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  1. I believe that Collins Hill sucks. Why isn't my belief coming true? 😡
  2. Georgia representing well at spots 1, 6, 10, 16, and 20. Jake Johnson is a great jump ball receiver.
  3. Brookwood vs. American Heritage Plantation. Who ya got?
  4. Fine then. But it's cool to follow this story. Something about high school kids and loving sports scandals...
  5. Trust me, if you saw our band this year, you'd know there was no recruiting going on. But it still is funny though, so credit to you!
  6. They can run faster than you. But that's not saying much, now is it?
  7. I believe it's true but I'm hoping it's not.
  8. I run a HSFB account on Instagram so I tend to get insider information. This piece of info came from a group chat with Colquitt players and former Valdosta players. I think Xavier Williams also is in this chat. They allege that Prospt has a separate bank account to pay out transfers, but at the very least say that he pays players.
  9. This is unbelievable. I just heard about it and honestly I'm not surprised that Propst hasn't learned from his mistakes. And yes, he paid players to play at Valdosta.
  10. ELCA schedule has some pretty interesting games.
  11. All round beast. Never heard as much buzz about anyone nearly as dominant as him take the field since Greg Reid, Alvin Kamara, and other big name studs.
  12. Travis Hunter at 12 is a crime. Easy top 7.
  13. We come to Lovejoy in 2021 I think...and don't worry we will lose that one too 😂. We ain't beating anyone in the future until we get an offense.
  14. My point is that in the grand scheme, no one cares if Lovejoy beats NG, because we have a title.
  15. Don't worry. We get our TDs when it counts...to win championships. We don't worry about losses to Lovejoy when we can beat Colquitt.
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