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  1. Again, you name 4 teams and then drop the mic. LOL. You don't even understand the statement you made.
  2. Great, you just named 4 teams. Now you only have to find about 300 more.
  3. Everybody knows that you're only saying this because you want to prepare people for your inevitable argument next week that Lakeland played 11 games instead of the *actual* number of 10. Their schedule is so embarrassing that you have to lie and fish for relevance for a preseason game against a has-been program.
  4. The vast majority don't. This is ironic since you're trying to do the exact same thing but in the wrong direction.
  5. Nobody is crying for him. We're just saying that he sucks.
  6. badrouter is in full agenda-pushing mode. And no, no they're not.
  7. His blatant lie of omission is comical. Chaminade-Madonna's enrollment is about ~650 but they're co-ed. They'd also wreck St. Augustine.
  8. It's not even losses. RedZone sets it up so that just showing up is a win for Louisiana.
  9. It's a defense mechanism. It's obvious to even him that their teams are generally horrible so he copes by making ridiculous claims like that Louisiana has *too much depth." What does "too much depth" even mean? It's a meaningless statement.
  10. And then when successfully neutered he'll respond with blah, blah, blah.
  11. I can almost guarantee that Cocoa will out-play their preseason rating and that Woodlawn will under-play theirs. The thing is that RedZone likely knows this too.
  12. The thoughts of someone who uses calpreps as their "bible and #1 source".... 👇
  13. Woodlawn was a ~top 25 team in Louisiana last year. They're not average there.
  14. It's likely that those same kids were on the team last year too. How'd that work out? They went 6-5. They suck and you know it. That's why you always have to talk about *everything* except them being good at football.
  15. Leave it up to RedZone to cite a preseason ranking from a computer algorithm that has no data. This is his only recourse because he knows that Woodlawn will suck once games are actually played. It also keeps with his tradition of changing the subject.
  16. "They may not be any good, but they'll have plenty of athletes!" - RedZone
  17. What's more is that his response supports the exact claim that I was making: that Rummel was just trying to lose by as little as possible.
  18. And then he'll change the subject immediately when he realizes that we're right.
  19. Asking for great wins and RedZone gives you a *loss* and claims that the Louisiana team should've won even though they objectively weren't even trying to win.
  20. Forget this kid. The one you should be talking about is Trevonte' Citizen who might have been the steal of Mario Cristobal's partial first recruiting class. Miami has a loaded running back room but he could emerge this year.
  21. Ga96 keeps changing the titles of his threads because he creates them before he actually reads the source.
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