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  1. When you're a loser this is the kind of stuff you have to dig up. She never said that she loved him. So being a loser and a liar.
  2. Articles of impeachment require, you know, actual charges. Without them this effort is exposed for what it is: a petty attempt at "payback' for Trump's crimes being prosecuted.
  3. #2975 Loranger Who was shutout by #5903 St. Michael, 20-0. 😄
  4. Such serious firepower that they lost to #2975 Loranger by double digits. So nasty! Can't imagine how they didn't win state.
  5. So a crappy Louisiana 2A team beat a crappy Florida 4A team by 1 point. Nasty! 😄
  6. Union Parish has also never, ever, ever beat a top 1000 team in the calpreps era. They're 0-9. But Amite has! They're 1-19. So nasty!
  7. "Well, you see, the racist screeds that I posted are just facts!" 🤡
  8. Again, direct quotes of yours with no edits. So you'll continue to lie in order to cover for your shame and embarrassment at being an unrepentant racist.
  9. I just reposted direct quotes of yours. So we can add the label of liar to the existing one of racist.
  10. I love that Newbiw/Troll and others constantly quote me because I get a chance to read what I posted again. And it's fantastic, again. 👍
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