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  1. That's one of the main reasons this thread was started. To avoid the embarrassment of the probable second best team in Louisiana almost losing to a not-top-30 Alabama team.
  2. What? You're saying that two doctors who did their job will be fired for no reason? I also laugh at the totally fallacious idea that because Tua was concussed last night then therefore he was also concussed on Sunday. It's a total non sequitur.
  3. Reality is that two medical doctors cleared him of any concussion. But you do you, man. A non-expert couch potato diagnosing a neurological condition from a 5-second clip. 👌
  4. You say so much stupid shit in one post that it usually takes multiple posts to properly respond.
  5. What I AM IRONMAN seems incapable of understanding is that we didn't hear about these issues because head injuries weren't understood or taken seriously back then.
  6. You nearly stumbled upon some truth. Your unqualified eyes aren't capable of diagnosing a concussion from your couch.
  7. You don't recover from a concussion in 30 minutes, Einstein. 🤡
  8. 😄 "I don't give a fuck about reality, man!"
  9. Typical dodge. No. You just don't have a clue what you're talking about, "Dr." OldTerrapin.
  10. I actually do believe in the NFL collective bargaining agreement and the opinions of medical doctors. Call me crazy! Man, I've got some wild takes!
  11. Good. So you admit to completely ignoring and/or not understanding simple concepts and statements of fact. But you're a medical doctor apparently?
  12. You clowns are literally telling doctors that were present that they're wrong with no evidence and yet when I provide you a written collective bargaining agreement I'm "spinning." 😄
  13. 😄 You're claiming to know better than the doctors who evaluated Tua on Sunday and the ones who treated him last night. But I cite the collective bargaining agreement that the union signed agreeing to Thursday Night Football and somehow I'm the crazy arrogant one.
  14. What are you talking about? There's no more risk of a head injury playing on Thursday night than there is playing on any other day.
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