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  1. Didn't Buford and Lee County beat up on them last year? Not good looks for #PGL.
  2. My question is how were they down in the first place with a player that dominant?
  3. We talk about all this drama and Colquitt will still stomp Valdosta. No difference.
  4. https://www.wctv.tv/2020/09/25/lowndes-football-player-saves-valdosta-senior-from-burning-car/ Well, even the biggest of rivals lend a helping hand. This is the kind of stuff that makes me happy.
  5. Lone Peak leads 19-14. Beat Corner Canyon!!
  6. Will St. Frances Academy play? I don't know much about that area.
  7. Unfortunate because I don't really have any connection to Camden County. But I'm surprised they only lost by 2 touchdowns.
  8. Prattville also came to North Gwinnett in 2009 as the 5th best team in the nation and lost.
  9. Maybe you should be taking online school right now. And it's "equal and opposite" not "equal or greater". Conservation of Energy states that the reaction cannot be greater than the original force. Smart kid we've got here!
  10. It's called being human. You should try it sometime! Where do you pour your motor oil to keep your gears turning? Your mouth?
  11. Not our fault if you can't drive the point through your head!
  12. I picked this game two days ago, and I hadn't heard about this situation. I see a good bit of offensive talent for both teams, so I decided to pick relatively high on the score. I think a lot of people are underestimating Colquitt. I mean, you can't judge Colquitt as eh based on a 51 point victory only. It shows more of dominance than lack of excessive scoring to me. I think Colquitt gets it done. But also remember Valdosta won last year against Colquitt, so anything can happen.
  13. I highly doubt they get past Lowndes, who is definitely a championship contender this year.
  14. Kell and Blessed Trinity should be a good one too.
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