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  1. I'll just save everybody time. RedZone started a silly thread to cope and he couldn't address factual statements and so no he's moved on to talking about STA regarding something, something, something blah, blah, blah.
  2. 😄 RedZone flailing to find something of relevance to post.
  3. What are you talking about? It costs tens of thousands of dollars to travel OOS. If ESPN/Paragon aren't televising the game then it's costing money to the school. Your level of stupidity is staggering.
  4. He's embarrassing. Emotional wreck who always argues the point that makes him feel better and not the one that's true.
  5. So you want the school to lose a shit ton of money just to fly to Baltimore and played a non-televised game against a team that might stink? And you wonder why people mock you.
  6. The game is in 26 days. You can check their roster. Their loaded in the front 7 on defense.
  7. They can't. But that doesn't stop you from trying. Especially when your psyche is being damaged.
  8. RedZone getting spanked and then changing the subject to STA to cover his ass. This has been going on for 15 years on these forums. No joke. The same exact pattern.
  9. Why? Nobody has any clue whether St. Frances will have a legit roster next year at this time. Or whether ESPN would want to televise it again. Of course you would make a stupid suggestion like that. STA can have ESPN/Paragon find them a legit opponent next spring/summer. Nobody has been more relevant on national TV in the last 10-12 years than STA. But I guess we'll tale some ignorant cajuns' unsupported opinion over theirs.
  10. I "shit" on home-and-home with legit, real-world arguments. You just don't have a counter. So this is where we're at. You still want to disagree and whine so you just make up stuff about me not having any points.
  11. Read the thread clown. You are an embarrassment of epic proportions. You start a thread to cope and then ignore the points I made just so you can do this pity party above.
  12. Where did you get mad from? I called you a subject-changer which you most certainly are.
  13. I've been peppering you with real points for days on this and you've been changing the subject to protect your fragile psyche.
  14. 😄 An elite subject-changer at work. I'm right and he's mad about it.
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