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  1. My critique is not with where STA is ranked, genius. Anybody who can understand simple English can see that.
  2. This is not true. Joe Burrow hasn't been elite at anything. As has been clearly demonstrated.
  3. This is what filibustering looks like when you're unreasonably committed to a losing argument but can't stop being a toady.
  4. The comment is irrelevant to the topic. So, yes, I won't try to refute something that is irrelevant and I don't care about.
  5. Having one win after 7 games is pretty much on track to have the same record they did last year (2-14). It's comical how strenuously you are trying to prosecute this losing case.
  6. The offense is 23rd in the league. The defense is 21st. Joe Burrow has done next to nothing to make the Bengals more competitive.
  7. Meaningless stat-padding meant to prop up somebody who you preordained to be great. So of course when he's below average you can't admit it.
  8. It just so happens that all the relevant stats support what I've been saying since week 1. Crazy.
  9. Why would I look stupid on something that I never commented on in the first place and has nothing to do with the topic? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Why would I look something up that I don't care about? The issue here is that you think Burrow is doing a lot when he's just treading water. Burrow was the #1 overall pick and a preordained "all-time great" and he's getting embarrassed by a guy who most pundits claimed was overrated.
  11. The offense that Joe Burrow quarterbacks is 23rd in scoring offense. Pretty much right in line with every other metric where he's been below average. RedZone is the kind of guy who will see a dozen advance stats that show Burrow being ~25th but will fish out pass completions to claim that he's elite. It's embarrassing.
  12. Why would I admit something that's objectively untrue? I've been giving you objective numbers regarding Burrow since week 1 and you have refused to believe them. You are not a fact-based person.
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