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  1. The idea that any of DeSantis' actions have been principled in any way is becoming impossible to defend. He has pushed magical potions over proven vaccines. He has made cockamamie arguments for treatments despite the fact that the pharmaceutical companies themselves have agreed with the pulling of said treatments. He is a craven opportunist of the highest order who is purposefully endangering the lives of Floridians for vain political purposes. He has pandered to the dumbest subset of people at a time when honest, steady leadership is needed. The guy is a clown.
  2. The hits keep on coming for Governor Dipshit. DeSantis blasts Biden for ending antibody treatments even as drugmakers say they don’t work Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed the Biden administration Tuesday for dropping two antibody treatments for COVID-19 that he has championed, even though the drugmakers themselves concede they are ineffective against omicron. ...... Asked why DeSantis did not accept the drug companies’ own conclusions that the drugs are ineffective, the governor’s spokeswoman Christina Pushaw didn’t answer the question and instead pointed to the study DeSantis referenced in his remarks.
  3. Not true. I stated a fact. That bothered you.
  4. Sorry to break it to you, Unabomber, but that is an op-ed in the right-wing loon publication The American Spectator and it contains *zero* instances of CRT being taught in *any* schools in the country let alone in Florida. 👇
  5. There's only one thing left to say. Melissa = best team in Texas
  6. For one, there are limited about of bills that get passed each session and this state is embarrassingly silent of *actual* issues. And, two, it's nothing but political pandering.
  7. Those two things were not happening. That's the point. You are so easily played. Silly bills with no purpose get morons like you into a frenzy. And when morons are in a frenzy they tend to vote for Ron DeSantis.
  8. I bet if there was an actual way to measure this we would find that parents are closely split on the issue of masking, etc. Oh, we have some scattered polling on this. U.S. K-12 Parents Support Mask Mandate, Divided on Vaccines 57% of K-12 parents supported mask mandates for students back in August. But the loudest, most obnoxious people are almost always going to be the ones like badrouter. What's more is that the closings that I've heard about or read about have been because there literally aren't enough teachers and staff. I shouldn't need to remind you that badrouter is a loon.
  9. I know children who have more intestinal fortitude than concha.
  10. What's more is that all of concha's sissy dodges have already been addressed multiple times in the thread that he refuses to address.
  11. He has defended Chilean fascists, claimed that every unarmed black man who has been killed got what they deserved and basically lied about everything else in between. It's been established that there is no low with concha.
  12. It's amazing watching obvious pussies like concha cherry-pick and then scurry away like a chicken to avoid the *actual* point being made.
  13. You are being accused of dodging the topic because that's exactly what you did and what you're doing now.
  14. This happens when your entire existence in a thread is predicated on where a player was born or went to school. And you praise them based on whatever increasingly small sample you can grasp on to: a season, a game, a quarter, even a play. There is no low that has been discovered yet.
  15. No, you're an obfuscator because that's what you do to avoid uncomfortable topics. This is obvious too. Everybody say you avoid addressing the issue like a pussy.
  16. Your need to blatantly dodge topics is indeed hilarious. If I slightly changed what I said to: Not a single thing about the proceeding argument would need to be change. That's why you harp on this and refuse to even address anything said after it. This is straight from concha's playbook. You know the truth that the modern Republican Party was founded on racism and the exploitation of racist voters.
  17. That two of the greatest flukes in Super Bowl history occurred in that game (Doug Williams and Timmy Smith) and yet people refuse to acknowledge that the offensive line and defense carried the team. All in service of the QB hero myth and good ole homerism.
  18. RedZone now adding John Elway to his hit list. And all so he can fellate another mediocre QB because he has Louisiana ties.
  19. This is all a cover for the fact that concha refused to address the topic. He's keeping up his world record of always being a coward.
  20. You and concha will make good friends. Both obfuscators.
  21. They went 5-2 in games where Schroeder played the majority of the snaps and 3-2 when Williams did. They also went 3-0 with the replacement players. The previous year Schroeder went to the Pro Bowl. The next season they traded him and went with Doug Williams.......and finished 7-9. No way they would've won with Jay Schroeder!
  22. They wouldn't have been there without Elway. Doug WIlliams was just the guy who got to take the snaps that day.
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