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  1. Rinse, repeat. concha's stages: Say something stupid Lie about it Post emojis to save face
  2. Your ability to say something stupid and then lie about it is unparalleled. It might only be matched by your ability to ignore the facts that refute your lies.
  3. Clearly. You do this same stuff all the time. Over and over again. You say something stupid. Then you lie about having said it. Then you start posting "LMAOs" and emojis to cover for having to admit your fault. Because you're a giant pussy.
  4. I've already addressed this. But you don't care about facts. You said something stupid and are now lying about it.
  5. concha still has not watched the full debate and/or doesn't understand what Schumer proved about the constitutionality of impeachment. But that won't stop him for embarrassing himself over and over again. And lying over and over again.
  6. We're now on the emoji freakout part of concha's stages of grief.
  7. Yes, I will. Because you said it and it is one of the stupidest things you've ever said.
  8. I've already addressed that lie. You said it, concha. 👇
  9. First, concha says something ridiculously stupid (that this impeachment is unconstitutional) and then says that he never said that. It's almost as if he tries to one-up his lying self every single day.
  10. Trump was impeached on January 12th. You are hemorrhaging badly.
  11. Again, the irony. @BigDrop has been consistent and right since the beginning. You have been a lying, manipulating bozo since the beginning.
  12. One that exposes you nearly every time you hit submit.
  13. You claimed that you didn't say that this impeachment was unconstitutional. But you did. 👇
  14. concha doesn't care about either of those things. He probably would've liked Trump to go "Pinochet" on some of our citizens.
  15. The embarrassments never cease for concha.
  16. The only thing clear is that concha guzzled Rand's jizz like he does Trump's and didn't listen any further. Here's the entire Rand Paul agument followed by the rebuttal from Schumer.
  17. But 5 of them could read further, or know historical precedent, and understood that conviction doesn't just mean removal but also disqualification. We know that you guzzle Rand's words like you guzzle Trump's jizz. But Schumer actually successfully rebutted his claim with facts.
  18. You said impeachment was unconstitutional. You're wrong. As usual.
  19. So then why are you wasting your time arguing procedure? I already know the answer. You're dishonest.
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