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  1. Not really that are of any importance. Valdosta beat JoCo 42-27 if that helps. That top 4 seems fair enough.
  2. Talk about Walton over Alpharetta, 63-24! State championship contenders?
  3. They couldn't even snap the ball right. It was horrible to watch.
  4. @TheMaximumHornetSting Add to this: Sequoyah beat Lassiter 42-10. Peach County beat HoCo 14-0 or 21-0 I don't remember exactly.
  5. I was there for the 3rd game where they ultimately lost the series. Pope, the team that beat them, is a dynasty in high school baseball but this was a relatively down year for them. This is still one of the greatest, if not the greatest upsets in Georgia baseball history.
  6. All the love for UGA but none for Georgia Tech 🥲.
  7. I just chose that song because it's hype-y. For normal highlights I use rap songs.
  8. That's Malachi Singleton, a sophomore QB at North Cobb. They could be state title contenders next year.
  9. So you hated the entire video? Dang 😂.
  10. Here's a little hype video for spring football! I made it earlier this week. @Ga96 @TheMaximumHornetSting @Fred @FootballGuy 909748993_PumpUp.mp4
  11. Have they decided? I think letting it ride out is best because it brings us back to the 2-year cycle.
  12. That's ridiculous. Sorry but that's just terrible.
  13. So how is this gonna work? Does every team have to redo their region and non region schedule? And didn't they just reclassify this past year?
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