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  1. If I had to pinpoint an exact moment when this board began to suck it was when the number of South Georgia posters reached a critical mass.
  2. How dumb are you gonna feel when you find out that Truckee (CA) is a member of the Nevada state association? Probably as dumb as you'll feel when you find out that Rabun Gap-Nacoochee is a member of the NCISAA.
  3. No, I already dropped the punchline: bragging about losses that TAPPS teams took. But thanks for playing.
  4. Precisely. The title of the thread is pretty clear. Yet he attacks you for sticking to that title? Strange.
  5. The only thing more pathetic than bragging about TAPPS is bragging about *losses* that TAPPS teams took.
  6. It's funny that he thinks that TAPPS is a proper comeback.
  7. Yeah it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't bring up crap like Wayne County and St. Pius X.
  8. The important point here is that you scoffed when I said that Niceville would kill them.
  9. This reminds me of a tweet that circulates every year at this time. Would you rather have your city's team win a WNBA championship or have $5?
  10. Their schedule after the bye is brutal.
  11. RedZone has to ride his one game sample size. It's his thing.
  12. The Bengals have a top 10 defense. So the questions is why are the Bengals only "not bad"?
  13. You said Burrow was better.....in 2020. That's not one game. But you *are* he king of embarrassing yourself with single game sample sizes.
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