkview. Lowndes vs. Hoover would have been nice.
  6. If you're the judge of talent, then this whole forum is done for.
  7. This "monstrosity" is called facts. What you provide is opinions. Now, if you don't know the difference between the two, I suggest you reenroll in St. Joseph Regional. But I wouldn't blame them if they didn't want you back.
  8. If you're referring to me as his protégé, I'd be less than pleased. No offense.
  9. Not over ranked. I would say it's relatively accurate. MaxPreps has us at 41, which is ideal.
  10. Hines from the GHSA said that plans are in place to continue the season as is at the moment. Do you think GA football will be postponed or cancelled like NJ or NM?
  11. You say those type of schools aren't mentioned on here. Yet your best buddy @imaGoodBoyNow was the one who grandly listed our schedule from last year, which included those teams. The hypocrisy.
  12. Very funny. And if you think this is one of the better bands in the country, you'd be incorrect. Try Texas and Indiana for real competition. All the great bands compete at Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis yearly. Side note: the ballad of this show (the slow part in the middle) is one of my favorite pieces of music ever. It's called the Hymn of Acxiom. The Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps played that in 2014, and it was honestly amazing. But I wouldn't expect you all to relate, which is alright.
  13. Uh yeah, because you're from California. I doubt I've heard of any teams from Carmel's region. I hadn't even heard of Carmel myself.
  14. I put an end to this faster than Mater Dei left the stadium after the second Bosco game.
  15. NG is about 20 minutes from Buford, I'd say. Standing strong in the North Gwinnett corner, from Suwanee, Georgia...he stands at 5'6" and 138 lbs. Aaand in the Buford corner, from Buford, Georgia...he stands at 20" and 650 lbs.
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