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  1. Yeah, any list with Lake Travis and Thomas County Central but not Independence is suspect.
  2. Per capital. You know what Alabama won't have the most of "per capital"? Rhodes Scholars.
  3. This is one of the stupidest threads in board history. And this board features Slotback Right and GardenStateBaller.
  4. I watched one pre-game warmup from field level and then one single high school game and 8 years later have been totally vindicated. 👇
  5. But you were probably just parroting what they said.
  6. It *is* your fault though that you watched him for 4 years in high school and 3 years in college and you thought that he would be a star. 👇
  7. He never should've been the #1 WR in the country. Because he blows.
  8. My "funny" stuff just happens to be true as well.
  9. You were probably up-in-arms when I said Malachi Dupre blows.
  10. They've never really been that talented to begin with.
  11. Has the increased posting of @HooverOutlaw and the inundation of Georgia threads made the board worse? 1) Yes or 2) Of course
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