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  1. The scoreboard, and basically everybody, would disagree.
  2. As long as you don't pepper me with anymore pointless and inane word salads.
  3. Nice try is the best we can do for this dope. He debases himself, lies, supports a sexist SCOTUS pick and then tries to backtrack. But not before claiming that Biden sold the pick to Clyburn.... And then when Biden doesn't pick Clyburn's choice he lies and claims that Clyburn didn't have a choice.
  4. 😄 Do you enjoy being a fool? Biden picks Jackson for Supreme Court despite Clyburn's counsel to choose Childs President Biden's choice of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court will likely please her progressive supporters, and she may even get some GOP support with her loaded resume. But the pick may disappoint the man who saved Biden's political career — if only slightly. House Minority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., enthusiastically advocated for Biden to pick Judge J. Michelle Childs to be the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Biden had nominated Childs to the D.C. Circuit Court of appeals in December before Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement last month. Despite not getting his pick, Clyburn said Jackson is an "outstanding judge" who has his "full support."
  5. Another concha tick. He gets pissed when someone accurately describes his words. It was my word to describe what you did. These are things Trump did. Weapons to Ukraine? Something he did. Sanctions? Something he did. Telling NATO to get their shit together? Something he did. concha is such a liar and a creep that he's really trying to argue that only one of them did he misspeak. And it's the one that I used! Classic.
  6. By the way, concha's going to lunch everybody. 👇 Apparently, another lie. So appropriate.
  7. concha flailing to find some way to wiggle out of this beating. He lists things Trump *did* and then claims later that only one of the four did he actually mean "position" of Trump's. 😄
  8. Guy has 17k+ posts. But when you are completely feckless then you have to deflect in some way. This is how concha does it.
  9. It continues for this guy. There seems to be no end to his public embarrassment. Here, he's listing *accomplishments* by Trump: These are things *done* under Trump. Of course, when confronted about his lie concha pivots to something else.
  10. This is all a defense mechanism for him. He knows that he's getting dragged and his reflex is to call the dragger "weird" or "strange" or "obsessed" with him. concha is probably the "smartest" person in his friend circle and so him being exposed daily on here is deeply embarrassing. It also says something about his friend circle.
  11. Either positions matter or only actions matter. A morally honest person would have to choose one and then abandon the other argument. But concha is neither moral nor honest.
  12. Apparently, to concha, if something is your position then you *actually* achieved it. Except when leaving NATO was reported as Trump's position leading up to the 2020 election, concha soiled himself trying to claim that wants don't matter, only actions do!
  13. concha once again caught lying about something that he actually said. Here he is claiming that Trump "stopped Russian natural gas." 👇 Then here he is claiming " 'Ok, he didn't stop it but that was his position' " So point by point. Exactly what I said.
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